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Ewaybag, a leader in packaging bags in China, has been providing customers with high-quality mylar bags. as a high-quality mylar bags wholesale, we offer customized services that our customers love.

Our food-grade mylar bags provide reliable long-term food storage and packaging for your food products.

Our products are made from food-grade materials, and we can ensure that quality is at the heart of each of our mylar food bags.

  • Free of BPA and other toxins
  • Holds 4.25, 5, or 6-gallon drums
  • The polyester film provides a barrier to oxygen, moisture, gases, odors, and light.
  • Ideal for storing salt, baking soda/powder, and spices as well as grains, rice or beans, weeds
  • Free samples available
  • Complete after-sales service with returns and exchanges if not satisfied
  • Light-proof to keep sunlight away from the products inside the bag
  • Vacuum-sealed to reduce product exposure and waste.
  • Strong quality ensure products will be safe inside the bag

Selecting Right Size

Size (W×H×B cm)ThicknessCookiesCandyTeaPowdersugar
9×14+3(280 micron)50g50g25g50g100g
10×15+4(280 micron)60g80g60g100g250g
12×20+4(280 micron)100g170g90g180g500g
15×22+4(280 micron)250g270g220g400g650g
17×24+4(280 micron)300g400g280g500g1kg
20×30+5(280 micron)400g800g550g720g2kg


Size10×13cm or customized
Thickness120micron or customized
Printinggravure printing or digital printing
ApplicationPacking weed, food, powder, tea, cosmetic, etc.
AdvantageLight-proof, vacuum sealed

mylar bags product details

Food-grade inner film

The food-grade composite inner membrane can be used for all kinds of food, medicine, health products, etc.

Strong sealing

Adopt biting process, thickened design, the tight seal can be used repeatedly.

Easy-tear mouth design

Humanized design makes it easy to open the package after heat sealing.

Even and flat ironing edge.

The use of oil pressure type hot edge even and flat sealing thick solid and durable.

Custom mylar bags wholesale

As a leading packaging manufacturer in China, we offer wholesale 5-gallon mylar bags.
As a manufacturer, custom packaging bags are our great advantage. We can provide our customers with a wide range of customized services, including size, printing service, logo, etc.
Whether it is food storage, medicine, or weed storage, our mylar bags can meet the needs of our customers.
Our advantage is not only in custom bags but also in great price. Our mature factory system, skilled in producing bags, offers our customers
5 gallons, 6 gallons or 3.5 grams 28 grams, these capacities of mylar bags are often made by us.
If customers have their own ideas for bags, we can provide guidance with our 20 years of experience to realize the customers’ ideas on customized bags.
For mylar bag wholesale or mylar bag customization, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

5 gallon bucket suitable size is generally 20″x30″ and 18″x28″ 19.5″ x 29″ these sizes, we can also configure 1500 or 2000 oxygen absorber
This can better protect the food in the bag.

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