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We are a leading manufacturer of candy packaging and food packaging bags in China. We have 20 years of experience in candy packaging roll film production and manufacturing and provide customized printing production for our customers.

We use food-grade materials to ensure that our candy packaging film can be in direct contact with food, and the film has many FDA and ISO certifications. Whether the customer is a large, established corporation or a new one, we use a full range of services to solve the problems encountered in packaging and serve every customer. 24-hour after-sales service ensures that customers don’t need to worry about anything.

Flexible Packaging Film Type

  • pvc shrink film roll film.
  • opp roll film.OPP PET PA PE CPP VMPET AL and other laminated film
  • pe film rolls.
  • pet protective film,ice candy plastic roll
  • laminated film rolls,snack packaging film

Packaging Film Parameters

  • Printing layout: Gravure printing in nine colors
  • Packaging film specifications: width 2~50cm; thickness 0.8 silk~30 silk; length arbitrary
  • Material:PET/OPP/PA/PE/Aluminized/Aluminium foil/Kraft paper etc.
  • Sealing film roll, cup sealer film,cup sealer film printing,ustom sealing film

Custom Printed Candy Packaging Film

Advantages of candy packaging film

  • Our candy packaging film has good barrier properties, effectively blocking moisture and oxygen and keeping candy fresh.
  • It can be customized with various patterns and customer logos to enhance the customer’s candy packaging brand.
  • Precise printing can meet the customer’s various printing needs.
  • Provide a variety of unique processes, including hot stamping, matte, tactile film, metallization, etc., so that your candy packaging is eye-catching.
  • Candy packaging film can be made into candy bags according to customer’s demand, with no waste.
  • We offer excellent after-sales service and are always ready to solve our customers’ candy packaging problems.

Application of Candy Packaging Film

Our confectionery packaging films meet the needs of a wide variety of applications, providing the ultimate protection for food and snacks, including candies, lollipops, cookie roll wrapping, coffee beans, coffee grounds, coffee powder, tea, nuts, whey protein, pet food, snacks, and a wide range of other foodstuffs.

Confectionery packaging film materials and thicknesses

Food grade. PET, PA, PE, BOPP, CPP, VMPET, AL, PE etc.

  • PET+PE
  • According to customer’s requirement

Quality of candy roll film

Our candy food packaging films have passed many certifications, including FDA, ISO, and so on, which can guarantee the quality of our products well. Food grade raw materials and professional guarantee technicians. There are a variety of ways to ensure the quality of customers’ food packaging.

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Flexible packaging film rolls use

Flexible packaging film rolls are widely used in many FFS packaging machines in the food industry (FFS is divided into vertical VFFS and horizontal HFFS), such as candy, potato chips, popcorn, tea, pet food, and so on.
We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing candy rolls and provide customers with a wide range of candy rolls, including lollipop rolls and bag candy rolls. Our rolls can be customized with a printing pattern, thickness, and size. One-stop to meet customer’s personalized candy packaging needs.

Custom flexible packaging film

Step 1:

Get a quote

Please send an inquiry on our website and get back to the client within 1 hour for a quick quote.

Step 2:

Develop your art

Customers provide their design, or we design for you free of charge until customers are satisfied.

Step 3:

Size and Configuration

Determine film details, including size, printing, quantity, etc.

Step 4:

Packaging film production

20 years of experience in the production of your film, with attention to every detail of the bags

Step 5:

Delivery of packaging film to customers

Fast delivery with global logistics, fast delivery, and perfect after-sales service

Why Choose Ewaybag?

  • The experienced packaging printing process, Professional technical staff and experienced management personnel,(Our flexible packaging experts have an average of 15 years of experience in the packaging industry)
  • Personalized and customized to enhance the brand value,Customized materials, sizes, shapes, patterns, and packaging processes on demand.
  • Professional design team,Free design for customers, innovative design concept.
  • Standard professional production equipment,Perfect production standards, strict processing process, on-time delivery.
  • Competitive pricing, Our rolled films are priced 10%-20% lower than peers while maintaining quality.


We have factory to produce mylar bag, stand pu pouches, dog plastic bag products, and also we have the agent for some other brand。Our factory specialize in packaging bags production that with nearly 20 years of development. We will serve you with your absolute promise, the best reputation and reliability.

There are many kinds of candy packaging materials commonly used, including plastic, paper, metal, and cellophane.

