What are the classifications of coffee beans?

Blue Mountain Coffee (BLUE MOUNTAIN)

Coffee beans, located in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at an altitude of 2500 feet above sea level, is a slightly acidic, smooth, sweet, exquisite flavor of coffee; pure Blue Mountain coffee taste, the aroma is light, but the drink is exceptionally aromatic and elegant; with noble taste, is the best of coffee.

Mocha coffee (MOCHA)

Mocha coffee in Yemen is the best, followed by Isobia’s Mocha; Mocha coffee with a smooth medium to firm acidity, excellent sweetness, and strange flavor, containing the taste of chocolate; with the temperament of a noblewoman, is a very characteristic pure coffee.

Colombian coffee (COLOMBIA)

Colombian coffee with SUPREMO is the most characteristic; its coffee is soft and aromatic, with a slight acid to medium acid, and its virtues and aroma are stable; it is medium coffee and is used to assign the comprehensive coffee of the following product.


In Indonesia, Sumatra is the most representative coffee; the flavor, pungent, bitter, and appetite are solid but smooth without acid, which is the best quality of Indonesian coffee.

Carbonated coffee (CHARCOAL FIRE)

It is a heavily roasted coffee with a burnt taste, bitterness, and no acidity; the coffee beans have the situation of oil, which is very suitable for steam-pressurized coffee.

Brazil coffee (SANTOS)

Brazil is the world’s first coffee country; the coffee produced, the aroma and smooth, slightly acidic, slightly bitter, representative of neutral coffee, is the distribution of smooth coffee indispensable varieties.

How to judge good or bad coffee beans?


The shape of the coffee beans after roasting can be used to judge the quality of the coffee beans initially. There should be no lousy coffee beans mixed in, and what is more important to note is that regular beans can also be mixed in with quality coffee beans and cause hindrance. The coffee beans that make great coffee must first be large, fat, and uniform, followed by uniform size and no color spots. These are the main points of visual discrimination; if you look carefully, it should be easy.


Coffee beans fully roasted and extracted from the water to produce delicious coffee can be judged when grinding. Good quality coffee beans will gently make a salad sound when ground and the original flavor of the coffee will overflow when you shake it gently with your hand. Poor-quality coffee beans will have a clicking sound and a feeling of being stuck when grinding.

When extracting

The easiest way to brew great coffee is to extract it through filter paper. When brewing extraction, there is also a way to tell if the coffee is tasty and whether the powder puffs up when hot water is added. After the coffee is fully roasted and water is extracted, a beautiful and detailed foam will puff up when brewing.

After extraction

Although the coffee may change in consistency depending on the roasting level and extraction method, the common characteristic of successful coffee is that it stays clear. A beautiful cup of coffee will remain clear in color and taste even after 30 minutes.

Taste and Aroma of Coffee

The acidity of a beautiful coffee is refreshing, like citrus fruits, without a firm bite, and the bitterness is soft bitterness, without a smoky or burnt bitterness.

Quality of raw beans

If the quality of raw beans is not good, no amount of roasting will produce a successful coffee. Coffee beans are an agricultural crop, and freshness naturally affects their flavor. With fresh raw beans, you can enjoy each variety’s distinctive characteristics and vibrant flavors. Fresh raw beans have a bright green color and can be easily distinguished. In addition to freshness, you should choose raw beans with large grains and no color spots, regardless of the variety.

Recommendations for freshly ground coffee beans and utensils

Coffee Bean Storage Jar

This is a coffee bean storage jar that breathes. You can choose a one-way exhaust valve, where the gas inside the jar only comes out and not in (oxygen is expelled from the pot through the carbon dioxide released by the coffee beans). Using this kind of canister can improve the preservation time of coffee.

Semi-automatic coffee maker

This espresso machine has a dosing grind function, advanced preheating role, timed extraction function, and milk frothing function. And equipped with IDM integrated screen, we can quickly grasp the ingredients and operation of coffee, and it is particularly convenient to use. And you can also make various types of fancy coffee with milk foam.

Brewing coffee moka pot

Ground coffee must be processed before drinking, so you must prepare the right cup and coffee pot. Those who like espresso can try this moka pot from Romania. With a double valve design, the air pressure is smoother, and the extraction is more evenly distributed. It is perfect for making pulled coffee.

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