The printing will be safe if an oil-free material is used.

Water-based paint can be used for printing to keep the design on the bag safe for use.

The pouch revolution is now taking over product packaging. Almost each and every year does not come to an end without one or two new types of pouches produced.

Many manufacturing companies are burning the midnight oil with the aim of beating their competitors by producing the best pouches.

Pet Food bags are not a recent pouch invention but have been there for some time. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a parrot, these bags come in during their feeding time.

All the food comes wrapped up in the pouches and what you have to do is to pour down the food in the bowl and let the pet proceed.

These bags are very good when it comes to flexibility. Veterinarians prefer foods that have been bought to the leftovers at your home. With this in mind, Pet food bags are the way to go here.

The other important thing about EWAYBAG pet food bags is that you can use them to package your pet’s food whether dehydrated, frozen, or just dry.

Our pet food pouches are made of lightweight materials to make them ready for shipping and carrying. You can also place an order or order on either single-use bags or pouches with reclosable options.

Whether you want single servings or large sizes, we can brag about our high level of experience in designing and manufacturing pouches with the correct material for specific application needs.

EWAYBAG uses high barrier materials that are flexible and ideal for the cat, dog food packaging, and other small animal treats.

Therefore, if you want to improve your sales and make your product stand out while on retail shelves, EWAYBAG pet food pouches are your best option.

Chapter 1: EWAYBAG Pet Food Bags: What is Pet Food Bags?

The pouch revolution is now taking over product packaging. Almost each and every year does not come to an end without one or two new types of pouches produced.

Many manufacturing companies are burning the midnight oil with the aim of beating their competitors by producing the best pouches.
Pet Food bags are not a recent pouch invention but have been there for some time. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a parrot I (love dogs), these bags come in during their feeding time.

All the food comes wrapped up in the pouches and what you have to do is to pour down the food in the bowl and let the pet proceed. These bags are very good when it comes to flexibility.

Veterinarians prefer foods that have been bought to the leftovers at your home. With this in mind, Pet food bags are the way to go here.

Chapter 2: Pet Food Bags Benefits

  • Ideal Application

Obviously, this is the first benefit. Pet food bags have been specifically and uniquely designed to package pet foods. There are many pouches out there but none meet the standards and specifications that the pet food bags heave.

With all these, they become the best pouches for pet food packaging.

  • Design of the Pet Food Bags

With the ideal application in mind, pet foods have met the necessary design standards. The preliminary outline of pet food bags vividly exhibits what the bags contain.

Many companies design bags with modern technology and hence ensure that all the needs of the customers are met.

  • The Cost-Effectiveness of Pet food bags

There are many options you can opt for when you want to feed your pet. However, the best one is always using pet food bags. Everybody knows that, right?

These bags are bought but they are very cost-effective which makes them affordable for any kind of user. Their prices vary from one company to the other but the price margin is not very wide.

Some pet foods are even recyclable which makes them very cheap and affordable.

  • Pet Food Bags are easy to Stock

The ideal application of pet food bags is to store pet food, right? They have been consequently made easy to stock with any kind of pet foods you need.

Their physical specifications are the main point behind easy stocking. The food manufacturers will not have a hard time opening and closing the bags.

Even at your home when your dog is excitedly wagging its tail, it’ll not take you an entire century trying to open it.

Chapter 3: Pet Food Bag Types

There are many types of pet food bags that are good for each kind of pet. Let’s have a look.

  • Stand Up Pouches

These kinds of pouches are almost never missed in any type of product packaging. They are largely known as the go-to packaging pouches. These pouches are the most common types of pet food bags.

These bags profess a great shelf display and the most commonly known easy-to-pack pouch. They are available in many different colors where you can just choose your favorite.

They are also produced in different sizes and you can take the one that best fits your pets.

They have three main design options. These are; Clear front windows, transparent and shaped pouch and their barrier level is either low or high.

These bags have been used by many pet lovers and confirmed that they met all their needs.

  • Gusset Bags

We can confidently say that these bags are the number one competitors to stand up pouches. They have almost the same specifications as stand-up pouches.

They were initially used to human foodstuffs like bread and biscuits but they found their way up to storing pet foods.

For those that have been constantly using these bags, they can attest these bags have been used for centuries. These bags have been there for half a century now.

That’s very long. This bag is very good because it has the best portability compared to the other bags.

These bags are mainly featured with Kraft paper and offer formidable protection. With all these in mind, it becomes the easiest bag to use when it comes to pet food storage.

  • Quad Seal Bags

This is another flexible type of pet food bag. Its structure is reinforced because all the four corners in entails are tightly sealed. That’s why it’s considered to be very flexible.

Pet foods usually require greater capacity or volume; this is where these bags beat all the other types of pet food bags. It meets this demand to the fullest.

