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Custom Stand up pouches stand up pouches wholesale.
We are a leading stand-up pouch manufacturer offering stand up pouch packaging solutions with free samples for many industries, including food, coffee, dry goods, candy, tea, medical and more.

Stand up pouches Custom printed Pouches and Bags

A stand up pouch is a flexible packaging bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom, not leaning on any support, and whether the bag is open can stand on its own.In the flexible packaging industry, stand-up pouches are one of the preferred packaging types.
Stand-up pouches have the advantages of upgrading products, strengthening the visual effect of the shelf, carrying light, convenient to use, freshness and sealability, etc.
We are a manufacturer with 20 stand-up pouch production and design and have served tens of thousands of customers, providing them with stand-up pouch customization services.We have computerized high-speed printing machines, laminating machines, slitting machines, bag-making machines of various types, and other advanced production equipment.Our production range is from plastic bag design to plate printing to raw material lamination, bag making, packaging, etc.

Stand Up pouches products

stand up pouches supplier

We are a stand up pouch manufacturer offering kraft, matte and foil stand up pouches in custom sizes, styles
Request a free sample.Industry-Leading Recyclable, Traditional, and Compostable Stand-Up Pouches

custom standing pouch

High quality custom stand up pouch solutions Custom printing, badges, sizes, bottom corner gussets and zipper openings available
Low MOQ to enhance your brand awareness. Provide professional design for clients.

Stand up pouches wholesale

Stand-up pouches industry leading packaging
Stand-up pouches at wholesale prices with free samples
Custom printed bags and custom labels available
Low starting order quantity and price OEM /ODM service available.

Kraft stand up pouches wholesale

Custom vertical bags wholesale printed with your logo and design
resealable zipper bags with window at wholesale prices
Environmentally friendly material with high barrier, for food packaging, custom printing available.

This aluminum foil stand-up pouch is made of food-grade material with three layers of composite material.

This kind of bag can be used to pack food and small parts, such as dried fruit, candy, biscuits, screws.

This package can be customized in different colors and sizes,Sealed, moisture-proof and breathable.

Stand Up Pouches With Window

The stand up pouches with window packaging is yellow and has a clear window,High quality and low price.

High quality and low price
Sealed, moisture-proof and breathable,Custom pattern, logo, size, thickness, etc

Stand-up pouches with zippers can also be re-sealed and repeatedly opened because the zipper form is not closed.

Can be equipped with zipper, snap button, hanging hole, and rounded corners,We can accept OEM/ODM

Valve and spout handle with window, with a positive spout closure as well as the capability to degas

Stand up pouches wholesale

We are a professional stand up pouch manufacturer, wholesale production of many stand up pouches, including kraft stand up bags, stand-up zipper pouches, stand-up pouches with windows, etc. The stand-up pouches’ materials include kraft paper, environmental protection plastic, PVC, pp, pe, composite material, etc. Our stand-up pouches are available in various capacity sizes, from 50g, 100g, 200g, and 500g to 1kg 2kg; colors and logo printing are all available for custom production. Our stand up pouch price is USD 0.03-0.12/piece. The price is highly dependent on the quantity required by the customer, and there is a 30% discount for first-time orders (to take advantage of this discount, you can email us). We are a wholesale manufacturer of stand-up pouches, and we have a 24-hour after-sales team so you can contact us with any questions, and we will solve them for you in time. Custom stand up pouches can be an excellent way to enhance customer brand awareness; we are happy to provide you with stand up pouch customization services and wholesale stand-up pouch prices!

Stand up pouches certificate

We are a professional stand-up pouch manufacturer; the raw materials used to produce stand-up pouches are all food-grade materials certified by SGS, FDA, and other authoritative government agencies.We ensure that each stand-up pouch meets the requirements of safety and hygiene.

Stand up pouches and bag options

Pouch gusset seal types

  • K-seals
  • Doyen seals
  • Flat bottom seals
  • Custom-designed gusset seals available upon request

Design for stand-up pouch use

  • Improved shelf stability
  • Resealable properties
  • 9-color printing
  • Puncture resistance
  • Easy open and close construction
  • Tamper-resistant features

Types of stand up pouches

Ordinary stand-up pouches

And the general form of stand-up pouches, using a four-sealed edge form, can not be re-sealed and repeatedly opened; this stand-up pouch is generally used in the industrial supplies industry.

Stand-up pouches with suction nozzles(Spout Pouch)

Spout Pouch is more convenient for pouring or absorbing the contents. At the same time, they can be re-closed, repeatedly opened, and considered a combination of stand-up pouches and ordinary bottle mouths. These stand-up pouches are generally used in daily packaging necessities for holding drinks, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, cooking oil, jelly, other liquids, colloids, and semi-solid products.

