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The stand up zipper pouch adopts three layers of composite food grade materials, one side is transparent, the other side is white, and there are many prompt patterns printed. This package can be customized in different colors and sizes.

The packaging can be used for the packaging of food and snacks, such as coffee beans, candy, cookies, etc., or the packaging of parts

Our company has a distribution in Shenzhen and Dongguan, and has a history of 20 years. We have served countless customers all over the world and won their unanimous praise


  • Food grade material
  • High quality and low price
  • Sealed, moisture-proof and breathable
  • Custom pattern, logo, size, thickness, etc

We are a printing company with 20 years of experience. We have customers all over the world. Our products are cheap and good in quality. If you have any questions, please contact us

Advantage for poly stand up pouches

1) HD print pattern, transparent on one side, white as a whole

2) Three-layer food-grade compound production, safe and pollution-free

3) The bottom can stand, more convenient to use

4) With years of printing experience, we have served thousands of customers all over the world and won their unanimous recognition

  • Kraft, foil, matte finish, rice paper, and economy materials
  • custom materals
  • Food Snack packaging
  • Parts packaging
  • Medicine packaging, etc

Some Reference Size

width*height+GussetRice(g)Melon seeds(g)Tea(g)Peanut(g)Cat food dog food(g)

Stand up zipper pouch details

Fingerprint sticker self-supporting zipper

Child-resistant zipper concealed

Heat-sealable zipper closure

Custom Stand Up Pouch

We are a high-quality zipper stand-up pouch manufacturer in China, providing stand-up pouch customization service. Zipper stand-up pouches are suitable for candy, dried fruit, and nut packaging.
Our stand-up zipper pouches are made of FDA-approved food-grade material and are perfectly suitable for food packaging.
The zipper is at the top of the bag and can be reused back and forth. And the bags are heat sealable and can be equipped with a child-resistant zipper design and multiple colors for customers to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stand Up Pouch at (usd) $0.04/piece.(Prices will fluctuate somewhat with the exchange rate)
We are stand-up pouch manufacturer, providing stand-up pouch customization service.

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