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Runtz weed bags are explicitly manufactured for runtz strain packaging to keep weeds fresh. Our Runtz mylar bags are very odor resistant.
The multi-layered structure of the bag protects the product from sunlight, moisture, and air, making it perfect for watching the product inside. We also offer a customizable service where customers can
Customize your logo, color, printing, and all your personalized logo on the mylar bag.

  • Runtz weed bag 7g mylar bag, high quality, heat sealable, odor resistant, child-resistant, resealable zipper storage bag.
  • Food grade material, the bag is clean and hygienic, safe, and ready to use to keep the weed fresh.
  • Soft touch, odor-resistant food storage bags, especially suitable for strains of Runtz, weed storage
  • Comfortable storage of 7 grams of the dry product while maintaining freshness Easily extends product life/shelf life.
  • Our high-quality packaging adds durability for transport and long-term storage.
  • Empty reusable mylar bags, free shipping, and 30% off your first order


  • Storing flowers, concentrates, weeds
  • Dry goods such as wheat, white rice, beans, pasta, oats, sugar and flour are good to store in Mylar bags

Selecting Right Size

Bag CapacityBag Size. (W X H)Label Size. (W X H)
1g (1/28oz)103mm x  100mm95mm x 95mm
3.5g (1/8oz)103mm x 127mm95mm x 122mm
7g (1/4oz)103mm x 165mm95mm x 156mm
14g (1/2oz)125mm x 204mm117mm x 198mm
28g (1oz)151mm x 234mm142mm x 228mm


Capacity1/2 ounce, 1 ounce
Size5″ x 8″ – with corner spacers or customized
Material Thickness4 mils 7 mils or customized
Printinggravure printing or digital printing
ApplicationPacking weed, food, powder, tea, cosmetic, etc.
Security FeaturesTamper Resistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our bag is made of food grade material, which is FDA approved.

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