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Stand up mylar food bags are a kind of aluminum foil bag category; the unique nature of food standing aluminum foil bag is made of aluminum and other high insulation materials through dry lamination of food aluminum foil bags.

Aluminum foil bags for foodstuffs are made of high purity aluminum after repeated calendering to form a thin sheet, which is an excellent heat conductor and a light shield. The aluminum purity for packaging bags is up to 99% or more.

The aluminum film is in the state of vacuum aluminum vapor to the point of stacking on a variety of base films, the thickness of the aluminized layer is generally 350-400A.

The appearance of aluminum foil bags for foodstuffs is silvery white, with anti-gloss, opaque, and can be stored in an environment with temperature ≤ 38° and humidity ≤ 90%. Thickness 70-180 micron bag type, our stand up mylar food bags are generally divided into four layers: PET: good printing effect, NY: low oxygen permeability, AL: strong barrier opaque, PE: ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP: high-temperature cooking inner layer.

  • Filling from the zipper end. Sealed to prevent tampering – sealant optional
  • FDA-approved, freezable, heat-sealable, resealable, vertical pouches with ZipSeal, tear openings, and rounded corners.
  • Excellent barrier properties to keep out air, moisture, and light
  • Customizable service, stand-up pouches can be customized in size, color, and printing to enhance your brand awareness
  • China bag manufacturer saves 30% of your cost and provides perfect after-sales service.

Food aluminum foil bag material is divided into two kinds; one is the general packaging, and the other is suitable for high-temperature cooking.
The materials used for general packaging are: PE, NY, AL, PE, and the materials used for high-temperature cooking are: PET, NY, AL, and CPP.

  • All kinds of food, such as tea, coffee, wax, meat, fish, eggs, seafood, chicken, cookies, nuts, candy, sugar, salt, rice, vanilla, and spices, to play aroma, freshness, quality, taste and color preservation.
  • It can also be used for baking mixes, beef jerky products, candy and chocolate, coffee packaging, cookies and snacks, dried seaweed and seafood, fruits and nuts, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, etc.

Selecting Right Size

Bag CapacityBag Size. (W X H)Label Size. (W X H)
1g (1/28oz)103mm x  100mm95mm x 95mm
3.5g (1/8oz)103mm x 127mm95mm x 122mm
7g (1/4oz)103mm x 165mm95mm x 156mm
14g (1/2oz)125mm x 204mm117mm x 198mm
28g (1oz)151mm x 234mm142mm x 228mm


Size14×12cm or customized
Thickness120micron or customized
Printinggravure printing or digital printing
ApplicationPacking weed, food, powder, tea, cosmetic, etc.
AdvantageCan stand up

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our bag is made of food grade material, which is FDA approved.

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