As a necessary packaging method in today’s society, the bag is suitable for many products. From lumps, granules, and powder goods, to liquid semi-liquid food, gas drinks, alcohol, vegetables, and fruits; from drugs, health products, and medical equipment to small hardware goods, toys, and stationery; from household chemicals, hygiene products, to clothing, textiles, etc. They all need it.

Food packaging bags is a kind of packaging design life to facilitate the preservation and storage of food, which gives rise to product packaging bags. Food packaging bags are in direct contact with food, used to contain and protect the food film containers. In life, the most significant number of food packaging, the most extensive content, most food is packaged before being sent to consumers.

Food packaging bags should use food-grade plastic film for production, generally more than two layers of composite packaging bags.

Because the diversity of food determines the richness and variety of food packaging bag types, a wide range of variable specifications, according to different classification standards, the classification of food packaging bag types is also other.

First, the different raw materials used in the production of bags can be divided into low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, PVC plastic bags, high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, etc.

Secondly, the different bags can be divided into upright, sealing, undershirt, square bottom, tape, sling, shaped, and so on.

Third, according to the form of packaging classification, it can be divided into sealed bags, three-sided bags, four-sided bags, yin and Yang bags, stand-up pouches, zipper bags, suction mouth bags, rolled film, and so on.

Fourth, according to the function of the bag for classification, it can be divided into high-temperature cooking bags, high-barrier bags, vacuum packaging bags, and so on.

Fifth, according to the production process, classification is often divided into plastic and composite packaging bags.

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According to the packaging bag industrialization, our company’s packaging bags can be divided into the following areas of application: