Spout pouch: Spout pouch is also called Pot Spout Bag. Spout pouch is based on the development of stand-up pouches, a new beverage, jelly packaging bags, and now also used in cosmetics.

Through the bag (generally stand-up pouches), add a cap of high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) Spout , and the formation of plastic bags with mouth (Spout pouchs). According to the different mounting positions of the Spout , the Spout bags can be divided into two types: upright mounting type and slant mouth mounting type. According to the different shapes of the plastic Spout s installed on the bags, the plastic bags with Spout s can be divided into two kinds: long and short Spout s. The processing of plastic bags with Spout s (Spout bags) is divided into two primary links of bag making and welding Spout ; each link has a high level of technical requirements; if not mastered well, it is easy to produce broken bags, leakage, and other quality problems.

Spout pouch is based on the development of stand-up pouches, a new beverage, jelly bags.
The structure of the Spout bag is mainly divided into two parts: Spout and stand-up pouches. Stand-up pouches and ordinary four-seal stand-up pouches in the system are the same but generally use composite materials to meet the requirements of different food packaging.
The Spout part can be regarded as the mouth of a general bottle with a straw. The two parts are tightly combined to form a beverage package to support sucking, and because it is a soft package, there are no sucking difficulties; the contents of the seal are not easy to shake, which is ideal for new beverage packaging.
The most significant advantage of the sippy bag over common packaging forms is portability. Spout pouchs can be easily put into a backpack or even a pocket and can be reduced with the contents of the reduced volume, more convenient to carry.
Soft drink packaging on the market, to PET bottles, composite aluminum paper bags, and cans as the primary form, in the increasingly apparent homogenization of competition today, packaging improvement is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiation of competition.
Spout pouch, both the PET bottle repeat packaging and composite aluminum paper package of fashion, while in the printing performance also has the advantages of traditional beverage packaging can not be compared.
Because of the basic shape of the stand-up pouches, the display area of the pipette bag is significantly larger than the PET bottle and better than the Tetra Pak pillow, which can not stand a class of packaging.
Of course, because the pipette bag belongs to the flexible packaging category and therefore does not apply to the packaging of carbonated beverages, fruit juice, dairy products, health drinks, jellies, and other food products, it has a unique advantage.

The Spout pouch is based on the development of stand-up pouches, a new type of plastic flexible packaging that is divided into two parts, stand-up, and suction Spout ; stand-up refers to the bottom of a layer of film to support the stand-up; the suction Spout is a new material PE blow molding, injection molding and become, fully meet the requirements of food grade.

What is the Spout pouch made of?

Structure Composition.
The structure of the Spout bag is mainly divided into two parts: Spout and stand-up pouch.
The stand-up pouch part is the same as the ordinary four-seal stand-up pouch in structure but generally adopts composite materials to meet the requirements of different foods. The Spout part can be regarded as the mouth of a general bottle with a straw. The two parts of the close combination of the formation of beverage packaging to support sucking, and because it is a soft package, there is no difficulty in sucking the situation; the contents of the seal are not easy to shake, which is an ideal new beverage packaging!

Commonly seen on the market, suck mouth pouches are generally made of three or more layers of film composite, including the outer layer, the middle layer, and the inner layer.
The outer layer is printed material. Currently, on the market, commonly used vertical bag printing materials are cut down from ordinary OPP, and PET, PA, and other high-strength, high-barrier materials can be based on the
According to the situation to choose. Ordinary materials such as BOPP and dull BOPP can pack dry fruit solid products. If packing liquid products, PET or PA materials are generally used.
The interlayer is generally made of high-strength and high-barrier materials, such as PET, PA, VMPET, aluminum foil, etc. Moreover, RFID requires that the surface tension of the interlayer material should meet the composite requirements and must be compatible with the adhesive.
The surface tension of the interlayer material should meet the composite requirements, and it must have good affinity with the adhesive.
The inner layer, i.e., the heat sealing layer, is generally made of PE, CPE, CPP, and other materials with low-temperature solid heat sealing performance. The surface tension of the composite surface should meet the mixed requirements and should have good
anti-pollution ability, anti-static ability, and heat sealing ability.

Are sippy bags suitable for children?

Children can use Spout pouchs, but several things must be done to better protect them.
Choose sippy bags made of food-safe materials to ensure no harmful substances are released into the liquid, thus keeping children safe.

Easy to clean: The sippy bag should be easy to clean and sanitize to avoid bacterial growth. Ensure that the sippy cups, mouthpieces, and the containers themselves can be effectively cleaned.