1. Plastic packaging: Plastic is the main raw material for the production of candy packaging. There are many different types of plastic, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acid, and others. Plastic packaging can effectively protect the candy from external factors in transportation, while the shape is more beautiful.

Plastic packaging can be printed with various patterns and customers’ logos to enhance brand awareness. It also has the advantages of freshness, environmental protection, economy, etc. Our candy packaging is made of food-grade materials with grease resistance, physical strength, processability and printability advantages.

2. Paper packaging: Paper packaging is one of the most common candy packaging materials. It mainly consists of kraft paper, coated paper, double-bronze paper, white card, straw paper, cardboard, and other different types, which can meet the different packaging needs of candy.

3. metal packaging: metal packaging mainly comprises iron, aluminium, tin, etc. It can make full use of the metal oxidation, which is not easy; the freshness of the candy is a very superior performance. At the same time, metal packaging can also effectively protect the integrity of the candy in the transportation process, making the candy more beautiful.

4. cellophane packaging: cellophane packaging is generally used for tofu, chocolate and other candy packaging. Its advantages are beautiful, environmentally friendly, can be reused, and will not cause excessive pollution of the environment.

Food packaging rolls are a kind of packaging film supplied in rolls; food packaging rolls are used in automatic packaging machinery, without the need for packaging production enterprises to carry out sealing work only need to carry out a one-time sealing operation in the production enterprises. The advantage is that it saves on the cost of the whole packaging process.

  About the food packaging rolls of film material, its material type and ordinary food packaging bags are consistent, as well as standard PVC film, opp film, PE film, pet film, pa composite film, and so on. Details are as follows:

1, PE food packaging roll film

  Polyethylene, PE for short, is a polymerization of ethylene into a polymer organic compound recognized as a promising material for contact with food. Moisture, oxygen, acid, alkali, tastelessness, odorlessness, and in line with food packaging hygiene standards are known as the “flower of plastic” reputation.

2. PO food packaging roll film

  PO, a polyolefin copolymer, is a polymer produced by the olefin monomer—opaque, brittle texture.

3. PP food packaging film

  PP is a thermoplastic plastic generally used in colour printing, offset printing, and bright colours. It is a tensile polypropylene plastic with environmental protection and an odourless, smooth, and transparent surface.

4 . OPP food packaging film

  OPP is polypropylene, bidirectional polypropylene, which is characterized by being easy to burn, melt, and drip. On the yellow and blue, away from the fire, it produces less smoke and continues to burn. It is also characterized by high transparency, brittleness, good sealing, and strong anti-counterfeiting.

5 . PPE food packaging roll film

  PPE plastic packaging bag is a combination of PP and PE production the product; the product is dust-proof, anti-bacteria, moisture, oxidation, temperature resistance, oil resistant, environmental protection and tasteless, high transparency, strong mechanical properties, high resistance to bursting performance, puncture resistance and tearing performance and so on. Automatic Packaging Machine Roll FilmAutomatic Packaging Machine Roll Film is an essential industrial supply, mainly used for packaging food, medicine, daily necessities and other products. It usually consists of roll material, transmission device, heat sealing device, cutter, etc. In an automatic packaging machine, the material, thickness, air permeability and other parameters of the roll film will affect the packaging effect and product quality. Therefore, choosing the proper roll film is essential for manufacturers and consumers.

The automatic packaging machine roll film materials are generally plastic, aluminium foil, etc. Among them, plastic roll film has the advantages of high transparency, suitable barrier properties, etc., but at the same time, there are also shortcomings, such as low strength and ease of tear. Aluminium foil roll film has the advantages of high strength, good barrier properties, and long shelf life, but there are also shortcomings such as high cost and non-degradable. Therefore, when choosing automatic packaging machine roll film, comprehensive consideration needs to be made according to the characteristics and needs of the product.

In addition to material and thickness, the permeability of automatic packaging machine roll film will also affect the packaging effect. If the permeability of the roll film is not good, it will lead to the gas inside the package not being discharged, so the product deteriorates or affects its taste. Therefore, when choosing automatic packaging machine roll film, you must choose the film with good air permeability.

In short, automatic packaging machine roll film is an indispensable part of modern industrial production. Choosing the right roll film can improve the quality of the product, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency. Therefore, manufacturers need to carefully consider the material, thickness, permeability, and other factors when choosing automatic packaging machine film.