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Ewaybag is a biodegradable CPE bag, biodegradable courier bag, biodegradable garbage bag, biodegradable shopping bag, and other environmental protection packaging enterprise, which integrates product development, production, and sales. We have the most advanced HN/0905-IV-2 fully automatic high-speed bag-making machine, three sets, Q0Y-A/B gravure printing machine, two sets, also have film blowing machine, folding machine, bag cutting machine, offset printing machine, copper plate printing machine, our bags are used in various shopping, express packaging, precision electronics, instruments, digital, ceramics, gifts, small home appliances, and other enterprises.

All products produced by our company have passed REACH certification, SGS, ROHS, and other international environmental standards. Maintain the ecological balance and promote the trend of sustainable development of the green packaging industry.

Biodegradable Bags Type

We specialize in the development and manufacture of biodegradable bags and compostable bags.

Biodegradable Kraft Paper

Biodegradable Bubble Bag

biodegradable shopping bags

Biodegradable Trash Dog Poop bag

Compostable Garbage Bag

compostable dog poop bags

compostable ziplock bags

Compostable Bags For Food Waste

Custom Biodegradable Mailing Bag

biodegradable mailing bag

biodegradable poly mailers

biodegradable postage bags

Biodegradable Shipping Bags

compostable mailers

compostable mailing bag

compostable shipping bags

Compostable Postage Bags

Biodegradable express bag series & parameter

Material: PBAT+PLADensity (g/cm3): 1.26-1.30,
Color: CustomizedTensile strength: >20MPa
Elongation at break: 400-600%Heat sealing strength: >12N

Biodegradable Shopping Bags

biodegradable shopping bag

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biodegradable plastic shopping bags

Reusable Biodegradable Bags

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biodegradable t shirt bag

Compostable t Shirt Bags

Biodegradable Trash Dog Poop bag

biodegradable dog poop bags

biodegradable pet waste bags

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Compostable Dog Bags

Biodegradable Ziplock Bag

biodegradable zip lock bags

compostable ziplock bags

biodegradable ziplock bag

Biodegradable ziplock bags bulk

Biodegradable Kraft Paper

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biodegradable kraft bags

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Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bags

Biodegradable Garbage Bag

biodegradable trash bags

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Biodegradable Kitchen Trash Bags

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Biodegradable Process & Applications

Modified resins developed by our company

PBAT-modified resin is an alloy material of PBAT and PLA, which uses PBAT as the base material and chemical grafting modification process to graft another bio-based fully degradable resin, PLA, with PBAT, to increase the tensile strength of PBAT significantly.

The modified resin is 100% biodegradable, has good biocompatibility and biodegradability, is absolutely harmless to the human body, and can be processed by melt-blown film technology.

Biodegradable resin Material: PBAT+PLA,Characteristics: 100% biodegradable and compostable
No starch, No plasticizer, Good waterproof performance,Excellent strength,Toughness and Heat sealing performance.
Suitable for all kinds of bags, films and injection molding products.

Biodegradable Materials

Our biodegradable packaging bags are mainly made of the following two materials

  1. PLA
    Polylactic Acid (PLA)
    PLA is derived from renewable resources or based on monomers derived from renewable resources, such as corn, potato, rice, sugar beet, sugar cane, and other crops. Due to its good mechanical properties and ease of processing, PLA has been one of the essential biodegradable materials in the early stages of biodegradable plastics development;
    With its mature manufacturing technology, easy access to raw materials, and price closer to traditional petrochemical materials, it is expected to increase.
    PLA has tremendous growth potential in various packaging applications such as food, beverage, and other consumer products, coupled with its unique properties, such as excellent mechanical properties, similar to polypropylene (PP), which can replace PP and PET in some areas, as well as good gloss and transparency.
    Therefore, PLA becomes one of the options to replace petrochemical materials in these applications.
  2. PBAT
    Polybutylene terephthalate (PBAT)
    PBAT is currently a common ingredient in biodegradable thermoplastic compounds (i.e., packaging and agricultural film products). It gives flexibility and tear resistance to added ingredients such as starch or polylactic acid (PLA).
    PBAT is biodegradable and compostable under aerobic conditions and is a typical representative of petrochemical degradable materials, with the percentage of biomass-derived biomass PBTA currently at about 50%.

