Custom pet food industrials packaging

Custom Pet Food Packaging

Pet food packaging bags are used for packaging all kinds of pet food; their quality directly affects the quality of pet food; high-quality pet food packaging products fully reflect environmental protection and non-toxic design.

Ewaybag uses food-grade materials and specializes in customizing various cat food bags, dog food bags, and other pet food packaging bags.
We have ten professional packaging designers who can help our clients to enhance the brand awareness of their pet food packaging and make their packaging stand out and be remembered by consumers, among many other products.

We use multi-certified packaging materials to create your bags.
We also use the best printing and additional designs such as multi-opening and closing zippers, slider zippers, one-way venting valves, and slanted tubes to enhance the value of your pet food bags.

Advantages of customized frozen packaging bags

  • Our pet packaging bags use composite structures that can effectively improve the package’s overall force and barrier performance.
  • Effectively prevent light, oxygen, and moisture, and inhibit the activity of microorganisms.
  • High temperature resistant – Radiation resistant – Anticorrosive – Low temperature resistant
  • The multi-layer structure can keep the food’s original color, aroma, taste, shape, and nutritional value for a long time.
  • Can be customized recyclable materials, environmental protection, clean and hygienic.
  • It can be customized by printing pet food processing, food handling methods, pet food packaging after the shelf life requirements, shelf life, and other information.

Bag type selection

According to the bag type, there are stand-up zipper bags, sealed bags, eight-side seal bags, etc.; according to the material, there are aluminum plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, kraft paper bags, plastic bags, etc.
Our pet food packaging bags, to prevent external damage, and to maintain the quality and stability of the food itself, will generally play the role of mold and moisture to maintain freshness.

3 side seal bag

The three-side seal bag style is on three sides and opens on one side for excellent moisture retention and sealing, which is ideal for brands and retailers.

Stand up bag

Stand-up bags are commonly used in food packaging, such as: nut packaging, retail packaging, pet food packaging, etc.

zipper bag

Zipper bags are bags that can be repeatedly sealed by pressing the zipper to LDPE and high-pressure linear LLDPE by blow molding heat-cutting machine bags.

stand up bag with zipper

Zippered stand up bags are one of the best display packaging options for bulk items. It is a type of stand-up bag and can be sealed perfectly with zipper closure to keep all products as tight as possible.

Features and Options (Add-Ons)

Custom frozen food packaging materials

Pet food packaging bag production materials are mainly as follows.

1.Co-extruded PE film

2.Woven bags

3.PP/PE, PE/PE, PET/PE, NY/PE two-layer composite bags

4.PET/NY/PE, PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/PE three-layer composite bags

5.PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE four-layer composite bags

6.PET/NY/AL/RCPP high-temperature cooking bags for wet grain/soft can packaging


Pet food packaging is safe and environmentally friendly, with food-grade material to protect pets’ packaging bags. Pet food packaging bags can isolate air, water, light, and other substances.
It can effectively protect food, prevent food from deterioration and moistening, and maximize the life of food while maintaining its freshness.
It is also straightforward to carry. When you and your pet go out, you can always feed your little pet.

Pet food packaging is the material that comes into direct contact with the food.
If it contains toxins or other harmful chemicals to your pet’s body or substances that are not allowed to be added, it will inevitably affect the quality of the pet food. So pet food packaging bags must also be food-grade material.