1.What is a PE bag

PE bag, also known as dense bag, stick bone bag, sealed bag, zipper bag, or keel bag.
Polyethylene (LDPE) and high-pressure linear polyethylene (LLDPE), through the blown film molding, hot cutting machine bags made of plastic can be repeatedly sealed.
PE, PO, EVA, and multi-layer composite zipper bags are standard materials.

PE flat bag is a lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly packaging material.
It is mainly made of polyethylene (PE), which is waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof.
In addition, PE flat pockets are highly strong and adaptable and can be customized to fit the size and weight of different products.

2.What PE bag means?

PE is short for polyethylene, a thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of ethylene.
In industry, it also includes copolymers of ethylene with a small amount of alpha-olefin; it is a transparent plastic bag that can be used to package clothing, bags, electronic products, etc.

PE bag is made of polyethylene (PE) material, with lightweight, waterproof, high transparency, non-toxic and odorless advantages.
In our daily lives, we often see PE bags widely used in food packaging, electronic product packaging, clothing packaging, and other fields.

It can be divided into high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)

3.10 kinds of common PE bags and their uses, features

The production process is divided into PE flat bags, self-sealing bags, PE chain bags, PE envelope bags, PE undershirt bags, zipper bags, and PE film. We use many PE bags in daily life and the industry.

1. PE flat bag: it is a simple production process, blown film by the machine, and then to the top of the bag-making machine to cut into a bag, the bottom sealing.
It has a smooth surface, so it can be perfect for storing goods to reduce the appearance of loss. The characteristics of soft and plastic insulation can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity.
It plays an excellent protective role in processing, transporting, using, and storing goods.

The barrier effect is powerful and can be excellent moisture shielding, but it also prevents air entry, thus making the food challenging to deteriorate.

PE flat pockets do not have a self-sealing function. They usually pack food that can be opened infrequently, such as rice and beans.
It can also be used for metal, plastic, and hardware packaging, as well as for agriculture, industry, consumer goods, and large packaging.

2. PE self-sealing bag: It is made by machine-blowing film with a bone strip, which can be sealed manually. Different from chain-link bags, these two bags are generally easy to confuse.
First of all, one of the features of self-sealing bags is that they are self-sealing. Self-sealing bags are usually designed with a stick-on pocket.
Fold the opening in half and press it down to ensure the bag’s contents are sealed. This design makes self-sealing bags
very convenient and fast, do not need to use other tools or materials for sealing, saving time and labor costs.
Secondly, self-sealing bags have good sealing performance. The tight structure of the bag opening effectively prevents air, moisture, dust, and other external substances from entering the bag to avoid moisture, pollution, or damage to the items. Therefore, self-sealing bags are widely used in preservation, dust proofing, waterproofing, etc.

Self-sealing bags are often used for food packaging and preservation in the food field. For example, nuts, potato chips, cookies, and other small packages
usually use self-sealing bags for packaging to maintain the freshness and flavor of the food. Self-sealing bags perform well and can isolate the air to prevent food spoilage. In addition, self-sealing bags can also be
Printing can be printed on the food brand, ingredients, nutritional information, etc., to improve the product packaging image and information transfer.

In medicine, the use of self-sealing bags is also extensive. Pharmaceutical packaging often uses self-sealing bags for individual packaging to ensure the hygiene of the drugs.
Packaging is used to ensure the health and safety of drugs. Self-sealing bags are well-sealed and can effectively isolate the outside world of microorganisms and pollutants to maintain the purity of medicines.
Microorganisms and pollutants are used to maintain drug purity and effectiveness. In addition, self-sealing bags can also be made according to the need for transparency.
In addition, self-sealing bags can also be made transparent or opaque to meet the demand for confidentiality in drug packaging.

3. PE vacuum bags:

Vacuum PE bags are widely used in other fields besides the food industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, they can be used for drug storage and transportation to prevent mutual contamination, thus ensuring the quality of the drugs produced. In the military, soldiers can use vacuum PE bags to store and carry small amounts of food and supplies for long field operations.

