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We are the leading manufacturer of cannabis bags in China, specializing in designing, producing, and providing custom printing services for cannabis bags, weed bags, and mylar bags. We have served tens of thousands of customers.


Custom Weed Bags Cannabis Bags Packaging

We are experts in bags, helping our customers build their packaging brand and better attract consumers; we offer custom and stock weed bags.

Ewaybag is a professional marijuana bag manufacturer that provides customers with the best custom marijuana bags at the lowest possible cost.

We provide our customers with custom cannabis packaging bags that not only protect your products better. It will also consider odor resistance, keeping the weed fresh for a long time, and meeting different quantities of cannabis packaging.

Our cannabis packaging bags also comply with local laws and are well protected from children opening these packages.

Cannabis bag type

As a professional marijuana bag manufacturer, we not only provide a variety of bag types for customers to choose from, such as gusseted bags, flag bags, stand-up pouches, etc., but we also provide various materials and bags.
We also offer a variety of materials and, bag layers, bag accessories for customers to choose from, such as mylar bags, four-layer structures, child-resistant zippers. The following marijuana bags are the types we can customize and produce and can be shipped the same day if in stock.
You can email us for details, and we will reply within 1 hour. MOQ:500-1000pcs

Custom Shape Mylar Bags

Weed Packaging Bags Custom

Weed zip bags

weed sealed bags

Best Bags for Weed

Shape Weed Bags

Weed bag 3.5

custom mylar weed bags

Weed Baggies

New Cannabis Paper Bag

Cannabis Paper Bag

weed bag with hot stamping

weed bag with UV

Weed Bag With Window

Custom Weed Bags Details

Childproof zipper

Weed bag Internal structure

Weed bags feature

Stand up design

Mylar Bag Stickers

We offer various custom label printing services for our customers’ weed bags. Customers buy cannabis packaging without printing but need a clear label to display their products.
The bag labels can be labeled with the product name, origin, shelf life, logo, and all the information the customer needs. Our bag labels can not only be customized in size and shape but can also be printed with your desired pattern. And the tags can be laminated, hot stamping, UV, laser, and other processes.

Anti-counterfeiting laser labels
custom 3.5 mylar bag labels
Transparent self-adhesive labels
3.5 mylar bag self-adhesive labels

Cannabis Packaging for Every Need

Herbal Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis flower-shaped weed, different strains have different sizes, our custom cannabis bags will provide the most suitable size for our customers.
And we can also provide the label or the design the customer needs to be printed to enhance the customer’s brand.

Hash Cannabis Packaging

The candy-like shape of this cannabis needs to be child-proof. We have a professional child-proof design to prevent children from opening the package. And with sealable
sealed and opaque standards to reduce the attraction to children. We work with our customers to better exercise our sense of responsibility to protect children.

3.5g Cannabis Packaging

Consumers usually buy single-gram packs and eighth-ounce or 3.5-gram packs, and we offer our customers a variety of cannabis pack sizes and measurements.
We offer our customers a variety of cannabis packaging sizes, the printing of different units of measurement, the precise indication of the gram weight of the bag, instructions for use, and other text. All packaging details are displayed for the customer’s needs.

Single Dose Cannabis Packaging

Packaging each product unit with a single dose of THC enhances the consumer’s ability to determine how many standard servings or quantities of the product are available. Our single-dose pouches can be custom-sized and can be custom pre-rolled for our customers.

CBD Packaging

We have years of cannabis packaging experience and have provided our clients with tens of thousands of cannabis packaging solutions to help them stand out in cannabis sales. Customized CBD packaging allows clients to enhance the branding of their products.
We offer customized packaging services that include size, material, and compliance with all legal requirements.

THC Food Packaging

Our THC Food Packaging bags are suitable for a variety of edible cannabis products, including candy, seeds, marijuana flowers, and more, and are childproof, tamper resistant, resealable, and more.
The bags can be printed with various product information and custom designs and comply with local laws to help customers enhance their packaging.

Dispensary Packaging

We are a professional cannabis packaging manufacturer with 20 years of manufacturing experience. We offer compliant marijuana packaging; whether you are packaging flowers, concentrates, food, pre-rolled cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or anything else, we can meet your needs.
For marijuana dispensary packaging customers, we offer a variety of discounts, up to 30%, for larger quantities of marijuana packaging bags that customers need.

CR Cannabis Packaging

As a responsible marijuana bag manufacturer, we offer our customers a wide range of marijuana bag solutions, especially our child-resistant zipper bags, to better protect the safety of children.
Our marijuana bags comply with local regulations, and we provide full support to our customers to create safe and respectful marijuana bags.

