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We are a leading packaging film manufacturer from China. We not only produce all kinds of stand-up pouches, aluminum foil pouches, and other laminated food packaging bags, but flexible packaging film is also one of our main products.
With years of packaging technology accumulation, the quality of our packaging film is no different from that of the bag manufacturers in Europe and North America, and even better in some places. But we have a more significant price advantage than them.

Choosing the correct type of packaging film for your product can be a challenge. Many flexible packaging manufacturers offer standard products in flexible packaging materials. With our customized packaging films, custom packaging films can help you enhance your brand.

Flexible Packaging Film Type

  • pvc shrink film roll film.
  • opp roll film.OPP PET PA PE CPP VMPET AL and other laminated film
  • pe film rolls.
  • pet protective film,ice candy plastic roll
  • laminated film rolls,snack packaging film

Packaging Film Parameters

  • Printing layout: Gravure printing in nine colors
  • Packaging film specifications: width 2~50cm; thickness 0.8 silk~30 silk; length arbitrary
  • Material:PET/OPP/PA/PE/Aluminized/Aluminium foil/Kraft paper etc.
  • Sealing film roll, cup sealer film,cup sealer film printing,ustom sealing film

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Flexible Packaging Film Applications

The most widely used laminated roll film is made of two or more materials, which are processed by one or more lamination processes, thus constituting a composite material with specific functional characteristics. Generally, the composite material can be divided into the printing layer, active layer, and heat seal layer.

The outer layer is generally made of polyester, nylon, oriented polypropylene, paper, and other materials. In contrast, the middle layer is made of aluminum foil, aluminized film, polyester, nylon, and other materials, and the inner layer is mainly made of flowing polypropylene and polyethylene.

Our laminated roll films are widely used in packaging snack foods, frozen foods, dehydrated vegetables, spices, cooked food products, solid drinks, powders, wet wipes, and other products.

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Composite Food-Grade Material

When the plastic packaging roll film is delivered to the customer, the customer needs to have their automatic filling machine, and the plastic packaging roll film completes the whole process of bag making, filling, sealing, and coding on the automatic packaging machine.
The following are standard roll film packaging machines.

Custom flexible packaging film

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Determine film details, including size, printing, quantity, etc.

Step 4:

Packaging film production

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Delivery of packaging film to customers

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Why Choose Ewaybag?

  • The experienced packaging printing process, Professional technical staff and experienced management personnel,(Our flexible packaging experts have an average of 15 years of experience in the packaging industry)
  • Personalized and customized to enhance the brand value,Customized materials, sizes, shapes, patterns, and packaging processes on demand.
  • Professional design team,Free design for customers, innovative design concept.
  • Standard professional production equipment,Perfect production standards, strict processing process, on-time delivery.
  • Competitive pricing, Our rolled films are priced 10%-20% lower than peers while maintaining quality.

Common Automatic Packaging Roll Film Materials and Uses

Automatic wrap-around film materials include aluminum foil, aluminized, pure aluminum, two types of laminate, and easy-tear film. Each material has its characteristics. Auto wrap roll film can be divided into five categories according to the material:

  • Photocatalytic inorganic antibacterial film
  • Polymer antibacterial film
  • Composite antibacterial film
  • Inorganic antibacterial film
  • Organic antibacterial film

The material of plastic roll film is similar to the plastic bags used in daily life, such as PVC shrink film, polypropylene (OPP) film, polyethylene (PE) film, PET film, composite roll film, etc.

Laminated films are suitable for vacuum packaging or general packaging of food, electronic products, chemical, pharmaceutical, tea, precision instruments, etc.

The following are standard auto-wrap roll films.

PET/PE laminated roll film

OPET/LDPE laminated film is made of polyethylene terephthalate and high-pressure polyethylene, usually called PET/PE laminated bag. This auto-wrap roll film has the characteristics of high transparency and good oxygen resistance, so it is especially suitable for inflatable packaging of bread, cakes, and other food products. In addition, the composite film has good heat and cold resistance and can also be used as bags for quick-frozen food and steamed food.

