250g coffee bags with valve

Our 250g coffee bags are produced to the highest quality standards. Provides airtight protection for all types of products. All bags contain a puncture-resistant barrier that prevents exposure to; moisture, air, UV rays, etc., ensuring the freshness and quality of your product can be maintained for its recommended shelf life.

  • Minimum quantity: 500 pieces
  • Number of cartons: 500
  • Dimensions: 230 x 160 x 90mm

This bag can be valved.

This product also offers custom labels. Contact us to discuss your custom label order.

All product images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary due to manufacturing variations, ie. If you have specific requirements, please state them in the remarks section of your order.

When the bag is full of product, the gussets expand, and the weight of the product usually keeps the bag upright.

We offer coffee bags with one of the best oxygen and moisture protection barriers and it is one of the most recognized forms of coffee packaging.

Our 250g coffee bags have a degassing valve and they are one of our best sellers in all markets.

They are widely used to package products such as pet food, coffee beans, powdered food, dry food, tea and other specialty foods.

Custom printing is also available on request.

WEIGHT5.5 kg
BOX DIMENSIONS51 × 41 × 20 cm
COLORBlack, Gold, Natural (brown), Red, Silver, White
MATERIALTrue Bio, Recyclable, Kraft (paper), Matt, Shiny
VALVEWith Valve, Without Valve
Width*Height+Bottom Brace(cm)Coffee beansTea
13.5*26+7.5cm1 Pound(454-500g)250g

Coffee bag detail

Easy tear zipper

Easy to use, good sealing effect, adequate food storage, no longer worry about coffee beans bad.

T-shaped zipper

The zipper is on one side of the bag; the bag opening is flat and suitable for assembly line production, machine automation packaging, and improved production efficiency.

Aluminized interior

Better product protection, the internal use of aluminum plating, and a specific moisture-proof translucent effect.

Coffee Bag Exhaust Valve

Coffee roasting for some time will continue to discharge carbon dioxide, do not add one-way exhaust valve coffee filled with gas easy to rise through; a one-way valve can also be in the discharge of carbon dioxide at the same time will be the coffee bag oxygen discharge to avoid coffee oxidation out of the oil to produce a bad smell, affecting the quality of coffee.


Coffee bags have a white or clear round valve on them, and wonder about their purpose. Coffee bags are very much in need of these small venting valves to help keep the coffee beans or ground coffee fresh, thus maintaining the original characteristic aroma of the coffee.

When roasted coffee beans are bagged, the beans will continue to release carbon dioxide. If there is no air vent in the bag, the carbon dioxide that has been accumulating will inflate the pack and eventually rupture it. If the bag does not break, dust and air will enter the bag and oxidize the coffee, making it lose its freshness and the best taste of brewing. At this point, a coffee one-way vent is the only solution.

A coffee one-way vent ensures that carbon dioxide can escape through the valve. At the same time, oxygen is not permitted to enter, which allows the coffee to “breathe” freely at all times, preserving its freshness for a long time.

After the coffee beans are roasted, the components in the raw coffee beans will produce a series of chemical and physical reactions, and the reaction process will produce gas. If there is no one-way exhaust valve installed on the coffee bag, the bag will be full of gas, easy to rise, and burst the bag, seriously affecting the flavor of the coffee beans. A one-way exhaust valve can exhaust the gas inside the bag and prevent the bag from outside the air to preserve freshness!

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