Choosing the Right Cannabis Packaging Shape

stand up pouch

flat bottom bag

3 side seal bag

Side Gusset Bag

Custom Printed Weed Packaging Manufacturer

We are the leader in weed bags in China, producing custom mylar bags for tens of thousands of customers in the US, Canada, and other regions.
We have many printing machines and modern production processes to provide customers with faster custom bag service.

Our Partner Brands

Customize Your Weed Bag

Ask for Free Sample or Custom weed bag Now!

3.5 Gram Marijuana Bags in Stock

To make it easier for our customers to better brand their cannabis packaging, we have created many regular 3.5 gram cannabis bags with holograms. The PDF design below is for customers’ reference. You can directly inquire to purchase the design pattern in the PDF or customize and modify the design according to customers’ needs.
Please send us your requirements, and we will give you a free quote!

Advantages of custom weed packaging

Save money

As a leader in packaging bags in China, we have a significant advantage in labor and cost. The same design saves at least 50% more than in the US.

Fast Shipping

The world’s convenient logistics allow for the fast delivery of custom bags, and our channels are packed by air, sea, DHL, and many other means.

Guaranteed Sealing

Our weed bags have excellent sealing properties to ensure that our customers’ products are stored for a long time without deterioration and are as fresh as new.

Anti-odor performance

Our custom weed bags are odor-proof and made of high-quality food-grade material to ensure the safety of the weed and no smell leakage.

Anti-children function

It has always been our corporate responsibility to protect children from contacting weeds. Adopting a childproof opening and opaque design to protect children better

Multiple certifications

Our materials are free of BPA and other harmful substances; all are FDA SGS certified materials, which extensively protect our customers’ brands.

Custom Bag Sizes

Whether one ounce or 3.5g, customize your weed bags to fit your needs.

Minimum order quantity

No other custom weed bag order in the US, 200 digitally printed and 5000 gravure; choose the quantity you need.

Professional design service

We have 15 professional bag designers who can turn your ideas into reality and perfect your weed bags.

Two types of printing services

Digital printing offers a new way to deliver fast, custom weed packaging. Traditional gravure printing offers more significant cost savings for high-volume customers.

Efficient Communication Services

Our professional sales staff is available 24 hours a day to keep in touch with customers so that they can be solved whenever customers have new ideas about weed bags.

Herbal Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis flower-shaped weed, different strains have different sizes, our custom cannabis bags will provide the most suitable size for our customers.
And we can also provide the label or the design the customer needs to be printed to enhance the customer’s brand.

Material specifcation

materialsScope of application
BOPP/CPPPackaging bags for ordinary food boxes and daily necessities
BOPP/ VMCPP PET/CPPMoisture-proof, flour,puffed food, dry goods
BOPP/VMPET/PE OR CPPAluminized bag
PET/AL/LDPEFoil bag(More commonly used aluminumfoil bag composite method)
BOPPVMPET/LDPE OR CPPMainly used for products that need to maintain fragrance
PET/MPET/LDPEMainly used for products that need to maintain fragrance
PA/LDPE、PET/PA/LDPEFor liquid packaging of foodboxes that require refrigeration
PET/PET/LDPEFor liquid packaging of foodboxes that require refrigeration
PA/CPP 、PET/PA/CPPUsed for products that equire high-temperature cooking
PET/PA、AL/CPPUsed for products that equire high-temperature cooking

How Measure a Stand Up Pouch Weed Pack Size

Example : 4inch x 7inch x 2.5 inch

Total Width = 4 inch
Total Height = 7 inch

Bottom Gusset : 2.5 inch

  • A Side Seal Area
  • B Side Seal Area
  • C Sealing Area Above Zip closure
  • D Zip closure
  • E Filling Space Below Zip closure.This is Total Filling Space Of The Product
  • F Bottom Gusset.This is also filling space.
  • G Tear notch

Weed bags are customizable in all sizes, including A, B, C, etc. We not only provide the regular 3.5g quarter ounce weed bags but also customize all sizes of weed bags that customers need.

Regular Weed Bag Size

(Width x Height x gusset)
ZipperMeasurementBy gramsBy ounce
3″x4.5″x1.6″Child Resistant ZipperA DIME BAG1 grams1/28.35
3.25″ x 5.0″ x 2.0″Child Resistant Zipper1 eighth3.5 grams⅛ ounce
4″ x 6.5″ x 1.78″Child Resistant Zipper1 quarter 7 grams¼ ounce
5″ x 8″ x 3″Child Resistant Zipper1 half14 grams½ ounce
6″ x 9.3″ x 3.5″Child Resistant Zipper1 ounce28 grams1 ounce
2″ x 1-1/4″ x 7-1/2″Child Resistant Zipper2 ounce57 grams2 ounce

Description of High Quality Cannabis Bags

Individually designed weed bags are all kinds of pouches that are flat and stand-up pouches that are made of childproof ziplock and child-resistant locks for pouches.

