5 gallon mylar bag-Ewaybag

5 gallon mylar bags are the best choice of containers for storing food, weeds, liquids, etc. Our mylar bags are made of food grade material, which is a triple-layer or
multi-layer structure, which can protect food for a long time and has good ability to block air, light and moisture.
We provide oxygen absorbers to fully absorb the oxygen in the bag, and labels to help customers better identify the package information.

5 gallon mylar bags Features: 

  • 5 gallon 4.3 mil or 7 mil thick polyester film bags, multiple thickness options
  • Free of BPA and other toxins Food grade materials
  • Excellent puncture resistance and insulation from air, moisture, and light
  • 5 gallon mylar bag with 2000cc or 2500cc oxygen absorber for complete oxygen absorption
  • It can be used with a 5 gallon storage drum.
  • Provide perfect after-sales service; you can return or exchange the product if unsatisfied.
  • Customized service, you can customize the logo, size, color, thickness, etc.

Name:    5 gallon mylar bag

Usage:    Weed, snack, tea, powder, seeds ,etc

Printing:   Gravure or digtial

Function:  Smell and moisture proof

Sealing:    Resealable ziplock

  • Excellent barrier, moisture proof,aseptic, resealable
  • Environment friendly materials, high quality,nice service and competitive price, quickly delivery.
  • Easy to open the top grade printing
  • Food, Rice,Coffee,Coffee bean,Pet food, Nuts,Dry food,Power, weed
  • Protein Powder,Moringa powder,Snack,Cookie,Biscuit,Candy/Sugar,etc.

Selecting Mylar Bag Right Size

Size (W×H×B cm)ThicknessCookiesCandyTeaPowdersugar
9×14+3(280 micron)50g50g25g50g100g
10×15+4(280 micron)60g80g60g100g250g
12×20+4(280 micron)100g170g90g180g500g
15×22+4(280 micron)250g270g220g400g650g
17×24+4(280 micron)300g400g280g500g1kg
20×30+5(280 micron)400g800g550g720g2kg

5 gallon mylar bags for food

Our mylar bags are made from food-grade material that is safe, eco-friendly, durable, and tasteless. These bags have three layers: PET, aluminum foil, and PE.

An extra internal layer of aluminum foil provides durability and puncture resistance. Prevents light and air permeation to ensure longer food storage.

How to seal mylar bag

1.Put the food into the mylar bag; this time can be more convenient with the help of a 5-gallon bucket.

2.Put the oxygen absorber into the bag according to the capacity of the bag to choose the appropriate oxygen absorber.

3.Self-sealing mylar bags can be sealed with a professional sealing machine, you can also use a heated iron, or a household iron can also be sealed bags.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend the use of 5 mil or 7 mil bags of dry goods; if the storage of soybeans, these heavier foods, the thickness should be increased.
Generally, the heavier the food packaging bags, the thicker the thickness. For a larger capacity of food packaging bags, such as rice, and grain, belonging to the heavy bag category, generally with pe or composite process to do.

It is recommended for a typical 5 gallon drum 19.5″ x 29″ flat mylar bag, 4.3 mils thick, using a 2000cc oxygen absorber with this bag.

The total capacity of oxygen absorbers is 2,000 cc. For a 5-gallon drum, use 5-7 300cc oxygen absorbers or one 2,000-cc oxygen absorber.
Or configure the number of oxygen absorbers in the following sizes
100cc: 20 units
500cc: 4 pcs
1,000cc: 2 pcs
2000cc: 1pc

What is a deoxidizer?
It is usually a sachet consisting of powdered iron oxide. It is safe for food, and if used in the right amount in a sealed environment, it will be very effective.