Stand-up pouches with zippers

Stand-up pouches with zippers can also be re-sealed and repeatedly opened because the zipper form is not closed, and closed strength is limited, so this form is not suitable for packaging liquids and volatile substances.
Stand-up pouches with zippers are generally used to pack light solids, such as candy, cookies, jelly, etc., but the four-seal stand-up pouches can also be used to pack rice, cat litter, and other heavier products.

Imitation mouth stand-up pouches

Mouth-like stand-up pouches combined with the convenience of stand-up pouches with suction nozzles and ordinary stand-up pouches are cheap. That is, through the bag’s shape to achieve the function of the suction nozzle. But the imitation mouth type stand-up pouches can not be repeatedly sealed and opened; therefore, they are generally used in beverages, jelly, and other single-use liquid, colloid, and semi-solid product packaging.

Shaped stand-up pouches

That is, according to the packaging needs, based on the traditional bag type changes produced by the various shapes of new stand-up pouches, such as waist design, bottom deformation design, carry handle design, etc. Stand-up pouches are the main direction of value-added development.

Eight-side stand-up seal pouches

The eight-side seal bag, also known as the eight-side seal flat bottom bag, has a flat bottom and eight edges, so the name—four sealing edges at the bottom and two on the left and right, totaling eight. There are five display surfaces inside the octagonal sealed bag: one front, one back, one left, one right, and one bottom. In this way, octagonal bags can carry more information, better display, and promote products and brands.

Customize your stand up pouches

Ask for Free Sample or Custom Stand Up Pouch Now!

Custom Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches Regular size options

width*height+bottom widthRice(g)Melon seeds(g)Tea(g)Peanut(g)Cat food dog food(g)

Stand Up pouches Custom Accessories

As a manufacturer of stand-up pouches, we offer our customers a wide range of accessories, including materials, zippers, venting valves, tear openings, and hanging holes; whether with windows, Child-resistant Matte High-gloss, etc.
Customized packaging can enhance the branding of product packaging for customers and be more popular with consumers.

Exhaust valve

Insulate the light and air fromthe outside of the bag, canmaintain the fresh flavor of thecoffee beans in an optimalstate of preservation.

Laser Film

Laser film is resistant to UV and sunlight, never fades, has a new and bright appearance, and has a high-technology anti-counterfeiting function.

Hang hole

Hang hole allows a packageto be placed on a retail display hook for savingstorage space.

Easy tear line

Easy tear line can ensure thatthe tearing mouth is neat andconvenient for customers toopen.

Rounded Corners

Provides for nice looking
finished product and helps thesharp comers of other bagsfrom outting into adjacentbags.

Stand Up Pouches with Window

Window pockets allow you to see the product but do not affect the barrier performance. Perfect for food and party favors

Child Resistant

The pouch cannot be easily opened by children and is designed to protect children. This bag features a unique zipper design that prevents children from accessing medications, herbs, vape supplies, and other sensitive items.

Hook-To-Hook Reclosure

lt features audible and tactilefeedback for users,providingthem with assurance that thepackage is fully sealed.Andthis innovative closure can beeasily redosed without beinghindered by residues frompowders or particulates.

Choose Ewaybag to customize your stand up pouches

  • Sample Free
    As a bag manufacturer, our muscular factory strength allows us to provide free stand-up pouch samples to our customers.
  • Low minimum
    Customized printing, digital printing MOQ200, and gravure printing MOQ 5000 allow customers to order bags according to market demand.
  • Variety of styles
    A wide variety of styles and types. A wide range of pouch types to meet your needs
  • Fast and global delivery
    Packaging bags from confirmation of order to delivery to customers, the fastest 9 working days, a variety of logistics channels including Debon UPS DHL.
  • Factory direct sales and cost savings
    As a stand-up pouch manufacturer, the price is more than 30% lower than that of traders, saving customer packaging costs.
  • High-quality new raw materials
    Our stand-up pouches are UV-protected, air and moisture blocked for better product protection. Our bags are perfect for liquid, dry, and powder products.
  • Quality Assurance
    Our design department ensures the design is accurate, and after-sales inspection ensures the bags are flawless; every bag delivered to customers is perfect.
  • Intimate after-sales
    Customer service is always online, and you can leave a message anytime. A professional after-sales team can help you deal with the problems you encounter. If you are not satisfied, you can return the goods.

