Gusset bag

Gusset bags are widely used in coffee, retail and catering, and other food services because they combine product display with sturdiness and security protection for the products inside.
Gusset Bags are a fabric added to the bag that expands the volume and stabilizes the bag’s structure, keeping the bag larger while also allowing it to remain standing when filled with items.

Gusset’s presence is more conducive to the bag in terms of space, structure, and appearance of the beautiful and practical more loved by consumers.

Side corner bags

The side gusset bag is named after the corner gusset or fold on both sides of the pack. When the bag is filled with product, the corner gussets expand, and the weight of the contents keeps the bag upright. These bags stand upright on store shelves and can expand
the capacity of the bag to hold more products.

The food, snack, dried fruit, and coffee industries are using gusseted side bags extensively, and consumers increasingly accept these bags.

Bottom Snap Bags

Bottom snap bags are bags with additional snap panels added to the bottom, allowing the bag to stand up better and be more easily displayed on the shelf. Our bottom snap bags can also be customized with printed graphics for better use in your brand marketing.

Bottom snap bags are mainly used in ground or whole bean coffee, loose tea, pet food, candy, etc.

Advantages of triangle bags

1. Standability

Buckle bag because the bottom is flat, so after holding, the product can stand alone, without the help of other support.
This also means that this bag is very suitable for display and marketing; printing custom patterns of self-standing placement can be more attractive to consumers.

2. Occupy less space

Buckle bags, compared to box packaging, glass bottles, and tin cans, buckle bags take up less space.
This means you can store and display more products and look more beautiful.

3. Easy to carry

Gusset Bags is made of plastic, kraft paper, and other environmentally friendly food-grade lightweight materials, making them easier to carry than glass jars, etc.
The weight of the internal content is evenly distributed, so it is easy to carry and move from one place to another because they are light.


Our Gusset Bags can be custom manufactured to meet the needs of different industries. Customers’ various shapes and sizes are available, making it very easy to meet your needs.

5. Affordable price

The price of our Gusset Bags has an advantage over these packaging such as glass bottles and tin cans. As a bag manufacturer, our prices are also 30% better than the bags produced in the United States.

The difference with non-inserted corner bags

Non-insert corner bags generally cannot stand upright on their own, have a simple structure, do not shrink or expand because of the products they hold, and are usually flat bags.
So customers need to stand up function or more space for the bag, choose the corner bag is better.


Corner bags are becoming increasingly widely used in the market, whether it is dry food, candy, coffee, or pet food have been widely used corner bags.
From small products to large or bulky products, having a bag with a corner gusset is perfect for packaging it.
As a bag manufacturer, we offer a variety of custom bags for our customers, including but not limited to: mylar bags, weed bags, stand up pouches, and zipper bags.

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