black mylar bag smell proof bags

Customized Plain black smell proof mylar packing bags for food packaging

There is a reusable ziplock at the bag to keep food fresh, easy to seal. Perfect for packing food, snack, tea, coffee, weed, powder, etc.

With expandable bottom gusset and help the bag open widely to put more products inside the bag, also can help the bag stand up on it’s own.

Our mylar bags is with 3 strong layers material. One internal aluminum foil layer keep things inside the bag away from moisture and light. One external and one inner layer for maximum durability & resistance. Feel quality with your hands.


– Stand up type

– Food grade

– Smell and moisture proof

– Reusable

  • Stand Up, Zip Lock, Zipper Top, Moisture Proof, Strong Sealing, Clear Window
  • Phthalates free,BPA free,TSE and sulfer free,toxic free,food grade,Eco friendly, biodegradable, good tear resistance
  • high barrier to keep your product fresh and ensure optimal shelf life.Like Light,Water,Mositure,UV,Smell,Oxygen,Mold,Insects,Fungi,Mold,Mildew barriers and etc.
  • Customized
  • Food grade materials allow you to put most of food inside the bag safely.
  • Aluminum foil strength to prevent unwanted tears and damages; Airtight to prevent exposure to air, light, odour and moisture
  • Reusable ziplock allows you to close and open the bag repeatedly for long term long storage.

Product information

Size12×20 cm
Thickness100micron or customized
Printinggravure printing or digital printing
ApplicationSnack, Powder, Tea, Coffee, etc
AdvantageFood grade, Stand up type, vacuum sealed

Black mylar bag smell proof bags structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mylar bag is made of aluminum that can help your products inside the bag keep away from

Moisture and light, perfect for packing Weed, Snack, Powder, Tea, Coffee, etc

Yes, smell-proof bags can work to contain odors. However, the effectiveness of a suitcase in preventing the escape of odor depends on several factors, including the quality of the bag, the type of odor being contained, and the conditions in which the load is being used.

Many people wonder if Ziploc bags are smell-proof, but because they are porous and contain no charcoal filter, they allow odor to pass. The features of smell-proof bags, on the other hand, make it one of the most reliable and technologically advanced ways to store any odorous material — including marijuana.

How Smell-Proof Bags Work

Smell-proof bags are designed to contain odors using various methods, such as airtight seals, activated carbon linings, and heavy-duty materials that block odors from escaping. Activated carbon is a highly porous material that absorbs and neutralizes odors, while airtight seals prevent air exchange, thus reducing the spread of odor. The material used in making the bags is also crucial, with some bags made of thicker plastic or mylar to provide an extra barrier against odors.

Factors that Affect the Effectiveness of Smell-Proof Bags

Quality of the Bag: The bag’s quality can significantly impact its ability to contain odors. A pack of low-quality materials or poor seals may not be as effective in blocking odors as a high-quality bag of thick materials and well-sealed seams.

Type of Odor: The strength and persistence of the odor can also affect the ability of the bag to contain it. Some smells are more intense and persistent than others and may be more difficult to manage. For example, strong food odors may be more challenging to contain than milder tobacco odors.

Conditions of Use: The conditions under which the bag is used can also impact its ability to contain odors. For example, a bag left in direct sunlight or extreme heat may not be as effective in controlling odors as a bag stored in a cool, dry place.


In conclusion, while smell-proof bags can be effective in containing odors, their effectiveness depends on various factors, such as the bag’s quality, the type of odor being collected, and the conditions in which the load is being used. Therefore, when choosing a smell-proof suitcase, it is essential to consider these factors to ensure that the bag provides the level of odor containment desired.