What is a mylar bag

Mylar bags are made of plastic and aluminum and can be made up of three or more layers. Customized mylar bags can be customized in various sizes, colors, and patterns and can also be customized with customer logos.
Polyester film bags are odor-proof, well insulated from air and moisture, and can well protect packaged goods.

mylar bag packaging food steps

1.Open the bag to fill the food.

Smaller mylar bag, you can directly open and fill the food. If the need to fill more food, the bag is also more giant, then you can prepare a
bucket, the bag over the bucket, so that it is easy to pour the food into the bag.
After the food is in the bag, you can gently press it to ensure that the pack is relatively flat so that it will be more convenient when sealed.

2.Put in the oxygen absorber

Before sealing the mylar bag, we must put in the oxygen absorber, which is also essential in protecting the food. And we have to according to the amount of food in the bag
Choose the right amount of oxygen absorber; if the oxygen absorber is put into more is also possible.

3.Seal the mylar bag

The sealing of the bag is perfect; the critical step is to determine whether the food can be well protected. In general, our mylar bags are equipped with zippers, and now.
We need to seal the top of the mylar bag; you can well protect our food.
Generally speaking, there are three standard bag sealing methods: heat sealing, electric iron sealing, and mechanical equipment sealing

heat sealing

use a saw blade or iron with a fire to bake hot; the plastic film can be rolled up. You can also take a stick to seal the bag first, roll a circle, and then a small fire will be heated, sealed firmly, and will not burn the bag.

the iron seal

open the iron, about the temperature, put an iron plate or something hard underneath, with pressure behind the iron. But when sealing with an iron, you need to pay attention to the temperature and close the speed.

mechanical equipment sealing

For many plastic packaging bags that want to improve the sealing speed, you can use a sealing machine for sealing. For ordinary single-layer plastic packaging bags, you can use the foot sealing machine for filling. Multi-layer composite plastic packaging bags, such as PET plastic packaging bags, must reach a high temperature of 200 degrees before the bag can be sealed.

From the economic and convenience point of view, we as individuals generally use the first two ways; the effect is good, and the use of the method is also relatively simple.

4.Final refinement of the mylar bag storage

sealed mylar bag we can put in the appropriate container; if the seal is dried fruit, rice, and so on, we can put it in a barrel or glass container to prevent the old nibble.

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