The most commonly used custom weed bags now are the lock that opens when you press it HISIERRA, Pharmaloc and Stink Sack, Funksac locks pouch We also have other bags that are constructed with simple zippers, however, they are made using an advanced method of bag-making to create the pouches are difficult to open using the normal method.

The custom weed bags only have one goal to make the pouch more complicated in order to prevent youngsters from reaching for cannabis. To ensure that there is no harm to children, it is also essential that bags are constructed with scent-proof, odor-proof, and stink-proof materials. So, they are custom weed bags that will be constructed with a three-layer laminated material. Usually, they are placed on aluminum foil placed in between the two pouches to block the sun from coming into direct contact with cannabis products within.

  • Made from BPA completely free FDA, ASTM, USDA approved materials;
  • All pouches are safe for children and are child-proof;
  • Low MOQ starts at 500 pcs, with delivery in 2 weeks.
  • High barrier that is both aroma and odor scent-proofing property;


MOQ200 Pcs by Digital Print, 10K Pcs by Gravure Print
Size50*70mm(Min) 420*600mm(Max)
Thickness50Mircons-120Mircons (2Mil-5Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing


30g-50g3-4″ x 4-6”+1.5”Inquiry3-15 Days
50g-100g4-4.5” x 7-9”+2”Inquiry3-15 Days
100g-250g4.5-5” x 8-11”+2.5”Inquiry3-15 Days
250g-1000g6-7” x 10-12”+3”Inquiry3-15 Days

How to Custom Weed Baggies

1.Select bag type size

Custom marijuana bags: customers usually choose two types of loads: stand-up pouches and three-sided seals. Stand-up pouches can stand, have corner support panels at the bottom, and can be placed upright on shelves for more visibility.
Triple-side seals are placed flat, but triple-side seals have a price advantage. We also offer customized exotic weed bags, which can be made into various shapes and printed with designs that look more appealing to the eye.
Marijuana packaging sizes, generally 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 28 grams, etc., we listed below a reference size, of course, can also be made according to customer needs to meet the needs of the customer size.
In the choice of bag type and size, we will give the customer advice and then synthesize the design, function, and capacity to make the best choice for the customer to provide advice.

2.Design Graphics

Excellent bag design can attract consumers’ attention; we provide customized marijuana bags to enhance the customer’s branding and printing, including the emblem, patterns, and other elements that can show the customer’s brand.
Elements. Generally, the client provides the design, and we fully customize the production. For customers who still need a plan, we can assist in helping them realize the idea of the bag.

3.Legal Compliance

Our customized marijuana bags are packaged in a way that complies with local laws and regulations, including child-proof, tamper-proof, re-sealable, and universal symbol reminder logos.

4.Printing Options

We offer custom marijuana packaging with several options, such as glossy, matte, tactile, holographic, and metalized, as well as whether or not you need to hang holes. These options can make your packaging.
Differentiate and appeal to consumers. Promote marijuana sales for your customers.

5.Printing Options

We offer both digital and gravure printing. The difference lies in the number of customized marijuana bags a customer needs, usually digital printing for small quantities and gravure printing for large amounts. Choosing different printing methods also
for customers to save packaging costs perspective.

6.Trusted Suppliers

We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing cannabis bags and have provided customized cannabis bags for tens of thousands of customers. Our professional technicians can provide customers with professional services from quotation, design, and branding services.
Our technicians can provide customers professional services from quotation, design, and branding enhancement. Our goal is to enhance the brand awareness of our customers’ cannabis packaging, and we can be your trusted professional customized cannabis packaging supplier.

7.After Sales Service

As a responsible custom cannabis manufacturer, we help our customers produce their packaging. Then, we provide shipping advice to help our customers deliver the bags safely to the designated destinations if they need a freight forwarder.
If the customer finds any problems with the bags, they can contact us; we solve the problem for the customer; packaging customers can rest assured of our customized production of bags here.


A marijuana bag is designed to supply individuals with CBD and THC.

They are essential to ease pains related to chronic ailments.

The scent might escape easily if the bag is too thin.

The bag that you use for Weed needs to be thick to ensure that the scent won’t be carried around.

It could take around one year for approximately a 5 percent portion of all THC contained in the Weed bag to become lost.

It is estimated that you will lose half of THC within the span of four to five years.

The flavor of the product can also diminish if do not use the product quickly enough.

The best advice is to utilize the contents of the Weed bag within one month following the bag’s opening.

The timeframe must be considered according to the Weed content and the conditions to use.

Weed strands vary in their smells and build as well as how potent they are.

Beware of mixing multiple strains in one bag.

It is recommended to get rid of the bag after each usage, instead of burning it.

Each state or region has its own rules on the way you handle weed bag labels.

The laws of Colorado, Nevada, and elsewhere differ in a variety of ways.

Plan your Weed bags according to the guidelines for getting the product to you.