BOPP/CPP laminated roll film

BOPP/CPP laminated film comprises biaxially oriented polypropylene and unoriented polypropylene, commonly known as OPP/CPP laminated film bags. This auto-wrap roll film has high transparency among all laminated films. Compared with single-film plastic bags, the cost is higher than single-film plastic bags at the same thickness, but the hand feel is better than single-film plastic bags. Because this film has good moisture resistance, it is used in food, mainly for packing some dry food and fast food, such as cookies and instant noodles. The disadvantage is that the high temperature and cold resistance could be more suitable for food packaging, refrigeration, and high-temperature sterilization.

OPP/Polyethylene laminated roll film

BOPP/LDPE laminated film comprises biaxially oriented polypropylene and high-pressure polyethylene laminated film bags, generally called OPP/PE laminated film. This automatic wrap roll film has excellent gas and moisture resistance, which is especially suitable for packaging green tea and other products. Oil resistance is also good, so cooked food and some oil products use this composite bag packaging.


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Plastic packaging roll film is also called plastic packaging rolls, rolls, printing rolls, and so on, just called different, in essence, are the same form of plastic packaging bags. Plastic packaging roll films are printed laminated rolls of packaging film, with no bag-making process in the printing plant; this packaging roll film has a paper tube in the center; the size of the paper tube is fixed, and the width is different according to the width of the customer’s custom plastic packaging roll film.

When the plastic packaging roll film is delivered to the customer, the customer needs to have his automatic filling machine, and the plastic packaging roll film completes the whole process of bag making, filling, sealing, and coding on the automatic packaging machine.

Plastic packaging roll film is based on “kg” to calculate the starting quantity and quotation; most plastic packaging bag manufacturers plastic packaging roll film starting quantity is 300kg, so different widths and thicknesses of plastic packaging bags in the range of the starting quantity of finished bags may vary a lot, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

In plastic packaging bags and plastic packaging film rolls, the final product effect is the same, generally particularly in small plastic packaging bags; the need for packaging on the way to inflatable or re-sterilization of bags, packaging efficiency requirements are very high, a relatively high degree of automation of the packaging process and so on this type of product is suitable for plastic packaging film roll form.

Automatic packaging roll film is the most widely used material in the packaging industry, covering toys, food, industry, and many other industries.

The laminated film comprises two or more materials, generally made of plastic, aluminum foil, paper, and other materials by bonding and heat lamination, with a protective function.
Food laminate film is also the most commonly used laminate roll film; the most important is the packaging life of the food laminate roll film and the role of protection of some characteristics of food.
Bags made of composite film is called hybrid bags.

Typical foods on the market, such as instant noodles, cookies, puffed food, candy, milk, milk powder, beverages, cooked food, beef jerky, chestnuts,
Squash and so on in the form of flexible packaging sales of food are packaged in composite film bags.

Material for packaging powder: PET/AL/NY/PE
Material for packaging liquid: PET/AL/NY/PE
Material for packaging cookies: OPP/CPP OPP/VMCPP

Yes, plastic film packaging can be recycled. But clean plastic bags and plastic film, packaging, and other plastic products will be easy to recycle; some contaminated film needs to be cleaned to facilitate recycling.
Many bags made of plastic films, such as food packaging bags, tissue paper packaging, etc., can be recycled.

Sachet film is a pouch packaging solution consisting of two or more layers of film. It is convenient and fast, and it is mainly used for packaging powder, granule, or liquid products, including pharmaceuticals, biscuits, candies, snacks, cheese, and dietary supplements.

Including pharmaceuticals, cookies, candies, snacks, cheese, and dietary supplements; pouch types include 3-sided seals, sachet, centre seals, 4-sided seals, stand-up pouches, etc. Depending on the performance of the product and the requirements of the packaging

We will provide films with different properties, such as moisture resistance, humidity resistance, oil resistance, oxygen barrier, light shielding, high-temperature resistance, easy sealing, etc., to facilitate meeting the customer’s various flexible packaging needs.