Age-appropriate: Make sure you choose a sippy bag appropriate for the age and size of the child’s mouth. For smaller infants and toddlers, choose a pack to fit them to avoid choking risks.

Supervised use: For younger children, especially toddlers and infants, using a sippy bag always needs to be supervised by an adult to ensure proper use and prevent potential hazards.

Some children’s sippy bags can also be childproofed to prevent children from quickly opening sippy bags containing cosmetics or laundry detergent.
Nowadays, many children’s food supplements, milk, etc., are packaged in sippy bags.

Usage of stand-up spout pouches

Stand-up pouches are mainly used in juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, suckable jelly, condiments, and other products; in addition to the food industry, some detergents, cosmetics, medical supplies, and other products are also gradually increasing the application.
Stand-up zipper bags are more convenient for pouring or sucking the contents, and at the same time, they can be reclosed and reopened, which can be regarded as a combination of stand-up pouches and ordinary bottle tops.
These kinds of stand-up pouches are generally used in the packaging of daily necessities used to contain beverages, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, edible oil, jelly and other liquids, colloids, and semi-solid products.

Stand-up pouches are soft packaging materials that are widely used in a variety of industries. The following are a few common uses.

  1. Pharmaceuticals: In the medical, health, and nursing industries, pipette bags are commonly used to store medications, nutritional supplements, and infusion solutions. Spout pouchs ensure that the medicines or liquids inside are not contaminated and are easy to manage.
    Pepper beverages: Suction spout bags have become an increasingly popular portable packaging material. Spout pouchs can be convenient for drinking water or other cold drinks and hot drinks, such as juice, coffee, tea, and dairy products.
  2. Food: Suction spout bags are also used in many food industries, especially for the children or traveler market. Spout pouchs can store and transport liquid or soft solidified foods, such as dressings, salads, and jams.
  3. Daily chemical products: Spout pouchs can also be used in many daily chemical product packaging, such as shampoo, shower gel, detergent, etc. At this time, the Spout pouch can maintain the stability of the chemicals or materials contained within and provide consumers with the convenience of use.
    In short, the Spout bag is a multifunctional soft packaging material widely used in different industries and fields. They are characterized by ease of use, leakage prevention, and visibility, among other features, all of which help protect products and ensure user satisfaction.

Spout pouchs are generally used for packaging liquids, like juices, beverages, detergents, milk, soy milk, soy sauce, etc. As there are various forms of Spout s in the Spout bag, there are long Spout s for sucking jellies, juices, and beverages, as well as Spout s for detergents and butterfly valves for red wines.

Laundry Detergent Hand Sanitizer Spout pouch

Spout pouchs are widely used in the packaging of hand sanitizer, and most of the laundry detergents purchased in our lives are packaged in Spout pouchs. Since laundry detergent is a chemical liquid, it has a certain degree of erosion.
The inner layer of the Spout pouch needs to have the function of preventing chemical erosion to maintain the long-term preservation of the hand sanitizer laundry detergent.
Our laundry detergent Spout pouches support customized 10-color printing, also support customized size and capacity and provide free samples to customers to test the quality.

Liquid Cosmetic Spout Pouches

Cosmetic Spout pouches are multi-layer plastic or aluminum foil bags, usually made of PET/PA/PE material, generally including a Spout or spout.
It is used to hold a variety of liquid, gel, or powder cosmetic products such as shampoos, lotions, emulsions, face masks, etc.
Its composition gives it excellent sealing and barrier properties, which effectively protect the products from air, moisture, and pollution and extend the shelf life of the products.
The pouches are portable and easy to use, making them suitable for travel and daily use while reducing waste generation, in line with the trend towards sustainable packaging.
Customers can customize the shape and size of the Spout pouches and print their logos to increase the visibility of their products.

Spout pouchs for Infusion Drinks

Designed to hold liquid medications, electrolyte drinks, or energy-replenishing drinks, they are commonly used in medical settings and for sports purposes. The materials used in these sippy bags ensure that the liquids are safe and hygienic, and their design makes them easy to drink, especially for patients or athletes who need to ration their fluids. With the ability to precisely control the amount of fluid consumed while reducing food waste, infusion drink sippy bags are a portable, hygienic, and robust solution for fluid storage and consumption.

