Custom coffee bag industrials packaging

Custom Coffee Bag

Ewaybag specializes in the manufacture of coffee bags and tea bags for our customers. Our coffee bags keep coffee beans and tea leaves fresh for a long time and they maintain their full flavor and aroma.
Our customization service allows our customers to create their coffee packaging with their logos, great designs, and high-quality tactile packaging to make their coffee packaging unique and
The packaging is designed to be unique and loved by consumers.

Ewaybag offers a wide selection of materials and sizes from exhaust valves, zippers, tears, hand holes, and various materials and sizes, including aluminum foil bags, kraft paper bags, and plastic bags.
Bag types are also available: Side Gusseted coffee Bags, Flat Bottom Coffee Bags, Four Side Sealing Coffee Bags, etc.

Custom Printed Coffee Bags

Eight Side Seal Coffee Bag

Medium Seal Coffee Bags

Stand Up Coffee Bags

Biodegradable Coffee Bags

Three Side Seal Coffee Bag

Advantages of customized coffee packaging bags

  • Anti-absorbent, anti-oxidation, resistant to hard lumps of the product after vacuuming, preserving the coffee’s volatile and easily oxidized aroma.
  • Exquisite lining printing, excellent barrier performance.
  • Aspect use, increase consumer experience, can customize any packaging capacity.
  • Excellent extrusion resistance, excellent drop resistance.
  • Good heat sealing effect and heat adhesion.
  • Anti-counterfeiting and promotional functions can be achieved by printing code.
  • Free samples available, only postage.
  • One-stop packaging for customer.

Coffee Bag type selection

3 side seal bag

The three-side seal bag style is on three sides and opens on one side for excellent moisture retention and sealing, which is ideal for brands and retailers.

Stand up bag

Stand-up bags are commonly used in food packaging, such as: nut packaging, retail packaging, pet food packaging, etc.

zipper bag

Zipper bags are bags that can be repeatedly sealed by pressing the zipper to LDPE and high-pressure linear LLDPE by blow molding heat-cutting machine bags.

stand up bag with zipper

Zippered stand up bags are one of the best display packaging options for bulk items. It is a type of stand-up bag and can be sealed perfectly with zipper closure to keep all products as tight as possible.

Features and Options (Add-Ons)

Wider bottom

Zipper and rounded corners

Aluminized interior

Clear printing

Custom Coffee Bag Packaging

Coffee bags and tea bags customization service is our core business; we have accumulated a lot of experience in coffee bag production from more than 60,000 customers’ successful cases in the past.
Customers can provide their bag graphic files, or our professional designers can create bag ideas for you.
From side gusset bags and stand up pouches to rolls for small pouches, filter pouches, and stick pockets, we can do it all for you.

Generally used materials: PET/PE/AL/PE, PA/VMPET/PE

Reason: AL, PA, VMPET sound barrier, water and gas barrier, PE good heat sealability


More than one person does not understand why there should be holes above the coffee bag eyelets?
The store coffee beans in the packaging have always been kraft paper one-way exhaust valves with aluminum foil bags designed for coffee products in the international standard packaging.Above the whole eye is a one-way exhaust valve exhaust hole.  
So why do coffee beans use one-way air valve bags?

1.roasted coffee beans sealed with aluminum foil bags to avoid contact with light and air, rapidly disseminating flavor and oxidation.

2.”One-way exhaust valve” coffee bags can isolate the light and air intrusion outside the bag so that the coffee beans can be in the best preservation packaging state, to maintain the freshness of the original flavor of coffee beans.

3.After roasting, the coffee beans will naturally emit carbon dioxide, which will affect the quality of the coffee beans if left inside the bag. The “one-way exhaust valve” on the bag allows excess gas to escape, and when shopping for coffee, you can squeeze the bag to smell the coffee beans.

The design of a double-layer structure on the bag seal valve is made of film: after filling the roasted beans, the carbonic acid gas produced after roasting will be discharged from the valve, and the outdoor gas can not enter the bag, which can effectively maintain the original aroma and essence of roasted coffee beans.
This is currently the most recommended way to package roasted coffee beans, and you should try to choose coffee products with such packaging when shopping.

It can be understood that the air valve is only out, not in; the coffee beans will produce carbon dioxide and other gases after roasting and need to discharge slowly.
The one-way exhaust valve is encapsulated on top of the coffee bag. The encapsulation of the one-way valve position on the surface of the pack tied holes can be roasted coffee beans precipitation of carbon dioxide automatically out of the bag outside. Still, the outside air can not enter the bag.
The effect is to effectively ensure that the coffee beans are dry and full of flavor, but also because of the accumulation of carbon dioxide so that the bag will not open while preventing the coffee beans from the outside air from accelerated oxidation.

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