Stand-up pouches are multi-layer(more than two layers of film) bag, laminated, with A bottom gusset that is able to be placed on the shelf and fill with the product within. They are the most commonly use pouch on the marketplace for flexible packaging.

  • All of the materials used are food-grade, FDA approved, and BPA free.
  • A pouch that is shaped could be a good option for being able to stand on shelves or tables
  • Valve and spout handle with window, with a positive spout closure as well as the capability to degas
  • Puncture-resistant with heat sealable, waterproof and leak-proof, ideal for freezing and reporting capability

The advantages of stand-up pouches is:

  • Custom-designed print with logos in up to 10 color spot and matte glossy options are can be ordered.
  • Free sample delivery is available for your reference
  • The fastest delivery time for printed pouches is shorter than seven days

Send us a message to EWAYBAG learn more about our stand-up pouches.

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