1. Storing Marijuana in Mylar Bags

Marijuana has been legal in many states in the United States, but for those who sell and buy marijuana, the first question is how to store it better? Keeping marijuana fresh and well insulated from the air, moisture, and heat requires a perfect bag. One popular way to store marijuana is in mylar bags. The cannabis is stored in these bags. This way, the product can stay fresh for a long time. Extending the shelf life of cannabis with mylar bags

2. What are mylar bags? Benefits of Mylar bags 7 main advantages

Polyester film (PET) is a material made from polyethylene terephthalate, which is extruded into a thick sheet and punched in both directions. It is a colorless, transparent, glossy film with a density of 1.4g/cm3, excellent mechanical properties, high rigidity, hardness and toughness, puncture resistance, friction resistance, and high and low-temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, oil resistance, air tightness, and fragrance retention. It is one of the commonly used permeability barrier composite film substrates. The general thickness of 12um, widely used as the outer layer of the steaming packaging material, printing is suitable.

The polyester film package is made of a unique polyester film. They are not only effective in insulating air, moisture, and heat but are also lighter and easier to use than various other storage options. Polyester film bags not only insulate air but also do more. They also keep gases out. Mylar bags are also known for preventing odors from escaping, an essential feature of storing weed. Even after years of storage in mylar bags, weed will taste and smell as fresh as the first day, and they are handy for storing cannabis products before they are sold, but they can also be used for personal and commercial purposes. This is how to keep cannabis using mylar bags.

1, Mylar bags are highly stable.

Over a more extended period, the heat resistance can reach about 130°C, and within an hour, it can get about 180°C. Therefore, polyester film bags help marijuana stay fresher for a longer time and extend the life of the product

2, polyester film bags are easy to customize.

Whether you need 3.5 grams to an ounce, you can use the right choice of polyester film bags; this customizability meets the needs of different customers but also allows the user to use various sizes and types of bags to store cannabis easily.

3, Anti-odor

Mylar bags have excellent sealing properties and do not allow any food odors to escape through the bag. The bags do not absorb aromas. Instead, the bags retain the fragrance even after several months. Cannabis odor plays a vital role in enhancing its flavor. For this reason, Mylar bags are heavily used for storage because these bags keep the smell of cannabis intact. It is perfect for users.

4, with a high surface finish and small thickness tolerances.

Clean bags will give users a good experience, mainly used to hold food and marijuana; these direct use of the product, the bag’s finish, and the right size give a good experience.

5, mylar bags have excellent mechanical strength and chemical properties.

So use mylar film bags to carry food and marijuana without worrying that the bag will break and thus leak out. Whether you are walking or traveling with mylar film bags to take cannabis or food is very convenient.

6, environmental protection, mylar film’s high decomposition, and solubility are not a concern.

So, the storage of marijuana is also an ideal choice; mylar film five toxic environmental safety of the unique guarantee in the bag of marijuana security, for the user, also does not have to worry about the infiltration of poisonous substances.

7, Reusable

Mylar bags are so strong that they are puncture-resistant, and you can throw one of the bags into a shopping cart without worrying that it will break, so even if you wash them and remove the original seal, they will not be damaged. You can wash used Mylar bags and store other food products while retaining their initial aroma and flavor. This also dramatically increases the reusability of Mylar bags and saves society’s resources.

3.Weed retailers and Mylar bags

As a professional cannabis bag manufacturer, we have over 20 years of experience providing Mylar bags to weed retailers and cannabis producers and offer a professional custom bagging service with various personalized needs such as patterns, sizes, etc.

Cannabis should be kept from heat, light, oxygen, and air, mainly because not doing so can cause your bud to become dry, stale, and less potent. Since mylar bags are known for preventing odors from escaping, no one in the customer’s home or around the customer while transporting the product will know what is in the bag. Mylar bags are made of a particular type of polyester film. Not only are they effective at insulating air, moisture, and heat, but polyester film bags also allow you to seal your cannabis products with the elements while being smaller, lighter, and more affordable than other options such as glass jars.

4.Marijuana Storage Tips

Choosing mylar bags is just the first important step in storing marijuana; there are also some storage tips and issues to keep in mind.

1. Keep it out of the reach of children

To protect children from accessing our stored cannabis, use child-resistant mylar bags with safety seals that children can’t open. And put these bags out of reach so that multiple safeguards prevent children from touching the marijuana bags.

2. Prevent light exposure

The ultraviolet rays in the light will break down the cannabis, and direct light exposure will cause our cannabis to deteriorate. Although our mylar bags are opaque, direct light exposure will still affect the cannabis product, so we have to put the bags of cannabis in the dark to protect our cannabis better.

3. Keep it dry

Humidity has always been an essential factor in mold growth; to maintain the color, flavor, aroma, and consistency of our weed, we should adequately keep our storage environment dry. The best level is to keep our weed in a controlled area with a relative humidity between 59% and 63%, which is a safer environment.

4. Control the temperature

Cannabis is sensitive to heat. The heat not only helps the growth of mold and mildew but also breaks down the cannabinoids and terpenes, and storing them at high temperatures will not leave us with anything. All its flavors will disappear. Therefore, it must be held at a low temperature of around 20 to 22 degrees to keep the buds fresh. Also, these cannabinoids and terpenes are the reason for all the beautiful effects we know and enjoy. If the smoke feels harsh and hot, you will immediately know that your weed has been exposed to heat for too long, and the cannabis has been broken down to its original flavor.

5. Labeling

Labeling the cannabis bag with the name of the purchase and the date is to make it easier for us to identify better what we are buying.

The label will be more reliable than our memory, so we do not forget all the essential information about our cannabis purchase.

5.Mylar bags are the best cannabis bags.

Mylar bags are by far the best option for food storage. Unlike other plastic bags that contain synthetic chemicals, polyester film bags do not have these toxic compounds. In addition, these plastic bags are not airtight. 

Storing cannabis in mylar bags is the perfect solution, especially for cannabis stores and dispensaries. Mylar bags are durable and legally compliant, keeping your product fresh and potent without the risk of damage. You can purchase custom Mylar Bags at ewaybag and a range of other custom cannabis bags.

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