Custom Pharmaceutical & Medical industrials packaging

Custom Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging

Ewaybag provides customized packaging services for medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical products, including pharmaceutical foil pouches, stand-up pouches, zipper pouches, mask pouches, etc.
Medical products have strict requirements for hygiene, light shielding, and sealing effectiveness.
We also use superior multi-functional films to complete the manufacturing of medical product packaging, suitable for medical device packaging, etc.

Our packaging materials are not only non-toxic, tasteless, safe, and hygienic, but also have passed many certifications and can be in direct contact with medicines so that consumers can rest assured.

For customers with anti-counterfeiting needs for packaging, we have ink anti-counterfeiting technology to offer to our customers. Ink anti-counterfeiting technology is a widely used anti-counterfeiting technology in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.
This anti-counterfeiting technology mainly adds particular substances to ordinary ink, connects materials, and becomes special printing ink through a unique process.
The characteristics of this type of anti-counterfeiting technology are simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors, and convenient inspection.

Advantages of customized Pharmaceutical & Medical packaging bags

  • Good mechanical properties
    Packaging materials should protect the product effectively, so it should have a certain degree of strength, toughness, elasticity, etc., to adapt to the pressure, shock, vibration, and other static and dynamic factors.
  • Excellent barrier performance
    According to the different requirements of the product packaging, the packaging material should have a particular barrier to moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aromatic gas, odor, heat, etc.
  • Good safety performance
    The toxicity of the packaging material itself should be minor so as not to pollute the product and affect human health; the packaging material should be non-corrosive and perform insect, moth, rodent, and microbial inhibition to protect the product safety.
  • Suitable processing performance
    Packaging materials should be suitable for processing, easy to make a variety of packaging containers, easy packaging operations mechanization, automation, to adapt to large-scale industrial production should be suitable for printing, and easy to print the packaging logo.
  • Better economic performance
    Packaging materials should be widely available, convenient, and low-cost; packaging materials and containers should be easy to handle and not pollute the environment so as not to cause public harm.
  • Environmentally friendly material, pharmaceutical grade standard, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Bag type selection

1.three-sided sealed food packaging bag is a common food packaging bag type.
2.stand-up food packaging bags (stand-up zipper bags), stand-up pouch bag type, can stand independently on the container, showing promising results.
3. the seal organ food packaging bag, bag square three-dimensional, then the three-sided bag capacity, beautiful shape pattern.
4. eight sides seal food packaging bags. Stand-up pouches developed based on the bottom square can be upright; the container showcase effect is stunning.
5. Suction mouth bags. The bag type is convenient for transportation and storage. It is the first choice for packaging liquids, powders, and other products.

3 side seal bag

The three-side seal bag style is on three sides and opens on one side for excellent moisture retention and sealing, which is ideal for brands and retailers.

Stand up bag

Stand-up bags are commonly used in food packaging, such as: nut packaging, retail packaging, pet food packaging, etc.

zipper bag

Zipper bags are bags that can be repeatedly sealed by pressing the zipper to LDPE and high-pressure linear LLDPE by blow molding heat-cutting machine bags.

stand up bag with zipper

Zippered stand up bags are one of the best display packaging options for bulk items. It is a type of stand-up bag and can be sealed perfectly with zipper closure to keep all products as tight as possible.

Features and Options (Add-Ons)

Round hanging hole

Portable hanging hole

Ergonomic handles

Custom Pharmaceutical & Medical packaging materials

Ewaybag selected lighter materials, non-toxic and tasteless, health and safety, no residue, beautiful and generous color, and can have a particular compressive strength and plasticity in the packaging characteristics,
it can resist wear and tear, extend shelf life, and other factors.



Drug packaging bags are a kind of packaging; its fundamental role is to protect the various functions of the packaging drugs.
In the production, transportation, storage, sales, use of the entire process to protect the physical properties of drugs or chemical properties will not change; it can be sealed with a security seal.

Drug packaging bags need to use high barrier packaging materials to ensure that the drugs in the package do not leak, do not penetrate, and can isolate the outside air, moisture, etc.