5 lb coffee bags with valve

Our 5 lb coffee bags are perfect for wholesale or storing freshly roasted coffee! The bag is fitted with a one-way degassing valve to help keep the coffee fresh, and is lined with foil for a higher barrier than polyethylene. What does it mean? You can pack freshly roasted coffee with more confidence! Pick up some today!

5 lb coffee bag (with valve) dimensions

Height x Width x Gusset:
19-3/16 x 6-7/8 x 4-11/16 inches
487 x 175 x 119 mm

  • Color printing can be customized.
  • Purchase quantity can be customized.
  • With air valve
  • Also widely used for coffee, pet food, powdered goods, tea, etc.
  • When the package is filled with products, the corner gusset plate will expand, and the weight of the product usually keeps the bag upright
Volume Capacity: 38 cups
Heat Sealable: Yes
Case Quantity: 300 pcs/case
Food-safe: Yes
  • Food, Rice,Coffee,Coffee bean,Pet food, Nuts,Dry food,Power,
  • Protein Powder,Moringa powder,Snack,Cookie,Biscuit,Candy/Sugar,etc.
Width*Height+Bottom Brace(cm)Coffee beansTea
13.5*26+7.5cm1 Pound(454-500g)250g

Custom Coffee Packaging Printing

We can provide custom printing for coffee packaging. If you have your coffee packaging bag design, send it to info@mylarbagcustom.com for a free quote.
If you only have the idea, we can have experienced designers help you perfect your coffee packaging design.
We can also provide a full range of customization services for coffee packaging size, bag type, material, etc.


Vacuum-packed coffee beans are generally imported and must be preserved long. The taste will be lost a lot; roasted coffee beans will continue releasing carbon dioxide, so the vacuum packaging will soon become non-vacuum. Now more packaging is with a one-way exhaust valve, the outside air can not enter, but the gas inside can be exhausted, so you can vastly reduce the oxidation of coffee beans, to retain the flavor.