Customize your stand up pouches

  1. Increase your brand awareness
    Consumers are particularly fond of products with branded packaging. The brand name printed on your packaging will make consumers better remember your brand.
  2. Make your design more high-end.
    The high-end design will make your products more tasteful and popular with consumers.
  3. Select the material for your stand-up pouch.
    We can provide various materials for customers to choose from,
    such as biodegradable materials to make the bags look more environmentally friendly, laser film effect with anti-counterfeiting function also can attract consumers’ attention, glossy coating with a shiny appearance, making the colors look more vivid.
    All the effects and materials that our customers want, we can provide for you.
  4. Add product information description.
    Customized stand-up pouches can add all the product information you can think of, allowing consumers to identify your products better, including production date, shelf life, method of use, product ingredients, etc.
    All customized information can make your product brand known to more consumers.

How to order a custom stand up pouches


Custom Bags

Size Quantity Material Color Printing Information


Layout design

Provide design content or design draft, discuss to determine the design



Mass production by our factory to ensure product quality.


Fast delivery

According to the specified time delivery, sea freight and air freight global logistics

Other types of custom bags

Custom printed mylar bags

mylar bags occupy an important position in the packaging bag market, choosing mylar bags to pack food, weed, medicine, pants.

Custom 3.5mylar bags

3.5g mylar bag is one of the more common types of weed bags; we offer custom services to enhance our customer’s brand.

3.5 Mylar Bags With Labels

The regular size of this bag is 3*4 inches, Package includes 3.5g mylar bag with labels.


We have factory to produce mylar bag, stand pu pouches, dog plastic bag products, and also we have the agent for some other brand。Our factory specialize in packaging bags production that with nearly 20 years of development. We will serve you with your absolute promise, the best reputation and reliability.

A self-supporting packaging bag has excellent sealing and strength of composite materials, is not easy to crack and leak, and has the advantages of a lightweight, low material consumption, and easy transportation.
At the same time, the packaging material has high performance, such as anti-static, anti-UV, oxygen, and moisture barrier, and is easy to seal.
Stand-up pouches keep food fresher for longer and provide excellent barrier protection against product compromise.

Stand-up pouches are chemically resistant, glossy, and partially transparent or translucent. Most are excellent insulators.

Stand-up pouches are lightweight and compact. It can be produced in large quantities and is inexpensive.

Stand-up pouches are involved in the food, beverage, daily chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, and their application areas are becoming more widespread. Stand-up pouches are unique because they can stand naturally on flat ground without the support and can be held and placed anywhere.
And the good appearance is also conducive to the display of shelves. There are a wide variety of stand-up pouches, including stand-up zipper bags, stand-up pouches with eight side seals, aluminum foil stand-up pouches, etc.

General bag production process: raw materials, packaging, printing, compounding, maturing, slitting, bag-making, quality inspection.

Stand-up pouches are also by the processes mentioned above, consisting of three or more layers of materials, which are laminated together, cooked, and slit to form the stand-up pouch. The bag’s material determines the industry in which the bag is used.

The specific production protocol for stand-up pouches is as follows.

  1. Make preparations: install horizontal heat sealing knife, bottom heat sealing knife, strengthen heat sealing knife, and install punching device.
  2. Pierce, the film, set the EPC, and align the bag edge and pattern.
  3. Adjust the bottom heat sealing knife and input the length size; the knife position direction should be aligned flush; adjust the blade with the top knife as the benchmark, and check whether the round hole is round. Set the photoelectric sensor.
  4. Load the bottom film and adjust to the middle fold. Adjust the bottom film punching.
  5. Adjust the lateral heat seal and align the heat seal knife and printing positions.
  6. Adjust to strengthen the heat sealing block and make up the pressure at the position where the four layers intersect.
  7. Adjust the cutting knife and edge-cutting device.
  8. Confirm and adjust the bottom punching and heat sealing positions. Confirm and change the part of the transverse heat sealing knife, and strengthen the heat sealing block.
  9. Confirm the heat sealing strength, and adjust the heat sealing temperature.

Width: Measured from the outside left edge of the bag to the right edge.
Height: measured from the outer bottom edge to the very top of the bag.
Bottom corner gusset: measured from the outside edge of the bottom side of the bag to the maximum distance to the edge of the other side.

Example : 4inch x 7inch x 2.5 inch

Total Width = 4 inch
Total Height = 7 inch

Bottom Gusset : 2.5 inch

For more details please refer to stand-up pouch measurement

Four easy-to-follow steps.

Step1. Check the bag for tears and make sure it is intact

Step2. Open the stand-up pouch by unzipping from the top

Step3. Fill the bag with the required items

Step4. Seal the zipper of the bag; if it is a self-sealing concealed buckle, press the zipper mouth firmly

Heat sealing above 2-6cm from the bag can better maintain the freshness of the product and shelf life.
Sealing can be used in machines, hot iron, and other methods.