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Custom printed ziplock bags

Custom ziplock bags available in different size, color and style, factory prices, low MOQ

small zip lock bags for jewelry

Suitable for all kinds of jewelry packaging, can be customized size
Transparent and matte styles are available

custom zip lock bags for clothes

For clothing packaging, can be customized logo, pattern, size
Low MOQ, factory price, fast delivery

Zip lock pouch for mobile

Custom sizes, logos, for cell phones, various accessories packaging
Waterproof Bags , Zip Lock Travel Bags

Zip lock bags price

Our self seal bags are priced at $0.01 – $0.05/piece.
More discounts for larger quantities, custom bagging service available

Custom mini ziplock bags

Custom printed patterns, zippers, colorful aluminum foil bags Window, food packaging

custom ziplock bags for clothes

custom printed ziplock and reclosable bags
Factory price with 30% discount

ziplock bags wholesale

Resealable zipper bags, high clarity, frosted variety of styles to choose from, Custom sizes and printing available, low MOQ

Ziplock bags supplier

Wholesale self sealing bag manufacturer, offering high quality self sealing zipper bags in various sizes, styles and closures

Custom ziplock bags for food

Custom branded printing Free samples, Customize your size and style, Food Packaging Bag Supplier

Printed plastic bags

customised plastic bags

custom printed plastic bags

Custom printed poly bags

Personalised plastic bags

Reusable freezer bags

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Plastic freezer bags

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Zip lock bags manufacturer

Zipper bags can be divided into ordinary zipper bags, document zipper bags, and invisible zipper bags.
Ewaybag is a professional zipper bag manufacturer; we have a professional production team and sales team to provide customized bag service to our customers. We also produce various styles of zipper bags.Invisible zipper bags are also called bone zipper bags
Invisible zipper bags are generally flexible composite packaging made of polypropylene OPP, polyester PET, nylon, matte film, aluminum foil, cast polypropylene, polyethylene, kraft paper, and even woven bags (generally 2 – 4 layers).Invisible zipper bags are widely used in various fields, such as industrial packaging, daily chemical packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, science and technology, the military industry, etc.Invisible zipper bags are generally aluminum-plastic composite bags with various packaging advantages. Packaging product low cost and fine printing; the product has anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, moisture barrier oxygen shade, cold and oil resistant high temperature, freshness, oxygen barrier, easy to seal, and other characteristics;
Featured products are kraft paper zipper bags, paper, and aluminum composite zipper bags, aluminum-plastic stand-up zipper bags, electrostatic shielding zipper bags, grid electrostatic zipper bags, anti-vibration electrostatic zipper bags, electrostatic aluminized zipper bags, and various daily chemical zipper bags, etc.

Zip lock bags features

  • Zipper bag sealing performance is excellent, with a high barrier degree, oxygen permeability, and humidity permeability are ultra-low.
  • The zipper bag is moisture-proof, dirt-proof, radiation-proof, anticorrosive, and has high mechanical properties.
  • Zipper bag mechanical performance, high blast resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance.
  • Zipper bags are elegant, noble, and practical in appearance, non-toxic and tasteless by FDA standards.
  • Built-in zipper can be used repeatedly.
  • The zipper bag lifetime is extended and sealed tightly, the role of the freshness of the items inside the belt.

Zip lock bags applications

Zipper bags are widely used for electronic products, leisure food, hardware accessories, medicine, frozen food, handicrafts, stationery, toys, tableware, knitting, clothing, accessories, sporting goods, gifts, paper, magazines, daily-use products, and other items.

Zipper bags can also be used repeatedly as home storage bags
Zipper bags are suitable for refill products and shelf sales. It is the latest generation of packaging fashion mainstream products.

Customized bag details

Transparent zipper bag

Frosted zipper bag

Reusable zipper

Zipper bag trimmed neatly

Customize your zipper lock bags

Ask for Free Sample or Custom zipper lock bags!

Zip lock bags advantage


Save money for you

You can get 30% off your first order and apply for a manager’s discount for larger purchases.


Fast shipping

Same day delivery for orders placed from stock, 7 working days for custom products


Fast speed

Customers can choose from dozens of bag types, such as stand-up, three-side-seal pouches, suction nozzle pouches, etc.


FDA approved materials

Environmentally friendly food grade material, FDA-approved, safe and hygienic.


Customized Printing

Customers can choose digital printing or gravure printing; the pattern is customized according to customer needs.


Customized Size

No matter 1 gallon or 3.5G, Custom size according to customer’s requirement


Design Service

Realize all customer’s ideas for bags, brand customization service


Perfect after-sales service

We have professional colleagues in charge of after-sales service to solve all kinds of packaging bag problems for our customers.

Customization process

Request a Quote

Call or email us, and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

Approval of artwork

You can provide pictures or samples, and our professional designers will communicate with you to achieve your desired design.

Printing and Production

Our digital and gravure printing process ensures that any design you require can be printed in as little as three days.

Quality Check

Every bag we want is a work of art; finding and dealing with bad bags is our best promise to our customers.

Logistics Express

We will deliver your bags to the place you tell us in time to ensure that you can receive your products in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zip lock bags are a kind of packaging bag that can be sealed automatically by pressing them together. Commonly there are dense bags, keel bags, zipper bags, etc.

(also called Ziplock bags, Reclosable Bags, Sealing bags, Zipper Closure Bags, and Bone bags)
It can also be called Press Seal,” “Press-Seal,” “Press-N-Seal,” or “Press ‘n’ Seal ” bag.

Polyethylene (LDPE) and high-pressure linear polyethylene (LLDPE) through the blow molding, heat-cutting machine bags made of plastic bag can be repeatedly sealed. Standard materials are PE, PO, EVA, and multi-layer composite zipper bags.

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