The bags have a rather triangular-shaped base that resembles that of a box and hence offer a very sturdy foundation. This, therefore, prevents any fall-over that can lead to the pouring of the pet foods.

Lastly, it has a larger top-opening that ensures that you get enough space during the pet food packaging or when you’re giving your pet its food.

This ensures that all the processes go with a lot of ease for your own convenience.

  • Shaped pouches

These are rather interesting types of pet food bags. Why am I saying they’re interesting? Well, because they can be designed into any shape your pet loves.

Those who are lucky to know pet communication can easily love these pouches. If your pet is a monkey (just kidding) you can order a banana-shaped pouch.

They are always pampered with nice graphic designs. They are the best if you are looking for sustainability because you can refill them with pet food once empty.

This makes them re-usable hence very cost-effective in the long run.

These pouches can guarantee that you stand out from the crowd of many pouches. This is because they can be able to take the shape of your products depicting what’s inside the pouch.

  • Kraft paper pouches

These are other types of intriguing pet foods pouch. As the name spells it all, they’re made out of Kraft paper. They’re mainly produced in different sizes and quantities according to customer demand.

As we all know that Kraft is a natural product, the colors of these pouches may vary from one lot to the other. These papers may also discolor when exposed to too much sunlight.

And by the way, many Companies producing these design what you need to be printed on the pouch. These types of pet food bags are on the rise and their demand is yet to shoot high.

Chapter 4: Pet Food Bags: The Ad-ons

Every pouch has its own physical specifications. These are important because it makes each pouch unique and stands out from the crowd.

Pet food pouches with their many different types also profess these add-ons.

  • Pet food Bags with Hang Holes

This is a very important part of these pet food bags. Hang holes are mainly used for easy storage. Not all the types professed these features.

Those that have this feature are stand-up pouches, gusset bags, and shaped pouches.

As the name says, the hang holes are used to hang the pouches in shelves or drawers for easy visibility and reach. This makes the bags convenient.

  • Pet Food Pouches with Valve Adds

Almost every type of pet food has a value add. The main aim of fixing valves is to ensure that pet food is fresh and does not show any sense of staleness.

Obviously, when pet foods are stuffed and there is no place of fresh air in flow, this automatically makes the food stale. This can consequently make your pet sick hence incurring more costs for treatment purposes.

This is where the valves come in handy. They allow occasional in-flow of fresh air to the bag and also prevent the entry of oxygen into the bag. The valves also help in pressure relief inside the pet food bags.

  • Zip-lock and Laser Cut

The moment you’ve purchased your pet food, you’re only thinking of how fast you’ll open the package and pour whatever is inside to a bowl and there goes your pet.

What if this doesn’t happen and takes your time figuring out how the bag is opened. You then decide to use a knife and Pu!!! There goes all the food on the floor. You then begin contemplating what to do next.

Well, these two features got you covered to prevent this from happening. The ziplock is a structure put on the bags for easy opening. The many types of zip-locks are PE zipper and Grip Zip-lock.

Laser Cut, in turn, acts as an easy tearing laser line. All these two ensure that you have a smooth opening when you want to give your pet the food.

  • Printing Techniques

Many companies offer different printing techniques when producing these pet food bags. However, at the end of the day, they’ve produced the best and stellar-looking pouches.

Their main function is to produce customer-worthy products.

However, most companies use the three most common methods. These are D-Met Printing, Metalized, and Mate Finishing.

Other general specifications with the pet food bags are round corners to avoid cutting your hands when handling. Most of them also have tin-ties for the users to close the bags after every use.

Lastly, only a few contain adhesive tapes which can be permanently used.

Chapter 5: How Pet Food Bags are Produced

Now that you’ve known all the benefits, types, and Add-ons of pet food bags, let’s now get into the manufacturing process of these bags.

The process of manufacturing these bags mainly takes place in four simple steps. These are the determination of the material structure and size. The preceding steps are design and artwork and lastly, the Production Process.

  • Determination of the Material Structure

This is a very important part of the production process. The materials the companies use to ensure that you and your pet are safe from any harm.

The companies must make sure that that they have correctly tested all the materials and found them fit either for human or pet usage or consumption.

To come up with the right material, most companies put up some guidelines to cover this process. The guidelines are;

  • Product Type

This step is important in the sense that the companies can know how to come up with the best material. They ask themselves if the product is sharp, oily, solid, liquid, or heavy.

  • Weight

The material to be used must take into consideration the weight of the product. The companies will use a different material for a product weighing 100 grams with that weighing 10 pounds.

  • Product Visibility

Some people prefer that they be able to see what type of food they’re buying for their pets. Hence, the manufacturers are forced to produce bags that are visible while others are opaque.

  • The condition of the Bags

This will depend on the type of store you’ll be keeping the pet food bags. Does the pouch need to be stiff to prevent any puncture and rough handling? This step should be considered.

