stand up pouches with window

stand up pouches with window:The stand up pouches with window packaging is yellow and has a clear window. With a built-in weight of 500g, our packaging can be customized in different colors, sizes and patterns.

The packaging can be used for the packaging of food and snacks, such as coffee beans, candy, cookies, etc., or the packaging of parts, such as screws and nuts.

Our company has its own factory, is an industry and trade integration of enterprises, there are more than 100 employees, professional machinery production line, if you have any need, please feel free to contact me.


  • Three layers of food grade material
  • High quality and low price
  • Sealed, moisture-proof and breathable

We are a printing company with 20 years of experience. We have customers all over the world. Our products are cheap and good in quality. If you have any questions, please contact us

The advantages of the stand up pouches with window

1) High definition print pattern, the whole is pink

2) Three-layer food-grade composite production, high-quality food packaging bags

3) The bottom can stand, more convenient to use

4) With years of experience in printing, we have served thousands of customers around the world and won their unanimous recognition

  • Kraft, foil, matte finish, rice paper, and economy materials
  • custom materals
  • Food Snack packaging
  • Parts packaging
  • Medicine packaging, etc

Doypack bag Reference Size

width*height+GussetRice(g)Melon seeds(g)Tea(g)Peanut(g)Cat food dog food(g)

Stand up pouches with window details

Easy tear

Self-sealing zipper

Self-supporting bottom

Frosted window

Custom Kraft Stand Up Pouch

Ewaybag is the leader of stand-up pouch manufacturers from China; we provide customized stand-up pouches for many American and European customers; custom-made stand-up pouches show.
A customized stand-up pouch shows the strength of a company and can be loved by consumers.
Stand-up pouches with windows allow consumers to see the product in the bag, especially for food packaging, which can be more attractive.
We offer customized stand-up pouches for our customers, who can choose materials such as Kraft, foil, matte finish, rice paper, and economy materials.
Customers can also customize the window shape, size, printing, and logo design and request a zipper seal with reclosable closure, tamper-evident closure, and all other features that customers need.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have these bags with zippers, but we recommend our customers use a sealer to seal them better for a better seal.
If customers don’t have a heat sealer, customers can also use a household iron to seal the bags. We, as a professional packaging bag manufacturer.
Provide customized service for customers, all the ideas of customers about packaging bags we can realize.

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