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Ewaybag is a Chinese manufacturer with 20 years of professional bag production experience. Zipper stand-up pouches are one of our best bags, and tens of thousands of enterprise-level customers
have applied our stand-up zipper pouches. As a zipper stand-up pouch manufacturer, we provide customized services to produce customized zipper stand-up pouches for our customers to better
enhance the brand awareness of our customers’ products.

Stand-up pouches with zippers can also be re-sealed and repeatedly opened because the zipper form is not closed, and closed strength is limited, so this form is not suitable for encapsulating liquids and volatile substances.
According to the different ways of sealing and divided into four edges and three edges, four edges refer to the product packaging in the factory. Outside the zipper seal, there is a layer of ordinary edge, the use of everyday edge torn, and then use the zipper to achieve repeated sealing open, this method solves the shortcomings of the zipper edge strength is small and unfavorable to transport.
The three-seal edge is directly sealed with a zipper edge as a seal, generally used to hold light products. Stand-up pouches with zippers are usually used to pack light solids, such as candy, cookies, jelly, etc., but four-sealed stand-up pouches can also be used to pack rice, cat litter, and other heavier products.

  • Stand up pouches have excellent sealing and strength of composite materials.
  • Stand-up pouches are not easy to break and leak, with lightweight, low material consumption, easy to transport, and other advantages.
  • Stand-up pouches are easy to transport and have other advantages. The use of stand-up pouches in pet food packaging makes it easier to display on the shelf.
  • Safety food grade material & perfect printing
  • Great to prevent leakage, excellent moisture-proof
  • Strong sealing bottom & durable ziplock

PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, BOPP/Kraft Paper/PE, etc

  • Food/Coffee/Tea/Snack/Nuts, etc
  • Dry goods such as wheat, white rice, beans, pasta, oats, sugar and flour are good to store in Mylar bags

Selecting right size

Bag CapacityBag Size
3.5g (1/8oz)3.63″x1.5″
7g (1/4oz)4″x1.78″
14g (1/2oz)5″x8.14″
28g (1oz)6″x9.25″

Stand up bag product details

Edge sealing design

Adopt advanced crimping technology to seal the edges firmly with good sealing performance.

Easy tearing design

The bag tearing design makes it more convenient to tear and use the bag without additional opening tools.

Hanging hole design

Hanging hole design can be hung in the display rack, more convenient to display and beautiful, help customers more direct purchase.

Bottom design

The bottom is self-stereotyped; the standing firm has an excellent three-dimensional effect, is more high-end, stand out in many fresh bags, and is easy to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our bag is made of food grade material, which is FDA approved.

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