Custom BHousehold & Garden industrials packaging

Custom Household & Garden Packaging

Custom horticultural garden packaging products are widely used to protect lawns and other garden products in gardens. Ewaybag produces flexible rolled, film-based packaging materials that are suitable for
this type of garden needs. We offer a customized service to meet our customers’ individual needs and have various solutions to offer.

We also provide customized services for flowers, seeds, vegetables, etc. Our stand-up pouches and foil bags have Food Grade, High Barrier, Moisture Proof, Strong Sealing, and Perfect Printing.
Our stand-up pouches, aluminum foil pouches with Food Grade, High Barrier, Moisture Proof, Strong Sealing, Perfect Printing, and many other features are ideally suited to our customers’ packaging needs for these garden products.

Advantages of customized Household & Garden packaging bags

  • Able to adhere to goods, with transparency, beautiful appearance, clean and bright, excellent heat resistance, easy to heat seal.
  • Good transparency, high gloss, puncture resistance, super strength, and high performance.
  • Excellent moisture proof and gas barrier
  • High strength and non-breakage, non leakage
  • Customized size, printing color, logo can be available
  • Fashionable design with spout, easy to be used
  • With die out hole at the left top, which can be carried by hands

Bag type selection

3 side seal bag

The three-side seal bag style is on three sides and opens on one side for excellent moisture retention and sealing, which is ideal for brands and retailers.

Stand up bag

Stand-up bags are commonly used in food packaging, such as: nut packaging, retail packaging, pet food packaging, etc.

zipper bag

Zipper bags are bags that can be repeatedly sealed by pressing the zipper to LDPE and high-pressure linear LLDPE by blow molding heat-cutting machine bags.

stand up bag with zipper

Zippered stand up bags are one of the best display packaging options for bulk items. It is a type of stand-up bag and can be sealed perfectly with zipper closure to keep all products as tight as possible.

Features and Options (Add-Ons)

Round hanging hole

Portable hanging hole

Ergonomic handles

Custom Household & Garden packaging materials

Pet food packaging bag production materials are mainly as follows.

1.First layer material: CPP, PET/Al, PET

2.Intermediate material:PE, PET/Al, PET

3.The last layer material:PET/VMPET/PE


Bagged beverages are just a form of packaging for beverages, most commonly used in health food functional beverages, such as red ginseng drinks, nourishing gelatin cream, icing sugar snow pear cream, bagged honey, etc. There are many forms of bagged beverage packaging, such as ordinary-shaped stand-up pouches, strip packaging bags, etc. The advantages of various types of packaging vary, and the processing methods vary.