At the commercial level, vacuum PE bags are also widely used in the catering and processing industries. For breakfast stores, fast food restaurants, pastry stores, etc., vacuum PE bags can be used to package cakes, breads, burgers, and other portable foods to keep them fresh until they are sold. For food processing factories, vacuum PE bags can be used as raw material for food packaging to ensure the quality and safety of the final goods. Vacuum PE bags can also be used as packaging for bones, meat, seafood, and other animal foods to keep them fresh, avoid odors, and help with prolonged ripening, storage, and transportation.

Vacuum PE bags are widely used in other fields besides the food industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, they can be used for drug storage and transportation to prevent mutual contamination, thus ensuring the quality of the drugs produced. In the military, soldiers can use vacuum PE bags to store and carry a small amount of food and supplies for long-term field combat.

4. PE clip chain bag: is made of PE film, plus two clip chains on top (this clip chain is another separate out of the bag) made of bags; bags generally have a broader indentation on both sides, and self-sealing bags do not. Self-sealing bags have fewer printing colors, while clip chain bags can be printed with complex patterns.

A clip chain bag is a reusable plastic bag with a zipper; you can pull the zipper to open or close the mouth to achieve the function of opening and sealing. The sealing performance of the zipper bag is better, which can effectively prevent the items from moisture and contamination. In addition, the sandwich chain bag can also have the function of anti-static, anti-shock, anti-corrosion, and so on after special treatment. Chain bags are suitable for storing items that need to be accessed frequently, such as food, jewelry, electronic products, etc.

5. PE envelope bag: It is like an envelope with a tongue. Stick a strip of tape on the tongue, then fold it over to seal the bag.

General clothing is used more. Also commonly used as courier bags

6. PE undershirt bag: Is the top of the flat pocket in the appropriate position to add a handle, facilitating the bag’s lifting up?

Undershirt bag scope of use: First, supermarkets and shopping malls are generally divided into three large, medium, and small specifications, printed with more beautifully printed patterns and text.

Secondly, community convenience stores and farmers’ markets use them more. Our company improves the biodegradable, recyclable undershirt bag, environmental protection, and safety, and accepts customer-customized printing and customized sizes.

7. PE zipper bag: This bag has a zipper strip and a zipper cap at the bag’s closure.

PE zipper bags have many advantages that make them a popular packaging material:

  1. PE zipper bags have excellent leak-proof performance and can keep items dry and clean.
  2. PE zipper bags are easy to open and close, making them convenient for storing items. They are solid, impact-resistant, and can remain intact during transportation and use.
  3. PE zipper bags are affordable and accessible to produce and process, so the cost is relatively low.

PE zipper bags are versatile and can be used in various fields. In food packaging, PE zipper bags are often used to package foods such as meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables, which can effectively maintain the freshness and taste of the food. In addition, PE zipper bags are often used in personal care and beauty products, such as toothpaste, shampoo, and cosmetics, which ensure the hygiene and quality of the products. PE zipper bags can store and protect items such as clothing, shoes, and accessories from dust and dirt in the clothing field.

8. PE gusset bag is blown by the machine after the film, the flat pocket on both sides of the edge of the bag into the bag inside the face folded into the formation of the original opening oval bag tucked into the opening is rectangular, folded, the bag on both sides of the side of the edge of the bag is just like the wind mouth leaves, but is closed, so the bag is named organ plastic bags. Organ bag not only occupies a small space but is also very beautiful; the original open oval bag opens into a rectangular shape, and the bag is filled and is close to a rectangle shape.

Features of PE gusset bag

1. Lightweight material: PE gusset bag are made of lightweight PE material, which is flexible, durable, and easy to carry and use.

2. Dustproof and waterproof: The pe organ bag is dustproof and waterproof, protecting internal items from dust and moisture. It is suitable for outdoor activities, travel, and other occasions.

3. Ventilation and air permeability: The PE gusset bag adopts an organ structure design with better ventilation and air permeability, effectively avoiding moisture, mold, and other problems for internal items.

4. Large capacity: The PE gusset bag is large, can hold more items and is convenient to organize and carry.

5. Environmentally friendly recyclable: PE gusset bag can be recycled and reused by environmental requirements.

The scope of application of PE gusset bag

1. outdoor sports: PE gusset bags are suitable for various outdoor sports, such as hiking, camping, mountaineering, etc., and can conveniently carry a variety of sports equipment and supplies.