Printed Custom Biodegradable Bags

We provide a custom printing service for biodegradable bags for our customers to enhance their brand awareness; customers can custom print their logos, badges, etc.
The following two printing methods are more commonly used:

Letterpress printing: this printing method is suitable for a large number of applications of plastic packaging bags and above the vacant part of the market printing enterprises; all printing process part of the technology we use the same plane, and the printing part of the applicable printing ink, when the vacancy test part can be lower than the traditional pattern printing, so that the adhesion of the printing ink, so that the substrate and the printing plate contact, use the corresponding pressure so that the printing part of the printing plate and part of the transfer to the substrate on the printed matter.

Gravure printing; the advantages of gravure printing are high quality, bright colors, solid ink, precise picture levels, high resistance to printing, high cost of plate making, and long cycle time. Gravure printing, also known as engraved gravure printing, is part of the enterprise production of gravure graphics below the blank part of the market. The depression is related to the degree of image development; the more profound the image, the deeper the dot. When printing, the plate is first coated with ink and scraped off with an ink knife.

Custom Biodegradable Bags Packaging

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Customers provide their design, or we design for you free of charge until customers are satisfied.

Step 3:

Size and Configuration

Determine Biodegradable bag details, including size, printing, quantity, bag type, etc.

Step 4:

Biodegradable bag production

20 years of experience in the production of your bags, with attention to every detail of the bags

Step 5:

Delivery of Biodegradable bags to customers

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Why Choose Ewaybag?

  • A variety of coffee packaging: provide aluminum foil coffee bags, kraft paper coffee bags, biodegradable material coffee bags, as well as stand-up, corner insert, three-side seal, and other bag types to choose from
  • Competitive price: The bag manufacturing factory is directly facing the customers, providing preferential prices for coffee bags
  • Printing Equipment: 12 color printing presses with benzene-free and ketone-free ink. Digital printing, no MOQ requirement
  • Standardized factory 100k standard clean room-OEM/ODM acceptable-Food grade manufacturing
  • Free Service Free Professional Design Service – Free Sample
  • Fast delivery worldwide: Our bags are sold in 70 countries worldwide.
  • Good after-sales service: 24-hour online after-sales service, with quality problems immediately solved so that customers can use our packaging products with confidence


We have factory to produce mylar bag, stand pu pouches, dog plastic bag products, and also we have the agent for some other brand。Our factory specialize in packaging bags production that with nearly 20 years of development. We will serve you with your absolute promise, the best reputation and reliability.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a polymeric material produced by the polymerization of lactic acid as raw material. It is a non-toxic, high strength, easy to process and molding, and has excellent biocompatibility; PLA can be wholly degraded after making it. Since it is straightforward to lessen under L work, which reduces mechanical properties, it must be modified by physical methods to expand its application fields.

  1. PLA structure and properties In 1780, the Swedish chemist Scheele (Scheele) developed acid milk to extract an organic acid called lactic acid. Lactic acid is a product of normal sugar metabolism in living organisms, which is obtained from starch extracted from some plants as the initial raw material, through enzymatic decomposition to receive glucose, and then fermented by lactobacilli, which is convenient and easy to get raw materials, and the process has become mature.
  2. The lactic acid molecule has a chiral carbon atom and can be classified into L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid according to its optical activity, with the molecular formula C3H6O3. Different monomer compositions and sequence distribution in the polylactic acid molecular chain can give the substance other properties. Polylactic acid has three stereoisomers: polylactic acid PDLLA (polyDL-lacticacid), polylactic acid PLLA (polyL-lacticacid), and polylactic acid PDLA (polyD-lacticacid). Among them, PDLA and PLLA are crystalline, and PDLLA is non-crystalline. PDLLA and PLLA are commonly used.
  3. For PLLA, both PLLA and PDLA are degraded into lactic acid by hydrolysis in the organism, which enters the tricarboxylic acid cycle and is completely absorbed by the organism without toxic effects. Lactic acid, the primary raw material of PLLA, is one of the inherent physiological substances of the human body and is non-toxic and non-harmful to the human body. Moreover, PLA has good mechanical and physical properties, is suitable for various processing methods such as blow molding and thermoforming, and is easy to operate. It can be used for processing multiple plastic products for industry and civil use, food packaging, fast food lunch boxes, and cloth.
  4. PLA has good moisture-proof, grease-proof, and airtightness stable performance at room temperature but will automatically decompose under the action of temperature higher than 55℃ or rich oxygen and microorganisms, and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use, finally generating carbon dioxide and water, without polluting the environment. PLA has good biocompatibility, absorbability, mechanical strength, and durability, can withstand various sterilization treatments, and has good processing properties, so it is widely used, mainly in environmental protection and medicine. The process of fully biodegradable bags made by using PLA+PBAT has become mature.