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Pet Food Bags are used for all kinds of pet food packaging, the bags are made with reclosable zippers and can be reused. To protect the food inside, all pet food bags are made with high-barrier material to ensure they have a longer shelf life.

There are four main types of pet food bags on the market: flat bags, stand-up bags, gusset bags, and block bottom bags. Flat pouches and stand-up pouches are used for small volume pet food packaging, and gusset and block bottom bags are used for large volume packaging.

The right pouch will give pet food great palatability protection, aroma shielding, and improved self-supporting stability, also with a zipper to make the pouch easy to open and close options, paired with EWAYBAG’s HD print options, they’ll help you prosper pet food business.

  • All bag types, sizes, volumes, and different prints available;
  • The MOQ starts from 10000 pieces and can print up to 10 colors;
  • Delivery within 2-3 weeks with free samples;
  • Free of BPA and FDA approved materials;
  • The smell-proof cookies mylar bags keeps all water and moisture out and any odors in when sealed! The ziplock seal snaps shut you will never question whether the bag is open or closed ever again.
  • The Custom Printed Smell-Proof cookies mylar bags Packaging Pouch Bag is Resealable, easy to use,elegant appearance, noble and practical, can be vacuum.
  • The Custom Printed Smell-Proof cookies mylar bags Packaging Pouch Bag is suitable for coffee, candy, cookie, tea, Dry flower, nuts, snack and more food long term storage.Food safe, moisture proof, and smell proof!
  • Food & Pet Food(Snack, Bread, Cookies, Coffee, Frozen Food, Dried Food, Fried Food, Retorted Food, Spice, Powder, Tea, Sauce,
  • Meat, Rice, Candy, Fruit, Powder Mix, Nuts, etc)
  • Beverage(soft drink, alcoholic) / Daily necessities / Electronic product / Toy Packing / Garment Bags / Agriculture Use
  • Cosmetic products / Corrosion products / Chemical Products / Drug / Medicine


MOQ10K-20K Pcs
Size70*100+30cm(Min) 320*450+120cm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing


30g-50g3-4″ x 4-6”+1.5”10000Pcs15 Days
50g-100g4-4.5” x 7-9”+210000Pcs15 Days
100g-250g4.5-5” x 8-11”+2.5”10000Pcs15 Days
250g-1000g6-7” x 10-12”+3”10000Pcs15 Days

pet food bags structure

The number of layers of the bag is often determined by customers’ needs, such as the need to print patterns, the need to prevent water leakage, and many other personalized needs. Generally, many of our customers’ bags are divided into three-layer structures, and the materials of these three layers can be customized according to the pack’s function.

We manufacture and supply high-quality takeaway packaging for food and beverages. All options can be fully customized and printed.

Custom cookies mylar bags

1.Choose your pouch style:

2.Choose the right film structure for your product:Laminated bags offer various barrier qualities based on the filmstructure used. We can help you choose the right film structureto give your product the proper shelf-life.

  • Reclosable / Resealable Zipper, Innolock zipper or Velcro
  • Degassing Valve or vent – Clear Window – Tear Notches
  • Glossy,Matte or Frosted Finish -Ergonomic Handle
  • Euro or Round Hang Hole – Spouts with caps – Rounded corners

3.Choose your print and color to promote your product:Our in-house art department will help make your ideas into a packageyou will be proud of.Our packaging experts can help you navigatecomplex all the issues like barcodes and nutritional ingredients labels.Perfect for Tea& Coffee, Processed Foods, Beverages, Sauces & Condiments,Confectionary, Frozen Foods,Pet Food,Household & Garden, Health & Beauty,Pharmeceutical & Medical, Industrial Products,Whatever your product needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

A pet food bag can feature sturdy materials that will keep the inside contents fresh.

A polypropylene-based plastic material like CPP or PET can appear in your pet food bag.

The plastic compound needs to be safe for food use and should not include any BPA compounds or other harmful items.

From a dimensional standpoint, pet food bags can be about 30 to 120 cm in width.

A bag can also be 400 cm high, although that would be for bulk foods.

The size of the bag will vary based on the pet food type you’re securing.

A larger bag can handle more food, but it can also take in more weight without tearing.

Your pet food bag can support various types of food:

  • Traditional kibble materials are ideal for a larger bag.
  • You can also include treats in a smaller bag.
  • Nutritional supplements for pets with special dietary needs can also go inside some smaller bags.

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