You can also add a zipper to the top of the Weed bag.

The zipper could result in the user pressing either down or upon the object.

But general judgment is the most important thing to take into consideration when you are securing a bag of Weed.

Customers are advised to ensure that they do not place their bags out in areas that children could discover and take advantage of the contents.

The bag isn’t going to contain seeds or other items to grow Weed.

The bag may instead contain various edible items made from Weed.

Some live resin materials could also be put in Weed bags to allow for easy consumption.

It is extremely risky to attempt to mail seeds to others.

There are restrictions all over the world regarding the amount of Weed people are allowed to possess within their territory.

You’ll have to read the guidelines for the ways you can distribute marijuana-related items to different locations.

There are regulations regarding weed’s legality in a variety of regions of the world.

Certain places permit the sending of Weed out for medical purposes.

Other people will allow you to mail out Weed to use for recreation.

There are some areas in which Weed is legalized.

Make sure you check the rules regarding the places you can send Weed in accordance with local laws.

Print a design on your bag to let users know what’s inside the.

A minimalist design could be effective.

The standard for packaging that is discreet is that you’ll be sending an item to a client but the bag doesn’t have any labels.

The discrete packaging method is ideal for situations in which the items being shipped out are delicate.

You can make use of a variety of Weed bags.

It is necessary to clean the bag, and then allow the bag to air dry.

It is recommended for the bags to be kept out of access to children or other individuals who are sensitive to the smell of weed.

The storage of new items related to Weed inside this bag would be the ideal option to make use of the product.

The bag is technically able to be used for any use, but it is important to be aware of the way you make use of it.

It is possible for the Weed contained in bags to create behind residues.

It is important to be careful in preparing the compound.

Vacuum sealing can be dangerous due to the degree of heat the Weed may get.

The vacuum seal causes the THC within the Weed to change into CBN.

CBN is a different component of Weed that doesn’t produce the same kind of psychoactive high that you get from THC.

In reality, CBN causes you to experience a slight dizzy sensation.

The conversion is caused by the heat produced from the sealing device.

It is therefore recommended to avoid sealing any Weed products, regardless of how they look.

A tear-off strip will be found on the top of the bag.

It is then possible to utilize zippers to keep the bag closed even when it is not in use.

The amount of weed that can be included will be determined by the number of ounces that are sent out.

There are Weed bags that can hold only a couple of ounces of edible material at one time.

No matter what you’ll need to design your Weed bags according to the amount of the drug an individual is allowed to possess within a specific area.

In some instances it is possible to obtain 10 grams of Weed However, an ounce of Weed is not a problem in other locations.

The price of Weed can vary based on the location according to the laws as well as any taxes that are involved.

Retailers must be on the lookout for these costs when trying to figure out the best way to proceed.

It is best to store the bag of Weed in a cool location.

It is best to keep the Weed at 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit when you can.

Keeping the bag in a dark space such as the closet could assist.

Light may be a weakener of the content of THC.

So, it is best to be careful not to place a Weed bag in a sunny area.

Keep the temperature of the temperature of Weed below 60 degrees Fahrenheit or else it could become weaker.

Do not place the bag in the refrigerator.

They can also persist in an environment where relative humidity ranges from 50 to 60 percent.

However, that doesn’t mean the bag is going to get wet.

It is important to prevent the bag from becoming wet.

A clear window is a nice idea, but it could expose the contents exposed to sunlight.

Make sure to add a clear window to prevent your THC content from weakening due to exposure to light.

The bag must be able to boast some of the following:

The bag must have a durable seal to ensure that air doesn’t interfere with the seal.

An opaque body is the best to ensure that light does not interfere with the vision.

The material made of plastic should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the content.

A hole for a punch can be made at the top to allow your bag to stand out for display reasons.

This punch hole can be perfect for companies selling legal marijuana-related products.

Other companies that can profit include medical marijuana dispensaries.

Do not freeze the Weed, since it could harm your quality. product.

Any kind of Weed product can be used regardless of whether it’s added THC.

A label unique that is based on the country the product will be sold in must be included.

The label will contain information about the legalities of using Weed and using the herb for any reason.

A label that explains the general usage and the amount of something is recommended to consume must be included.

There’s a need to make a note advising children not to carry the bag.

Each country has its own set of rules regarding the way Weed operates.

The rules will have specifics on the amount of money a person is allowed to take in and the reason it is that it serves.

It is necessary to put on an additional warning label for bags that are sent out to Canada as opposed to something you’d take in your home in the United States.

Any option is acceptable, however, it is helpful to use stickers instead.

Stickers can be added to an existing style.

The design of your bag can contain general warnings that be applied to everyone regardless of their location.

A Weed bag may be as thick as 5mm.

The thickness is crucial to ensure that the scents are secured and will not be able to escape.