2. Travel: The PE gusset bag is suitable for travel. It can conveniently carry travel supplies such as clothing, toiletries, passports, etc., and protect them from dust and moisture.

3. Home storage: The PE gusset bag is suitable for home storage. It can conveniently organize all kinds of small items, such as remote controls, stationery, cosmetics, etc. while preventing these items from moisture, mold, and other problems.

4. Car trunk: The PE gusset bag is suitable for the car trunk and can conveniently organize and carry various items, such as a toolbox, first aid kit, picnic supplies, etc.

5. Office document storage: PE gusset bags are suitable for storage. They can conveniently organize and carry documents and information, such as contracts, invoices, reports, etc., and protect them from dust and moisture.

9. PE square bags: Square bottom bags generally have five sides, front and back, two sides, and the bottom. The unique structure of the square bottom bag makes the packaging of three-dimensional goods or square products more convenient. This kind of bag not only takes into account the meaning of the packaging of plastic bags but also fully expands the new packaging ideas, so it is now widely used by people in the production of life.

PE square bags have excellent mechanical properties and impact resistance, so they can effectively protect the product in the transportation and storage process. At the same time, they are also moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, and have other advantages, so they can meet the packaging needs of different industrial products!

PE bags are a new packaging material widely used in food, medical, industrial, agricultural, and daily necessities packaging.

PE bags can also be used for large machinery and equipment, large furniture, stacked goods, and other large items for the outer cover, waterproof, dustproof, and sunscreen effect. Still, they also can be used for large objects at sea outside the cover, to play a role in moisture, and to facilitate various transportation. It can also be used as general items (office appliances, clothes storage, etc.) and electronic products.

10. PE film: The machine blown out of the film is not made into a bag. It is also divided into winding film and shrink film.

Because of its wide range of uses, PE film is commonly used in packaging, agriculture, construction, and medical, four significant fields.

First, packaging field

One of the most common applications of PE film is in the packaging field. Due to its excellent physical flexibility and cost-effectiveness, it is widely used to produce cling film, foam bags, and air cushion bags. Not only that, PE film also has an irreplaceable role in food packaging. It can maintain the freshness and nutrients of food and has good transparency and moisture resistance, providing consumers with a better visual experience and quality assurance.

Second, the field of agriculture

In agriculture, PE film also plays an increasingly important role. It can provide good crop protection and a growth environment; for example, PE film covering fruit trees can protect the fruit from wind and rain, pests and diseases, and improve yield and quality. In addition, PE film can be used to make agricultural greenhouses, agricultural stubble cover, compost cover, etc., to enhance the efficiency of agricultural production and ecological and environmental benefits.

Third, the construction field

In addition to packaging and agricultural fields, PE film is also widely used in construction. For example, adding PE film to the roof and the ground on the water barrier layer can effectively guarantee the dryness and stability of the housing structure; in the insulation layer, PE material can also effectively prevent heat loss and play a role in energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, PE film can also be used to produce an isolation layer, landscape cover, and protective walls.

Fourth, the medical field

PE film also has a very wide range of applications in the medical field. For example, in the operating room and on other occasions, doctors need to use some instruments with plastic film to ensure that the operation is clean and hygienic; at the same time, some medical device packaging will also use PE film to increase the abrasion resistance and protection of the product.

4.Production process of PE flat bag

First, the production of PE flat pockets requires professional equipment and machines. Usually, a high-pressure film-blowing machine and a flat pocket bag-making machine are used. The PE plastic granules are heated and melted in the high-pressure film-blowing machine, and then the molten plastic is extruded into a thin film through the extruder. The resulting film has good flexibility and transparency.

Next, this film is transferred to the flat pocket bag-making machine via a conveyor belt. In the bag-making machine, the film is first folded into two layers and then cut to the desired size by a hot cutter, which leaves openings on both sides of the bag. Next, the openings in the two film layers are heated and pressed together by a presser to form the bottom and sides of the bag. Finally, the bag is cooled by a cooler, and the bag is finished.

