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Custom Printed Mylar Bags bags factory

Ewaybag, a professional manufacturer specializing in bags with 20 years of experience, has been committed to providing packaging solutions for our customers. Especially in recent years, customers’ demand for weed packaging bags.
In increasing demand for food and pharmaceutical packaging, we continue to invest in research and development and purchase equipment to provide customers with customized packaging bag services. This is to enhance customer brand
This is of great benefit to enhance the brand awareness of our customers. Custom mylar bags keep the weed fresh and odor-proof and prevent odor seepage. More importantly, we prevent children from accidentally opening the design; we also have recyclable materials for customers to choose from, which are more environmentally friendly.

Various types of custom mylar bags

Custom 1
pound mylar bags

We offer custom mylar bags and labels – 1lb capacity.Resealable ziplock

Custom mylar bag ziplock bags

Mylar bags are the ideal packaging for weed, snack, tea, powde.

Custom Shape Mylar Bags with Logo

Custom mylar bags with logos, pictures and letters.FDA Food Grade.

Customized Mylar Bags

Custom Full colors customized printing, size and thickness stand up pouch.

Free mylar bag Design Services, 30% Discount.

It is a pretty good alternative choice to cans or tray.

custom matte mylar bags

Custom mylar bags with logos, pictures and letters.

Custom Direct Print Mylar Bags

Ewaybag is a professional mylar bag manufacturer.

Advantages of custom mylar bags

Professional custom packaging bag

Professional packaging bags 20 years of wealthy manufacturers
With professional mylar bag designers
One idea, we’ll make it happen

free sample

Customer orders reach the quantity specified by the company and the
The initial sample fee is fully refunded

Fast delivery

With our professional packaging talents and equipment, we can
Delivery of custom mylar bags in just a few days


Custom mylar bags can be delivered with a minimum order quantity of just a few hundred
Our digital printing technology is an excellent guarantee to achieve low MOQ

Good after-sales service

If you have any dissatisfaction during the order, we
have a dedicated service to solve all problems

Custom mylar bag process

Step 1.choose your bag type: stand-up pouch, flat bottom, three-side seal, center seal, etc.











Step 2.Choose your material structure and thickness: PET, PE, VMPET, etc.


Chemical stability, the sound barrier to water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and various


Extremely high puncture resistance, with good barrier properties, can block oxygen, light, water and sewage, water vapor


Kraft paper is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, recyclable, and has anti-drop performance.


Fatigue, abrasion, non-toxic, odorless, good hygiene, and safety can be directly used in food packaging.


It has good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of most acids and alkalis, so it is widely used in refrigerated food packaging.


It has a novel and bright appearance, high-tech anti-counterfeiting function, and is beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Characteristics and applications of packaging bag materials

materialmaterial properties
BOPPGood tensile strength, but low tear strength, good chemicalstability. aood water resistance.
CPPGood transparency, good gloss, high stiffness, so the shelfdisplay effect of packaged goods is good, heat resistance,can be resistant to cooking more than 100℃.
BOPETIt has high tensile strength and is therefore one of the higher plasticfilm products.It has high barrier to air and odor and is one of thearoma-protecting materials.
BOPATensile strength, tear strength,impact strength and rupturestrength are all good in plastic materials.
PEA large variety of plastic film, good flexibility, high elongation, and low hardness
VMPET/VMCPPHigh barrier film, excellent aroma retention and lightshielding, can prevent food oxidation spoilage.
EVOHHas good gas barrier properties, fragrance retention and chemicalresistance for grease liquids and toxic volatile products
ALAluminum foil, good barrier material, impervious to light,moisture and air.
BOPP/CPP; BOPP/VMCPP; BOPP/VMPET/PESnacks, cookie, candy, biscuit,nuts
BOPP/CPP; BOPP/VMCPP; BOPP/PE; BOPP/PET/PE;lnstant Noodles, grain, seeds,Ordinary food packaging
Twist VMPET; Twist PET; PET/ALU/PE; BOPP/VMPET/PECandy, coffee, powder,good barrier and moisture proof
PET/VMPET/LLDPE; PET/PE;PET/ALU/PE; PET/NY/PELiquid juice, jelly, detergent,good flavorkeeping
PET/ALU/NY/PE; PET/NY/PEOil, sauce, spices, wine,for liquid packaging
PET/Kraft paper/PE; PET/Kraft paper/VMPET/PECoffee, tea, powder

Step 3.Choose your size: width and length and corner gusset plate. (e.g. 102*127+50 mm)

1 Gram










Pre roll

2.71inx6in 2.5in

Step 4.Choose your closure Re-closable/re-sealable zipper, Innolock zipper, or Velcro plus illustration

Seal tear strip

Easy to tear,
sealed and storedProduct storage ismore convenient;

T-shaped side zipper

lt can be openedrepeatedly, sealed continuously, tight andnot leaking;

One-way air valve

Prevent oxidation ,prevent bag bursting,Exhaust the carbondioxide released bythe coffee beans toavoid the peculiarsmell caused by theoxidation of the oil

Bottom can stand

Tightly sealed,independent andworry-free
Good edge bandingtechnology and round corner designto avoid scratchingyour hands

Step 5.Choose your add-ons Degassing valve or vent – Clear window – Tear opening Euro or round hanging hole – Spout with cover – Rounded corners

Clear window

Increase the aesthetic feeling, attract the public’s eyes, see the product through the window, and increase the desire to buy

Tear opening euro

Users can easily open the bag, convenient and durable

Rounded corners

Rounded corners can protect consumers, and arcs are the most friendly shape, which can reduce the aggressiveness of the product and make the product more visually accessible.

Spout with cover

Mylar Aluminum Foil Spout Pouches Flask Bag For Detergent,Shampoo
This range is suitable for Juice , water , Sauce , Liquid , beverage , cosmetic.

Round hanging hole

Portable hanging hole

Ergonomic handles

Step 6. Decorative colors glossy, matte or frosted finishes



frosted finishes

Soft touch

Gold Hot Stamping

Spot UV

Step 7.Choose your application: solid or liquid, food, etc.

Step 8.Choose your printing colors: how many colors are in your design. (If possible, please provide Pantone chroma or RGB)

Digital Printing 500 MOQ

Only 500 start prints Multi style,Zero edition fee,24 color printing without plate fee,One bag, one picture Variable data printing,Free membrane material sample Accurately grasp the color effect, 3-7 working days

Gravure Printing 5000 MOQ

The printing ink layer is thick, the color is bright, the saturation is high, the printing plate durability is high, the printing quality is stable, the printing volume is large, and the printing speed is fast.
Suitable for PE (HDPE, LDPE), PP, PET, PVC and other plastic films.

Step 9.Packaging bag Laminating

laminating the printed surface film with the easily heat-sealed lining film using a high-speed laminating machine with a unique adhesive.

Step 10.Packaging bag Curing

After lamination, it needs to be cured in a curing room above 45 degrees for more than 24 hours to make the food packaging bags not easy to delaminate.

Step 11.Bag-making

the bag-making technician must have specific skills to ensure that the color printing bag seals well and does not leak and the temperature control of the hot knife with a certain degree of technicality.

Step 12.Quality inspection

Quality inspector inspection after the factory, in the bag quality inspection, will be all the unqualified products in addition to do zero unable products factory, only the qualified products for packaging.