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We are a professional stand-up pouch manufacturer and wholesale producer of stand-up pouches, including kraft paper stand-up pouches, stand-up zipper pouches, stand-up pouches with windows, etc. The materials of stand up pouches include kraft paper,environmental protection plastic, PVC, pp, pe, composite material, etc. Our stand-up pouches are available in various capacity sizes, from 50g, 100g, 200g, and 500g to 1kg 2kg; colors and logo printing are all available for custom production.
Our stand up pouch price is USD 0.03-0.12/piece. The price is highly dependent on the quantity required by the customer, and there is a 30% discount for first-time orders (to take advantage of this discount, you can email us). We are a wholesale manufacturer of stand-up pouches, and we have a 24-hour after-sales team so you can contact us with any questions, and we will solve them for you in time.Custom stand up pouches can be an excellent way to enhance customer brand awareness; we are happy to provide you with stand up pouch customization services and wholesale stand-up pouch prices!

Stand Up pouches products

Stand-up zipper bags are widely used for snacks, powdered drinks, pet food, household products, health care products, medicine, beauty accessories, etc. Due to the self-sealing zipper design, it can be used repeatedly. In addition, it can be reused due to the firm bite of the widened seal. Moreover, this vertical zipper bag is resistant to high and low temperatures and has a high degree of tightness for storing food and ensuring that odors do not evaporate.

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Why Choose Ewaybag?

  • Sample Free
    As a bag manufacturer, our muscular factory strength allows us to provide free stand-up pouch samples to our customers.
  • Low minimum
    Customized printing, digital printing MOQ2000, and gravure printing MOQ 5000 allow customers to order bags according to market demand.
  • Variety of styles
    A wide variety of styles and types. A wide range of pouch types to meet your needs
  • Fast and global delivery
    Packaging bags from confirmation of order to delivery to customers, the fastest 9 working days, a variety of logistics channels including Debon UPS DHL.
  • Factory direct sales and cost savings
    As a stand-up pouch manufacturer, the price is more than 30% lower than that of traders, saving customer packaging costs.
  • High-quality new raw materials
    Our stand-up pouches are UV-protected, air and moisture blocked for better product protection. Our bags are perfect for liquid, dry, and powder products.
  • Quality Assurance
    Our design department ensures the design is accurate, and after-sales inspection ensures the bags are flawless; every bag delivered to customers is perfect.
  • Intimate after-sales
    Customer service is always online, and you can leave a message anytime. A professional after-sales team can help you deal with the problems you encounter. If you are not satisfied, you can return the goods.

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Custom Stand up pouches printing

We are a stand-up bag manufacturer from China, providing customers with customized services for various stand-up bags. Customized stand-up pouches continue to enhance customer product awareness. Customers can fill out the form below for quick access to our custom stand-up pouch support.

  • 20 size options
  • Glossy and matte finishes UV aluminized laser coating options
  • Resealable zipper and hanging holes, rounded corner options
  • Self-supporting display, there are also a variety of bag types with eight side seals
  • Customer LOGO can be displayed anywhere on the packaging bag, with full-color printing on the front, back, and bottom.

Packaging Bag Type

stand up pouch

flat bottom bag

3 side seal bag

Side Gusset Bag

printing packaging bag

Custom printing stand up Pouches Suitable for a wide range of markets and products, including solids, powders, and liquids, stand-up pouches offer consumer convenience, are environmentally friendly, and help extend the shelf life of many products.
Providing high-end printing while keeping your products safe and fresh is critical to your brand’s success.
We offer two printing methods to print your graphics: gravure and digital. Gravure printing is recommended for customers with high demand and can provide cost savings.
Digital printing offers customers a small MOQ and fast delivery to the customer.

We offer competitive stand up pouch printing services, as well as print design services. Our experienced designers can bring your ideas to life on your bags and enhance your customers’ brand awareness.


We have factory to produce mylar bag, stand pu pouches, dog plastic bag products, and also we have the agent for some other brand。Our factory specialize in packaging bags production that with nearly 20 years of development. We will serve you with your absolute promise, the best reputation and reliability.

A self-supporting packaging bag has excellent sealing and strength of composite materials, is not easy to crack and leak, and has the advantages of a lightweight, low material consumption, and easy transportation.
At the same time, the packaging material has high performance, such as anti-static, anti-UV, oxygen, and moisture barrier, and is easy to seal.
Stand-up pouches keep food fresher for longer and provide excellent barrier protection against product compromise.

Stand-up pouches are chemically resistant, glossy, and partially transparent or translucent. Most are excellent insulators.

Stand-up pouches are lightweight and compact. It can be produced in large quantities and is inexpensive.

Stand-up pouches are involved in the food, beverage, daily chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, and their application areas are becoming more widespread. Stand-up pouches are unique because they can stand naturally on flat ground without the support and can be held and placed anywhere.
And the good appearance is also conducive to the display of shelves. There are a wide variety of stand-up pouches, including stand-up zipper bags, stand-up pouches with eight side seals, aluminum foil stand-up pouches, etc.

General bag production process: raw materials, packaging, printing, compounding, maturing, slitting, bag-making, quality inspection.

Stand-up pouches are also by the processes mentioned above, consisting of three or more layers of materials, which are laminated together, cooked, and slit to form the stand-up pouch. The bag’s material determines the industry in which the bag is used.

The specific production protocol for stand-up pouches is as follows.

  1. Make preparations: install horizontal heat sealing knife, bottom heat sealing knife, strengthen heat sealing knife, and install punching device.
  2. Pierce, the film, set the EPC, and align the bag edge and pattern.
  3. Adjust the bottom heat sealing knife and input the length size; the knife position direction should be aligned flush; adjust the blade with the top knife as the benchmark, and check whether the round hole is round. Set the photoelectric sensor.
  4. Load the bottom film and adjust to the middle fold. Adjust the bottom film punching.
  5. Adjust the lateral heat seal and align the heat seal knife and printing positions.
  6. Adjust to strengthen the heat sealing block and make up the pressure at the position where the four layers intersect.
  7. Adjust the cutting knife and edge-cutting device.
  8. Confirm and adjust the bottom punching and heat sealing positions. Confirm and change the part of the transverse heat sealing knife, and strengthen the heat sealing block.
  9. Confirm the heat sealing strength, and adjust the heat sealing temperature.

This depends on parental intent, which worries child health experts, and there are good and bad points about the use of baby food pouches

They say that while pouches are great as an occasional snack, overuse can develop poor eating habits and hinder the development of eating skills and motor coordination during critical stages of life. That’s why the length of time baby food pouches are used needs to be
parents to weigh in on the whole picture.

Reusable baby food bags are more eco-friendly than disposable baby food bags. You get all the convenience of store-bought varieties, plus the bonus of knowing exactly what’s in them because you can make your food. There’s more work to be done, but this trade-off is an affordable way to feed your child while minimizing waste.

Jennifer House, a dietitian with First Step Nutrition, recommends using BPA-free pouches that are easy to clean and best washed in the dishwasher. She adds, “I also want a pouch safe to use in the refrigerator that can contain a labeled area or be clear so you can see what’s in it.” “Parents should also look for bags that can be recycled after filling and have lids that are large enough not to pose a choking hazard.”