Children’s Spout Bags

Stand-up sippy bags for kids are made of safe and hygienic, non-toxic, new, environmentally friendly, BPA-free, non-toxic materials. It can be folded and curled many times for repeated use and can be used to contain soy milk, milk, juice, and other liquid packaging. It has good sealing, excellent quality, and high-grade appearance.

Characteristics of Spout pouch

A Spout pouch is a soft packaging material with the following characteristics.

  1. Convenient to drink: The internal design of the Spout bag has a specific straw and valve; the patient or user can conveniently use the straw for drinking water or medicinal liquid without worrying about pouring out or wasting. PEAK. Leak-proof: The sippy bag has a sealing line or leak/burst-resistant passivation technology. In addition, the Spout pouch provides an excellent sterile environment to prevent contamination and dropping of dirty liquids.
  2. Visibility: Spout bags are usually made of clear plastic, allowing the user to see the bag’s contents and determine their condition. It also facilitates observation, assessment, diagnosis, and deployment by healthcare professionals.
  3. Shrinkage resistance: most of the Spout pouchs are made of high-pressure POLY plasma polymerization technology so that the volume of the bag is lower than other existing technologies of the bag type, can be more effective in space saving and weight reduction, and with the use of the effect will not produce a shrinkage situation.
    Overall, the pipette bag is an excellent packaging material widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and beverage industries. Its features, such as ease of use, leakage prevention, and visibility, have led more consumers and producers to choose the Spout bag to meet their needs.

Spout pouch processing technology

Spout pouch production is more complex, including composite, heat sealing, curing, and other methods; each process requires strict control.


Spout pouchs need to be heat-sealed, so the pressure Spout position of the ink must use high-temperature ink; if necessary, increase the curing agent to enhance the sealing of the pressure Spout position.
One point to note: the pressure Spout part of the general does not carry out matte oil printing. Because there are differences in the temperature resistance of some domestic matte oils, many flat oils in the heat sealing position of high temperature and high-pressure state
Under the high temperature and high-pressure conditions of the heat sealing bit, many matte oils can easily be anti-sticking. At the same time, the general manual pressure mouth of the heat sealing knife, no sticky high-temperature cloth, matte oil anti-sticking is easy to accumulate in the pressure mouth sealing blade.

2.Pieces of composite

Composite can not use ordinary glue and must be suitable for high-temperature glue Spout . For a high-temperature cooking Spout bag, glue must choose high-temperature cooking grade glue.
Once the bag is added to the suction Spout , the same steaming conditions, it is likely that because the final pressure relief in the steaming process is unreasonable or insufficient pressure retention, it will be in the bag body and suction Spout of the combination of the bit, the
Produce swelling leads to bag breakage because the location of bag breakage is mainly concentrated in the weakest position of the combination of hard and soft. Therefore, to add Spout high-temperature cooking bags, the production needs to be more careful.

3.Heat sealing

Setting the heat sealing temperature needs to consider the following factors: the characteristics of the heat sealing material, the thickness of the film, the number of stamping, and the size of the heat sealing area. In general, when the same part of the heat pressure times
When the number is more, the heat sealing temperature can be set lower.
Appropriate pressure must be applied during the heat-sealing process to promote the adhesion of the thermal cover material. However, if the pressure is too high, the melted material will be extruded, which not only affects the analysis and troubleshooting of bag flatness but also affects the bag’s ability to be sealed.
Troubleshooting analysis and troubleshooting will also affect the heat-sealing effect of the bag and reduce the heat-sealing strength.
The heat sealing time is not only related to the heat sealing temperature and pressure but also to the performance of the heat sealing material, heating method, and other factors. Specific operations should be adjusted according to the actual commissioning process of different equipment and materials.


In the cocktail and beverage industry, the piping bag has proven to be a superior packaging solution, offering many advantages over traditional plastic and glass bottles. Their lightweight nature and excellent space efficiency allow for more cost-effective transportation of products, resulting in lower transportation costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The Spout Pouch offers a variety of nozzle options, providing convenience to consumers who can easily enjoy their beverages while on the go or during outdoor activities. For added peace of mind, the pouches are equipped with a permanent child safety lock to minimize the potential risk of accidental ingestion by children and keep families safe.

In addition to beverages, sippy bags are also widely used for packaging a wide range of products, such as hand sanitizers, infused drinks, concentrates, food, and liquid cosmetics. Their flexibility and versatility make them a leader in packaging.

We encourage you to actively adopt the spout pouch, which will not only increase the innovation of your product packaging but will also have a positive impact on the environment. Contact us today to start your journey to the convenience and environmental friendliness of spout pouches.

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