How to keep the “coffee beans smell well” in an effective way?
What’s the meaning of “keeping coffee beans tasted well”?
How to keep the roasted coffee beans tasted well? And how long to keep them smell well?
What’s the usage of “keeping roasted coffee beans tasty?”
Keeping coffee beans in a good shape which can make a cup of coffee tasted differently.
How to make them in prefect status during the raising coffee time?
Over the best tasty time of the coffee beans, how to keep the coffee beans well?

01 What’s the meaning of “keeping coffee beans tasted well”?

Keeping roasted coffee beans well is a process of releasing gas/ emitting carbon dioxide.
Because coffee beans that have just been finished roasting over a hot fire, about 2% of their container is carbon dioxide. And this large amount of carbon dioxide will follow the storage environment, storing equipment, or storing method to fly away. Which made the pressure of the packaging space higher than the outside one. In addition, the pressure helps the aromatic substances to make the oils and fats combined.
Allowing all the aromatic substances inside the coffee beans to reach a state where they can be easily extracted.
Generally, the coffee beans start to breath after the 3rd hour of roasting, which do not release any carbon dioxide, and tasted not in a good smell way. If you have ever brewed a cup of fresh coffee powder with hot water, you will find that it tastes amazing and chili hot with over-extracted wilting and pronounced acidity, and you will have a hard time putting it You will have a hard time thinking of the smooth and sweet taste.

02 What’s the usage of “keeping roasted coffee beans tasty?”

Although the flavor composition of a well roasted coffee bean has been roughly determined, the bean will be oxidized every day, thus affecting the flavor, which is one of the reasons why many baristas say that coffee beans change every day. Never overlook the importance of raising the beans, because coffee without well raised beans tends to have an unclean flavor.
First of all, under-raised coffee beans will have a “dry” feeling, which is the residual smoke and choking smell inside the coffee beans after being roasted at high temperatures, which needs to be removed after a period of time by emitting carbon dioxide, so compared to coffee without raised beans, coffee that has been left to raise beans for a few days has a cleaner taste and a more pronounced flavor. If the raising time is too short, the flavor of the coffee is not complete and not easy to brew, which is not a good roast; if the raising time is too long, in terms of freshness, it will definitely affect the maintenance of freshness at the back, resulting in the risk of not being fresh to the consumer, which is certainly not good either.

03 How to make them in prefect status during the raising coffee time?

Said so long, so how in the end should be raised? At this time another child joked: “free range ah”. Although it is enough to keep the coffee beans in the bag for a few days, but the “free range” environment is also need to pay attention to.
Try to have a one-way exhaust valve for the bag of beans, and keep the unopened coffee beans in a cool, dry, light-free environment with no irritating odor. (Refrigerators are divided into a freezing layer, a refrigerated layer, and a freezer).
About the time to raise beans, because the cafe or coffee brand roasting practices are not the same, different coffee beans roasting degree will be different, the damage to the structure of the coffee beans environmental conditions are also different, so there is no standard answer to raise beans time (how to break the ring?). (Metaphysics, depending on the degree of roasting of the coffee beans to determine the approximate time frame for raising beans.)
Although it sounds a bit metaphysical, we can determine the approximate time frame for raising beans based on the degree of roasting of the coffee beans.
The degree of roasting can be said to be one of the key factors affecting the raising time of the beans, the deeper the roasting degree, which equals the longer the coffee beans are heated, the more intense the caramelization reaction, and at the same time, because of the large amount of heat in a short period of time, triggering strong oxidation, so the coffee beans just after roasting will continue to carry out intense oxidation, resulting in massive exhaustion, in general, the time for raising beans of medium and deep roasted coffee will be shorter than that of lightly roasted Generally speaking, the bean raising time for medium and dark roasted coffee will be shorter than that for light roasted, and the general bean raising time is about 3-5 days (hand brewing). Of course, there is no need to raise, direct brewing of the statement. Because of the different methods of each family, there will be a great difference, maybe this roaster roasted coffee beans is higher maturity ratio than others, so no need to raise.
Compared to drip coffee beans, coffee beans used for espresso require a longer raising time, usually up to 10 or even 15 days. Because coffee machine extraction espresso is a kind of pressurized extraction, water is an inert liquid, like to flow to a looser place, so too much carbon dioxide caused by the resistance easily obstruct the water flow, resulting in channel effect, uneven extraction, the taste of coffee is naturally poor.

04 Over the best tasty time of the coffee beans, how to keep the coffee beans well?

After the bean raising period, the one-way exhaust valve will be sealed (with transparent adhesive), and the subsequent carbon dioxide will gradually fill the bag to form a low-oxygen environment to reduce the oxidation rate.

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