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We are a candy packaging manufacturer from China with 20 years of experience in candy packaging manufacturing, focusing on providing customers with high-end candies, chocolates, fudge, and other kinds of confectionery food custom-printed flexible packaging
solutions. We have mature packaging manufacturing workers, advanced printing machines, and a modern packaging workshop, which all provide a solid guarantee for you to get candy packaging. Our candy bags are made of food-grade materials, and all packages can be in direct contact with food, guaranteeing the safety of customers’ use. The direction of the bags is the choice we have always insisted on.
Customized candy bags and various bag types, including three-sided seals, eight-sided seals, stand-up pouches, and so on, are strong support for the continued growth of customers’ packaging brands so that customers’ candy packaging stands out.

Custom candy packaging solutions

We offer various types of candy packaging bags and customize the production of candy packaging bags with customer logos to enhance your candy brand awareness. We use food-grade material to ensure the safety of candy packaging.
A variety of bag types and bag add-on designs (holographic, UV, hang-hole) are available to make your candy packaging stand out.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We provide free samples; we can provide free stock candy bags for customers to refer to the quality; samples are free; customers only need to pay the shipping cost
  • We are a leading manufacturer of food packaging bags in China, with competitive prices, guaranteed quality, and flexible MOQ
  • Customized production of candy bags for customers to improve brand awareness of candy, provide strong support
  • A variety of food certificates, including FDA SQF, to protect customer product safety
  • Various bag accessory designs, including metalized, matte, glossy, UV, and holographic.

Customize your Candy Bags

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Custom Candy bags printing

We are a candy bag manufacturer from China, providing customers with customized services for various custom candy bags. Customized custom candy pouches continue to enhance customer product awareness. Customers can fill out the form below for quick access to our custom stand-up pouch support.

  • 20 size options
  • Glossy and matte finishes UV aluminized laser coating options
  • Resealable zipper and hanging holes, rounded corner options
  • Self-supporting display, there are also a variety of bag types with eight side seals
  • Customer LOGO can be displayed anywhere on the packaging bag, with full-color printing on the front, back, and bottom.

How to custom candy bags

1. Select bag type size

Customers of custom candy packaging bags usually choose stand-up pouches and three-sided sealing of these two bags. Stand-up pouches can stand with corner support panels at the bottom and can be placed upright on shelves for more visibility.
Three side seals are placed flat, but three side seals have a price advantage. We also provide customized kraft paper stand-up pouches and eight-side seal candy bags; kraft paper has the characteristics of environmental protection and recycling, eight-side seal packaging
are more appealing to consumers.
In the choice of bag type and size, we will give customers advice, and then comprehensive design, function, and capacity to make the best choice for customers to provide advice.

2. Design Graphics

Excellent bag design can be more attractive to consumers; we provide customized candy bags that can enhance the customer’s brand and printing, including the customer’s logo, patterns, and other elements that can show the customer’s brand.
Elements. Generally, the customer provides the design, and we fully customize the production. For customers who still need a plan, we can assist in helping customers to realize the idea of the bag.

3. Use of food-grade materials

We provide food-grade packaging materials that meet FDA, SQF, and other standards for our customized candy bags, and all of our packaging materials can be in direct contact with food to protect our customers’ safety.

4. Printing Options

We offer a wide range of options for custom candy packaging, such as glossy, matte, tactile, holographic, and metalized, as well as whether or not you need to hang holes. These options can make your packaging
Be more distinctive and appealing to consumers. Promote marijuana sales for your customers

5. Printing Options

We offer both digital and gravure printing. The difference lies in the number of customized cannabis bags that the customer needs, usually digital printing for small quantities and gravure printing for large amounts. Choosing different printing methods also
for customers to save packaging costs perspective.

6. Trusted Suppliers

We have 20 years of experience in candy bag manufacturing and have provided customized candy bag service for tens of thousands of customers. Our technicians can provide customers with professional assistance with quotations, design, and enhancement of branding services.
Our technicians can provide customers professional services, from quotation to design and branding enhancement. Our goal is to enhance the brand awareness of our customers’ cannabis packaging, and we can be your trusted professional customized cannabis packaging supplier.

7. After Sales Service

As a responsible custom candy manufacturer, we help our customers produce the candy packaging and then provide shipping advice to help our customers deliver the bags safely to the designated destinations in case they need a freight forwarder.
If the customer finds any problems with the bags, they can contact us; we solve the problem for the customer; packaging customers can rest assured in our customized production bags here.


We have factory to produce mylar bag, stand pu pouches, dog plastic bag products, and also we have the agent for some other brand。Our factory specialize in packaging bags production that with nearly 20 years of development. We will serve you with your absolute promise, the best reputation and reliability.

We make custom bags for candy packaging! We’ve made bags for all kinds of candy, from hard candy to soft candy to chocolate candy, cane candy, marshmallows, caramels, and every flavor you can think of; we can bag them and help our clients increase their brand awareness.

TSA rules: can I get candy on a plane? (2023)
Both open and closed sweets are allowed on planes as long as they are in solid form and follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 Liquid Rule.
Our candy bags come in windowed, re-sealable zipper bags that allow for good dispensing of the candy without having to open the bag to get a clear view.

Depending on the size and type of candy bag, the weight of a generation of candy is entirely different. We can custom manufacture candy bags in sizes that meet the needs of our customers.
Whether you need a half-pound, one-pound, or two-pound, our candy bags will meet your needs.
Standard sizes of candy bags are 8-16 ounces (1 pound).