Marijuana is sold in grams and ounces in herbal dispensaries and stores, and depending on the laws of each state in the United States, carrying different weights of marijuana can face other legal issues.
As a consumer, you should be aware of the amount of marijuana that is legal to consume and understand how these weight units translate to protect yourself better.

How many grams are in a quarter pound of weed?

This amount is equal to four ounces, or 113.4 grams. Also known as “QP” and sometimes “quap.”A pound consists of 4 ounces or 8 1/2 ounces. Think of it as the size of a deck of cards, 20 pennies, or a baseball.

What is a gram, and how much is it?

A gram, sometimes colloquially referred to as a dime bag or dubbing, is the smallest size of a dried flower.
How much weed you need depends entirely on how much weed you plan to consume each day, but for rolling a reasonably large joint, one gram is plenty. If you are trying to buy marijuana for the first time, start with a one-gram quantity, which is the minimum amount that can be purchased. It is a metric unit of mass equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram. A gram of weed is a small amount – one or two buds or enough for one or two treatments. A gram usually costs $10.

What is a pound?

You already know that a pound (abbreviated lb) is a unit of weight ,One pound contains 448 grams or 16 ounces of weed. This is the largest unit of measurement for marijuana.
If you live in the United States, you probably have a rough idea of your weight and an ambivalent sense of the metric system used in other parts of the world.


An “eighth” is 1/8 of an ounce of weed (about 3.5 grams)

An eighth is a shorthand for an eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams of weed.

How much is an eighth compared to a gram?


A quarter is a quarter of an ounce or seven grams. Although occasionally referred to as a “Q,” a quarter is one of the only denominations for which there are few alternative slang terms.

Half Ounce

A half ounce of marijuana weighs 14 grams. You’ll often hear the phrase “half an O.”
It’s helpful to know some alternative names for ounces, as the “half-” naming system is prevalent (i.e., “half-zip”)


The 28 grams equals four-quarters or eight-eighths.

Quarter pound

A quarter pound of weed is 113.4 grams. There are 16 ounces in a pound, so you can also think of a quarter-pound as four ounces.

Half Pound

Also known as “half a bag” or “half a pound,” this equals 226.8 grams. A half-pound or eight ounces of marijuana is also casually referred to as a half-packet or half-pound.


One pound is roughly equivalent to 453 grams or 16 ounces, and you may also hear it as a “pack” or “elbow.”

For reference, let’s look at the gram breakdown of each of the significant weed measurements.

One eighth = eight ounces = 3.5 grams
1 quarter = quarter ounce = 7 grams
1 half = half ounce = 14 grams
1 ounce = 28 grams
One pound = 453 grams (a pound of anything is 453.592). Many think that 16 ounces or a pound contain 448 grams; this 448 gram is wrong.

Grams to ounces/ounces to grams

A gram is 0.0352 ounces, so multiply it by the number of grams you want to convert to ounces.

One ounce equals 28 grams, so by multiplying your ounces by 28, you will get the exact amount.

To make it easier, here’s a chart, so you don’t have to calculate.

⅛ of weed0.125 oz or 3.5 grams
Half ⅛ of weed0.0625 oz or 1.75 grams
Quarter of weed0.25 oz or 7 grams
Half of weed0.5 oz or 14 grams
Ounce of weed (oz)28 grams
Quarter pound of weed4 oz or 113 grams
Half pound of weed8 oz or 226 grams
Pound of weed (lb)453 grams or 16 oz
1 gram0.035 oz
2 grams0.07 oz
5 grams0.17 oz
10 grams0.35 oz
1 kilogram (kg)2.2 lbs


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