exotic weed pound bags custom Printed

This packaging bag is made of Mylar material.Mylar bags are perfect for long term storage due to their strength, flexible material and isolating barrier properties.  By eliminating residual oxygen and gas from the outer environment, you can keep your long term preserves freshly stored.  In layman’s terms, weed bags 3.5 are durable, light, and tight.

Durable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bag due to the weight.

Light and flexible, allowing the bags to adjust its size to the food items and to collapse when removing oxygen. It also comes with a reusable ziplock feature for convenience. 

Tight, so once sealed they will create a separation barrier between the product inside from the outside. This isolation allows you to control the oxygen content, humidity, and light exposure. The key to having your investment stockpile last decades is to remove as much oxygen, moisture, and light as possible.

Made with BPA free, FDA, ASTM, USDA approved material;

All pouches are 100% childproof and safe for use;

Low MOQ start from 1000pcs and delivery within 3 weeks;

High barrier with both odor, aroma, smell proof property

  • Customized
  • Mylar bags are ideal for storing goods that need be kept fresh. They are convenient and easy to use with a ziplock feature.
  • Store products such as herbs, bakery, nut-fruits, candies, cookies, chocolates, tea leaf, seasonings, rice, snacks, coffee beans, tobacco, grain, and jerky. 
  • The long-term effects of heat, light, moisture, and oxygen are reduced or eliminated.

1 Pound Mylar Bags

We are a professional manufacturer of mylar bags and offer custom printing and production of marijuana packaging bags. Usually, the size of a marijuana bag is 1G,3.5g,7G,28G, etc., but 1 lb Mylar bag 16 oz is also
We often produce marijuana packaging. Accessories such as tamper-proof, child zipper, holographic, UV, and re-sealable zippers are often used for a 1 lb Mylar bag. For those who need wholesale marijuana packaging bag stores, we are the best choice, offering customized services and competitive prices.

Advantages of 1 Pound Mylar Bags

  • Flexibility to choose between printed graphics and labels, and for cost considerations, you can use our brands with the required information.
  • Effectively prevents odor spillage, protects the aroma of marijuana, and protects the carrier’s privacy.
  • Adequate air and sunlight barrier, good sealing performance, so that marijuana can be fresher
  • Child-resistant zippers can protect children’s safety, in line with local laws.
  • Competitive prices better promote marijuana seller’s profit and brand support.

Product information

MaterialPlastic (Matte and skin touch)
Size 124 x 100mm or custom
Capacity1 pound 3.5g or customized
Color Black, gray or any other customized color
FlavorAll flavors available, more is coming
FunctionSmell proof and child proof

Exotic weed pound bags Capacity

Size (W×H×B cm)ThicknessCookiesCandyTeaPowderbeanssugar
9×14+3(280 micron)50g50g25g50g50g100g
10×15+4(280 micron)60g80g60g100g80g250g
12×20+4(280 micron)100g170g90g180g170g500g
15×22+4(280 micron)250g270g220g400g270g650g
17×24+4(280 micron)300g400g280g500g400g1kg
20×30+5(280 micron)400g800g550g720g800g2kg

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Frequently Asked Questions

A punch hole can appear on the top part to make it easier for the bag to be displayed for retail purposes.
The punch hole is ideal for businesses that legally sell marijuana products.
Other businesses that can benefit include medical marijuana dispensaries.

Avoid freezing the marijuana, as doing so might hurt the quality of the marijuana product.