As the economy of Kuwait continues to grow, the role of Software Packaging is becoming more and more important in people’s lives. We have created this list of the top 5 software packaging companies in Kuwait to help customers better
to choose the right company for their business.

At the same time, the list of Top 5 Flexible Packaging Companies in Kuwait is a comprehensive resource that benefits businesses, investors, regulators, and consumers. It provides vital information, promotes healthy competition, and supports the growth and development of the packaging industry in Kuwait.

1.Kuwait Packing Materials Mfg. Co. KSC (C ) K-PAK

Company NameKuwait Packing Materials Mfg. Co. KSC (C ) K-PAK
Year Established1986
CountrySabhan Industrial Area, Kuwait
Employee Size10-49
Sales Revenue$20 Mil

Kuwait Packing Materials Mfg.Co. KSC (C) also known as K-PAK® is a leading manufacturing company of “Foam” extruded expanded disposable foam products in the region supplying quality and innovative packaging solutions for the food industry, retail, catering, supermarkets, hypermarkets and fast food service industries since 1986.

Main business is the manufacturing of foam packaging products, including extruded expanded disposable foam products. The company also offers printing and converting services.


Company NamePACK CO
Year Established2018
Employee Size10-50
Sales Revenue$7.1 Mil

PACK CO was founded in 2018 as the commercial arm and sole distributor of its parent company Paul and John Printing Factory in the Middle East region. Our vision is to create innovative packaging solutions for the local market, thus eliminating the complexities of dealing with remote suppliers, long lead times, and rising logistics expenses. Our factory is located in Amghara Industrial Area in Kuwait, where we manufacture paper cups, paper straws and printing on plastic cups to cater to the increasing market demand. We have a monthly production capacity of 10 million cups of different sizes and types. We offer substantial flexibility in terms of design, so our customer can differentiate their brand from the rest.

Main Packaging Products

  • paper straws
  • plastic cups
  • printing paper cups

3.Golden Pack

Company NameGolden Pack
Year Established2001
Employee Size11-50
Sales Revenue$5 Mil

“Golden Pack for Packaging Industries” along with “Royal Pack for Packaging Industries” have been established in 2001 as subsidiaries of Masterline for General Trading & Contracting.
Golden Pack specializes in packaging food items in portion packets in different forms and weights, depending on customers’ requests. Examples of material packed: white crystal sugar, natural brown cane sugar, coffee creamer, salt, pepper, sweetener, etc…

Royal Pack specializes in packaging non-food items such as wet wipes, sanitizing gel, disposable cutlery sets, etc…

Main Packaging Products

  • Food Packaging
  • Paper Cups & Bags
  • Food Wrapping
  • Paper Napkins
  • Straws

4.Packaging & Plastic Industries Co. K.S.C.C

Company NamePPIC
Year Established1974
Employee Size175-500
Sales Revenue$ No data

Packaging & Plastic Industries Co. K.S.C.C. – Packaging & Plastic Industries Co. K.S.C.C. is one of the leading multifaceted business conglomerates in Kuwait and engaged a wider range products that touch most basic far advanced aspects everyday life.

PPIC, ever since its founding in 1974, has earned a reputation for being the pioneer in the local production of plastic products such as:

Main Packaging Products

  • Polypropylene woven sacks widely used for packaging granular fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Shopping bags commonly found in supermarkets and department stores. The bags are produced with superior quality raw material grade and printed up to six colors, having loop, patch, die cut, t-shirt cut or draw string handles.
  • Shrink films for beverage and industrial companies.
  • Co-extruded multilayered film used on automatic food packaging.
  • Agricultural rolls up to 6 meters for green houses with UV stabilized.
  • Wicket bags for bakeries and poultry, minced meat and hamburgers.
  • Pipe sleeves rolls for industrial use, accordance to MEW specification.
  • Gusseted tubes for the packaging needs of petrochemical companies.
  • Regular and shrinkable pallet hoods.
  • Rotogravure prints on the substrates of BOPP (Transparent & Matt), CPP, PET, White Pearllized BOPP etc with the most advanced 8 printing machine.
  • Adhesive laminated to various materials, like BOPP (Metalized), CPP, Alu Foil etc.

5.Shorouq Pack

Company NameShorouq Pack
Year Established1999
Employee Size1200
Sales Revenue$5 Mil

Shorouq Pack is a Kuwaiti shareholding company established in the year 1999 with a paid up capital of KD 4 million. The company holds and manages several activities like; Converting flexible packaging materials for food industries and for other non – food industries and Industrial Label making.
We are a leading developer and converter of Flexible Packaging materials utilizing the state of art machines in printing, lamination and finishing. Our Label printing section provides several self-adhesive labels for Industrial labeling.
We are committed to the development, implementation and steady improvement of quality packaging and labelling.

Main Packaging Products

  • Biscuits packaging
  • Confectioneries packaging
  • Snacks and Cakes) packaging
  • Dairy Products packaging
  • Meat Products packaging
  • Pastas and Potato Chips packaging

Best Flexible Packaging Company in China

Ewaybag is a leading flexible packaging company in China with modern production facilities covering over 10,000 square meters and over 100 technicians. We use the most advanced packaging production lines and technologies, including high-resolution printing equipment, high-speed laminating machines, high-speed three-side-seal, self-supporting zipper bag-making machines, and other automated packaging equipment.

We mainly sell:

Food Packaging: Wah Packaging Limited manufactures various types of food packaging, such as food pouches, cling films, frozen food pouches, and more. These packaging materials comply with food safety standards and ensure that the products are fresh and hygienic.

Packaging for Medical Supplies: The company manufactures bags for medical supplies such as pharmaceutical packaging, surgical instrument packaging, medical equipment protective covers, etc. These products are essential for hygiene and safety. These products play a vital role in hygiene and safety and meet stringent quality standards.

Packaging for daily necessities: Hua Packaging Ltd. also provides packaging solutions for various daily necessities, including detergent bags, shampoo bottle stickers, cosmetic bags, and so on. These packaging materials usually have attractive designs to enhance the appeal of the products.

Industrial packaging: Besides packaging for consumer goods, the company also offers bags for various industrial uses in the industrial sector, such as bags for chemicals, bags for construction materials, and more.

We have customers in various industries across the globe, including food and beverages, medical, cosmetics, household products, and more. We export to more than 60 countries, including Saudi Arabia, USA, Spain, etc.


The top five Saudi flexible packaging companies play a key role in the packaging industry in Saudi Arabia. They support the growth of several industries by providing high-quality, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions while building the reputation of the Saudi packaging industry in the international market. These companies are important in meeting customer needs and promoting food safety and environmental protection.

We have produced this information on Saudi flexible packaging companies, which also provides a direction for customers looking for flexible packaging suppliers so that customers needing flexible packaging can find the right packaging manufacturing company for them faster and better.

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