Cookies bag smell proof-Ewaybag

Smell proof cookies stand up ziplock bag

Perfect barrier packaging bag made of 3 different layers. Keep the cookies in side the bag away from sunlight.

Material is MOPP+VMPET+PE, perfect for cookies storage.

Matte surface makes the bag look more premium.

Suitable for packing cookies, and also can be used for packing weed, snack, tea, powder,seeds ,etc.

Using ziplock to close and open the bag for food storage and taking out.

Can be Heat sealable to keep the bag airtight.

Tear notch on top part of the bag help you open the bag by hand quickly once sealed.

Packing cookies, as well as weed snack, tea, powder, seeds ,etc.

-Can be stand up at the display box to attract people’s eyes

-Heat seal the top part of the bag for airtight sealing