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Lightweight aluminum foil bags have to be one of the most usual bags make use of for high obstacle items product packaging, like coffee, tea, or some high and also closed slit resistance items Occasionally trying to find one of the most optimal product packaging styles for your item can be a just difficult job specifically when you require a multi-layer framework style.

Lightweight aluminum foil bags made with 3 or 4 layers high resistance product, typically it will certainly have one layer lightweight aluminum foil or metalized movie in the center of it to maintain the items connect of sunlight or straight light, this will certainly maintain items with longer rack and also have greater obstacle residential properties.

  • FDA authorized products and also BPA totally free items.
  • Very long-lasting, lengthy shelf-life for items, versus UV oxygen, wetness, and also light
  • Helpful for chemical or items require to maintain connection of light
  • MOQ begin with 100 computers with reduced expense
  • Appropriate for coffee, tea, animal food, or costs items product packaging
  • Can be included with zipper, shutoff, laser racking up, home window

You do not need to go with the tough backyards of looking any longer, As a matter of fact, you can merely obtain your favored product packaging style by putting an order with among the very best makers in China of adaptable product packaging– EWAYBAG

The major factor behind this is the truth that lightweight aluminum foil does away with excess moisture and also functions as a guard to secure the materials guaranteed from various other undesirable climatic components. Supplying defense from oxygen, EWAYBAG lightweight aluminum foil bags will certainly maintain the components fresh for lasting conservation.

We make our lightweight aluminum foil bags by transforming the lightweight aluminum obstacle aluminum foil laminate right into either gusset, formed, or level bags that merit sea exports. Mainly lightweight aluminum foil bags are utilized for product packaging or keeping products that require to be kept at no environments and also vacuum cleaner loaded.

Lightweight aluminum foil bags are made by laminating flooring polythene as well as an obstacle aluminum foil of polyester or pure lightweight aluminum foil to provide sophisticated securing capabilities. This additionally makes them extremely immune to chemicals as well as various other undesirable aspects.

  • Food & Pet Food(Snack, Bread, Cookies, Coffee, Frozen Food, Dried Food, Fried Food, Retorted Food, Spice, Powder, Tea, Sauce,


MOQ10K-20K Pcs
Size70*100+30cm(Min) 320*450+120cm(Max)
Thickness70Mircons-200Mircons (2.5Mil-8Mil)
FunctionPunch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Window
PrintingD-Met Printing, Metallize, Vanishing, Matte Finishing


Small BagsPET/AL/PE50g-500gSnacks and candies
Degassing ValvePET/Nylon/PE250g-3kgCoffee and tea
Anti-StaticPET/PETAL/PE100g- 1KgElectronic parts
High CapacityPET/AL/Nylon/PE500g-5KgLaundry liquid

Metalized movie & Aluminum aluminum foil

There have some factors we require to understand prior to we obtain begun when you pick to get a lightweight aluminum foil bag.

Lightweight aluminum foil is a high obstacle movie, the greatest benefit is 100% lightproof.
Intend to purchase a bag with a home window? Usage metalized movie as opposed to aluminum foil.
Metalized movies are with reduced obstacles however the expense is less costly.
Not all items require extremely high obstacle buildings, understanding your appropriate demands is the trick, as well as metalized movies, are not weak.
The bag with a lightweight aluminum foil life span is 18-24 months, the metalized movie is 12-15 months. Rack life depends on your storage space problem.
Need to know even more? Send us an e-mail.

The difference between Aluminum foil and Metalized film

When discussing lightweight aluminum foil bags, lots of people simply see the bag are silver in the shade so they believed it is lightweight aluminum, however, in fact, they are incorrect. Right here at EWAYBAG, we will certainly inform you of the distinction between aluminum foil as well as the metalized movie:

  • Kind: Aluminum Foil just has Light Weight Aluminum aluminum foil(AL), yet the metalized movie has a flower, CPPAL, BOPPAL various choices.
    There additionally have NY-AL as well as PLA-AL metalized movie, and also some much more others, however really did not utilize in China as well as it is not that usual usage.
  • Surface area: AL aluminum foils are one side matte as well as one side a little glossy appearance, Metalized movie is both side method shinier than AL
  • Foldability: When AL aluminum foil is folded it will certainly be difficult to return back to regular, however, Metalized movies are collapsible and also can be returned back to typical simpler.
  • Density: AL has 7 as well as 9 microns variations, in China, we typically make use of 7 microns.
    Metalized movie has flower 12 microns, CPPAL has 25 microns, 30 microns, BOPPAL has 20 microns.
  • Tear residential property: AL is really easy to abuse without lamination; Metalized movies are hard to tear also without lamination.
    Temperature level: AL can hold up against really heats however metalized movies are not.
  • Obstacle: AL is with a lot greater obstacle than Metalized movie.
  • Expense: AL is the high price, Metalized movie is affordable.

AL is pure lightweight aluminum however the metalized movie is with a lightweight aluminum layer on the movie, not pure lightweight aluminum.
AL can not see via, however, metalized are still can see via when you placed the movie listed below solid lights.

All the above, some clear movies can likewise publish in the silver shade with silver ink, some individuals will certainly likewise treat it as lightweight aluminum foil. Prior to you buying lightweight aluminum foil bags from your provider, be certain you recognize the distinction between aluminum foil and also metalized movies, or print silver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic packaging bags,kraft paper bags,Aluminum foil bagsetc.(Stand up bags ziplock bags,flat bottom bags,vacuum bags,bags with valve and tin tie)

One easy difference to spot is whether there is a sticker on the packaging. The sticker will detail the THC or CBD content, date of harvest, and batch number. If it doesn’t have this, it is likely illegitimate or a repackaged product that you shouldn’t trust.

Mylar bags are amazing for long term food storage and are a great complement to vacuum sealing

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