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mylar weed bags for cannabis flower and weed packaging; we are the manufacturer of mylar bags in China, providing customer service to enhance your brand awareness and better attract consumers.
Our custom bags service includes the popular 3.5g mylar bags in 28g or more sizes. Cookies mylar bags have a significant advantage in preventing odor and keeping weed fresh.
We have a significant advantage of opaque design, tamper-proof tear opening, and child-proof zipper to protect children from weeds better. Soft-touch material increases the natural good feeling of consumers.
As a bag manufacturer, more than 50% lower than the cost of buying mylar bags in the United States, the first time to contact us to enjoy a variety of discounts.


  • Security,barrier,non-leakage,moisture proof, strong sealing
  • Muti-layers lamination makes the bags high barrier against light,oxygen,moisture
  • Anti-odor Prevents sunlight Moisture Microbial intrusion.
  • Anti-odor self-sealing bag, puncture-proof, effectively protects weed freshness
  • Child-proof design better protects children from weed contact
  • Food grade material, FDA approved.
  • Health Printing,Non-Benzene,Non-Ketene.
  • Resealable Zipper
  • Tear Notch
  • Heat Sealable
  • Barrier Property
  • Available in a variety of sizes, including regular sizes of 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g
  • Comfortable feeling to provide high class quality
  • Material,size,printing can according to customers’ requirement,we can also give some ideas for your reference
  • Strong sealing strength; bonding strength and excellent compression strength
  • Food & Pet Food(Snack, Bread, Cookies, Coffee, Frozen Food, Dried Food, Fried Food, Retorted Food, Spice, Powder, Tea, Sauce,Meat, Rice, Candy, Fruit, Powder Mix, weed,Nuts, etc)
  • Beverage(soft drink, alcoholic) / Daily necessities / Electronic product / Toy Packing / Garment Bags / Agriculture Use
  • Cosmetic products / Corrosion products / Chemical Products / Drug / Medicine

Common size

  • an eighth (1/8oz or 3.5 grams of cannabis) 3” x 5” inches
  • a quarter (1/4oz or 7 grams of cannabis) 4” x 6.5” inches
  • a half ( half an ounce or 14 grams of cannabis) 8.15” x 2.3” inches
  • an “O” ( 1 whole once or 28 grams) 6” x 9.25” inches

Customizable accessories choose

Our customizable cookies mylar bags are not only odor-proof and protect the freshness and quality of the packaged goods but also can be customized with various matching designs, including labels, child-resistant zippers, rounded corners, and more.

Easy tear zipper, good sealing

High-quality printing Clear pattern

Reinforced corners, heavier load capacity

Child-resistant design

Quality Wide Zipper Lock

Best Cookies Mylar Bag Supplier & Manufacturer & Factory In China

Ewaybag is a China bag manufacturer, supplier, and factory; we can accept OEM/ODM bag orders for production.
Stand-up bags weed mylar bags are our good products, especially the popular eight-side seal bags in recent years are our specialty.

They are widely used in food, Snack, milk powder, beverage powder, nuts, dried food, dried fruit, seeds, coffee, sugar, spice, bread, tea, herbal, wheat, cereals, washing powder, salt, flours, pet food, candy, rice, confectionaries.

Cookies 3.5 mylar bags Resealable

We’re facotry-based supplier of mylar bags, custom printing service.

Cookies and cream mylar bags

Available in custom sizes, Resealable, smell-proof mylar pouches.

Packaging Mylar Ziplock Bags

6″W x 4″H and other customizable sizes
High Quality Cannabis Bags. Smell Proof,Runtz bag.

Quality mylar bags cookies with free worldwide shipping on Ewaybag.custom printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyester film bag is a better bag for long-term storage of sugar, generally
White sugar, brown sugar, can be stored for a longer period of time without being attacked by moisture, bacteria.

However, do not use oxygen absorbers with sugar. This will turn them into hard bricks. Simply place the sugar in a mylar bag and seal it