  • Determination of the Pet Food Size

Pet food bags are manufactured in many different sizes. So, this step must be taken into consideration. The size of the pouches will depend on material factors like weight.

Pet food manufacturing companies are the one who knows the ideal size they require for packaging.

Coming up with the best size for your pet food is always a challenging part. However, the companies have employed many expert engineers that are responsible for doing this work.

These engineers are able to figure out the correct size of each pouch when compared to their weight. If you want to make a purchase, the companies have size charts that you can just comfortably look at and pick your best shape.

  • Design and Artwork

This is where the competition for pet food bags takes place. Many companies ensure that they do their best. For those that are known to be the best let their prowess do the talking.

After they’ve come to the completion of determining the material and size, it’s now time to sit down and do the graphic designing and artwork.

Many companies give their clients the opportunity to explain to them how they want their pet food pouches designed. The clients just have to provide a full artwork and then the designers are good to go.

For the clients that do not have any artwork, the companies are always happy to suggest better designs that they can put on the pouches. At the end of the day, it’s always a win-win situation.

  • The Production Process

This is now the last stage that ensures the whole planning is executed. Without the achievement of this stage, then there need not be the first to third stages.

At this stage, the manufacturing of the pet food bags process takes place.

This process usually takes from two to four weeks depending on the number of food pouches that have been ordered. This also depends from one company to the other.

One Company can complete a certain number of pet food bags in two weeks while another company can take four weeks to complete the same number of pet food bags. However, at the end of the day, what matters is quality.

During these weeks, what takes place in the production lines are; creation of printing cylinders, printing inner liners, inner layers are laminated and run, layers laminated and lastly, any extra features are applied.

Obviously, the last step to take place is pouches shipment which is then followed by payment by the client after getting satisfied by the work.

This is a general explanation of the production of pet food pouches. Some companies produce them differently but not far from what we’ve discussed. As long as the client is able to get his/her pet food bags at the end of the day, the different kinds of production do not matter.

Chapter 6: EWAYBAG Pet Food Bags

This is one of the best companies when it comes to pet food bags production. Apart from producing top-of-the-art pet food bags, this company is known to be producing the best pouches in the modern market.

Since the company’s inception in 2013, it has registered high sales in pet food bags. This is because the company uses modern technology to produce its pet food bags.

The bags are always highly designed and are able to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Why EWAYBAGis considered the best?

  • The companies offer passionate services with experienced solutions that address every key point of your needs.
  • Most of all their pet food bags have been produced with high research and aiming to develop every customer.
  • EWAYBAG Company has been in the business of producing pet food bags for over half a decade. Their progressive level of experience in the production of these bags gives them an edge over the many newbie companies.
  • The company also offers logistical solutions for its products locally or overseas. They work with air and sea freight services. All these are done at an affordable price which is pocket-friendly.
  • The company is also known to be fast in delivery. Their main philosophy is to deliver on time with quality. They can only take around 20 to 25 days to deliver to the longest destination in high quantities.
  • The company is very professional. This is because the staff are experienced with the production of pet food bags and some have been on the industry for more than ten years.
  • Their companies are certified and hence you are assured that you are dealing with a genuine company that will cater for all your needs to the end and sure that you are safe legally.
  • Last but not least, the companies offer the best pet food bags at an affordable price. Their prices are not that high and are pocket-friendly.

The company has registered a lot of sales in the pouch industry in the short time it has been on business. With the current pace it is taking, get assured that it’ll be the sort-out-for company in the next few years.

Chapter 7: EWAYBAG Pet Food Bags FAQ

1. Where are you situated?
The company’s headquarters is found in China, at Dongguan in Guangdong. The company is located in Dafen Industrial Zone, Wanjiang.

2. Do you offer Logistics services?
Yes, the company offers logistics services. This is both local and international at an affordable price.

3. Who are your target clients?
The main target clients are manufacturers, packaging traders, and distributors or solution companies.

4. What is the MOQ that you can handle in the shortest time possible?
This will depend on the types of pet food bags that you require. For stand-up pouches, we can have an MOQ of between 10000 t0 20000 pieces per order. For Quade Seal bags and Kraft Paper pouch, we can handle an MOQ of between 20000 t0o 30000.

5. What is the approximate thickness of your pet food bags?
The thickness of the pet food products we manufacture ranges from 60 Microns to 180 Microns. These are approximately 2Mil to 7.5 Mil.

6. What kinds of other services do you offer regarding pet food production?
The company also offers market research, warehouse, and business integration, or any other needs you might need.

7. Apart from pet food bags, do you produce other items?
Absolutely yes! The company produces almost all plastic packaging bags and pouches which are available in all the factories.

8. Are your products safe to use?
I can confidently say yes. Their products have undergone extreme testing and verifications to ensure that the materials used to make all the pouches are good for human consumption.

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