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Dongguan Yiwei plastic company is a sub factory of Anhui Tongcheng Fengwei Plastic Company in 1992, was a professional packing bags manufacturing and independent research &development factory. We have our 3 own manufactures.
One of the main products is Food Packing Bags, stand-up pouches, flat bottom bags, zipper bags, side gusset bags, flat bags, which are widely used in food, commodity, detergent products. We have many kinds of materials, like MOPP, PET, VMPET, ALU, PA, CPP, and PE, which can meet buyers’ special requirements.
The other main products are dog waste bags, disposable diaper bags, t-shirt bags, drawstring bags, opp bag, zipper bag, slider ag, compostable material bags. And we have got certifications like SGS, BPI, TUV to ensure clients get food-safe products. The compostable material meets ASTM D6400, EN13432.
Currently, we have worked with clients from around 35 countries in the whole world, like the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, and so on. “Customized service” is our core competency. Almost 95% of our products are customized. Custom printing, size, material, and thickness are all based on our client’s requirements, and combined with our professional advice. We devoted ourselves to offering clients unique packaging that with attractive looking, helping their products get more business. Our value message is “Quality First”.

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  • We have 20 years of experience manufacturing bags in China, providing customers with perfect products.
    Customized bags service from design to production, badges, logos, colors and sizes are available.
  • Free samples and a 30% discount on the first order
  • Fast delivery, same day delivery for stock, 5-10 days for customized bags
  • Good after-sales service, manual reply within 10 minutes, quality problems can be returned and exchanged.

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We have factory to produce mylar bag, stand pu pouches, dog plastic bag products, and also we have the agent for some other brand。Our factory specialize in packaging bags production that with nearly 20 years of development. We will serve you with your absolute promise, the best reputation and reliability.

We are flexible bag manufacturers that can provide high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions, such as stand-up pouches, foil pouches, and mylar bags, to meet your custom flexible packaging needs.

We are willing to grow with our customers; whether you are an individual entrepreneur just starting or an established food manufacturer, we offer professional and customized flexible packaging and labeling that can uniquely establish your brand. This recognizable personality creates the all-important awareness that allows your product to stand out and capture market share.
With excellent flexible packaging, your product will stand out from similar products, making consumers remember your product and generating word-of-mouth communication.

As a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, we also offer the following bag types:
1.Three-side seal
Refers to the three sides of the seal side open (to the factory after bagging and then sealed) good moisture, sealing, the most common bag-making method
2.Self-standing bag
It is a kind of horizontal support structure at the bottom, not relying on other support, and can stand up whether the bag is open or not to strengthen the visual effect of the shelf
3.Zipper bag
refers to the opening with a zipper structure of the packaging; you can open or seal the load at any time; the seal is solid, mainly used for food packaging or products that need to be used multiple times
4.Back-seal bags (pillow bags)
Back-sealed bags are bags with sealed edges on the back of the bag body; the bag is not closed on both sides, and the typography of the package is more complete.
5. Back-sealed organ bag
Both sides of the edge to the inside of the bag folded into the formation of the side, the original flat pocket of the two sides folded inward, thereby reducing the space occupied
6.Four-side seal
refers to the two sides of each side of the two sealing bag. Four side seal bag has an excellent three-dimensional effect on the appearance of the product is a cubic, large capacity
7.eight side seal
Refers to the bag with eight edges, four edges at the bottom, and two edges on each side. The base is flat and can stand smoothly with or without filling items
8. shaped bags
Refers to the unconventional four-sided packaging bags that need a mold and can be made into various shapes. According to product design to highlight the brand image, a solid attraction for consumers
Applicable to:
Casual food/dairy products/jelly/candy / baked goods/spices/
Noodles/pet snacks/tea/mask / puffed food / frozen food/nuts, etc.

Ewaybag is one of the leading paper bag manufacturers in China. We have nearly 20 years of experience in paper bag production.
As a renowned innovator, we are a trusted supplier to the food, retail, pharmaceutical, apparel, and other industries.
We produce paper bags, including grocery bags, shopping bags, gift bags, archive bags, tote bags, envelopes, medicine bags, feed bags, garment bags, waxed paper bags, laminated paper bags, fertilizer bags, four-layer paper bags, and liquor bags.
We provide high-quality after-sales service, 24 hours of specialized personnel to deal with any customer dissatisfaction that can be resolved, and good service to every customer is our corporate purpose.

Duro Bag Mfg is the largest paper bag manufacturer in the world and produces paper bags for numerous companies in the US.Duro Bag Mfg was founded in Covington, Kentucky in 1953 by Mr. S. David Shor and is still a privately owned company. Duro Bag is the only manufacturing facility at the Port of Brownsville that is non-maritime related