12oz coffee bags with valve

12 oz coffee bags with valve, 25 pack
The 12 oz stand-up coffee bag features a one-way vent valve designed to maintain maximum freshness for loose leaf tea and freshly roasted coffee beans.

These flat bottom check valve coffee bags feature a tamper-evident label. Each bag stands easily and has an opening at the top to help you fill each bag with coffee beans more efficiently. Once the bags are full, simply close the top of the bag and place it under the heat sealer: heat seal each bag above the zipper and tamper-evident label. Bosch degassing valves allow excess carbon dioxide released by fresh coffee to escape from the bag and prevent oxygen from re-entering the bag. This will help ensure your coffee stays fresh longer.

These stylish looking coffee bags are a great way to showcase the quality and taste of your coffee.

Capacity: 4 cups of coffee beans
Bag Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 8
Coffee bag material: 48ga matte PET/48ga MET PET/2.75mil LLDPE
Complies with FDA regulations for food packaging.
made in America!
25 per unit.

  • Matte white finish looks professional and can be custom printed for unique branding
  • High moisture, freshness and odor barrier properties
  • 5.2 mil thickness
  • Laminates add strength and barrier properties
  • One-way exhaust valve vents carbon dioxide to keep coffee and tea fresh
  • Bottom seal, more durable
  • Food, Rice,Coffee,Coffee bean,Pet food, Nuts,Dry food,Power,
  • Protein Powder,Moringa powder,Snack,Cookie,Biscuit,Candy/Sugar,etc.
Width*Height+Bottom Brace(cm)Coffee beansTea
13.5*26+7.5cm1 Pound(454-500g)250g