In addition to the primary production process mentioned above, PE flat bags may undergo subsequent processing steps to meet different needs. For example, patterns and words may be printed on the film’s surface to give the bags a better aesthetic and promotional effect. Expansion tapes can also be added to the bottom and sides of the bags to enhance their weight-bearing capacity. In addition, pressure strips can be added to the mouth of the bag by a heat-sealing machine to facilitate opening and closing.

5.Features of pe flat pocket bag:

Flat plastic bags can be used for various small items (jewelry, hardware, toys) inside and outside the packaging. Produced with food-grade raw materials, flat pockets can store multiple small foods, tea, seafood, and other moisture-proof, anti-serial, waterproof, and insect-proof to prevent things from falling apart. Flat pockets can also be used for clothing and other daily necessities of the packaging, a wide range of uses;

Flat pockets in the blown film production by adding anti-static masterbatch can produce anti-static flat pockets, generally used in the electronics industry;

Pe flat pocket uses complete performance materials, is green, and is pollution-free. Formaldehyde-free, anti-explosion edge, solid and durable;

The pe flat pocket has stretch, retraction, high transparency, waterproof, and moisture-proof features, among other excellent features. Meanwhile, the products have been tested by several precision instruments and professionals to ensure high-quality standards.

6. Advantages of PE flat bag

  • Flexible: PE flat pockets can be customized in size, color, material thickness, etc., to meet the packaging needs of various products.
  • Environmentally friendly: Compared with traditional packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, PE flat pockets are more environmentally friendly and can be recycled to reduce resource waste.
  • Cost-effective: PE flat pocket is relatively reasonable and cost-effective compared to expensive metal packaging containers.
  • Easy to store and transport: PE flat bags can be folded for storage, saving space and making transportation convenient.
  • Product protection: The PE flat pocket effectively prevents the product from being damaged during transportation and storage.

7.How to solve packaging challenges

1.Packaging plays a vital role in the life cycle of a product. Whether protecting the product during transportationor enhancing the brand image when displaying it. Good packaging design can improve the competitiveness of the product.Customized PE flat pocket as a standard packaging solution, how it solves packaging challenges, and how it can be customized according to different product types.

2.For fragile products: PE flat bags can effectively protect fragile products from damage during transportation. The protective effect can be further improved by choosing bags with appropriate thickness. For products of different sizes and shapes: PE flat bags’ flexibility allows them to be adapted to different sizes and shapes of products. By customizing the size of the bag, you can ensure that the product is fully protected.

3. For high-value products: PE flat bags have good dustproof performance, effectively protecting high-value products from dust and impurity contamination.

4. For sensitive products: The environmentally friendly material nature of PE flat bags makes them ideal for sensitive products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

8. pe bag printing has several ways

There are four main ways of printing PE bags: gravure printing, letterpress printing, screen printing, and special printing.

Gravure printing is mainly used for printing plastic films and manufacturing various plastic bags. The graphic part of the concave characterizes gravure printing. In contrast, the blank part remains flat, and the ink layer is transferred to the surface of the printed matter through the pressure effect of the printing cylinder to reproduce the printed matter.

Letterpress Printing: Letterpress printing is mainly flexographic printing, which is widely used in various plastic bags, composite bags, and plastic packaging bag printing. The principle of letterpress printing is to print graphics above the blank part through pressure to make the graphic imprint copied to the surface of the printed matter.

Screen printing is mainly used for plastic film printing and has been molded in various containers. It can also be used in unique shapes on the container transfer printing graphics. Screen printing through the ink from the fabric mesh seepage through the surface of the substrate copied into the graphic.

Special Printing: This includes inkjet printing, gold and silver ink printing, barcode printing, liquid crystal printing, magnetic printing, pearlescent printing, and hot stamping of electrified aluminum. These methods differ from traditional printing methods and are suitable for PE bag printing requiring special effects or functions.

Each of these printing methods has its characteristics and is suitable for different needs and occasions of PE bag printing.

We can provide customers with various customized printing services to better enhance the brand awareness of customer packaging products.

9. Customization of PE flat bag

1.Choose according to product type and characteristics: Different products require different packaging materials. Understanding your product characteristics and needs will help you choose the most suitable packaging solution.

2.Establish a long-term relationship with suppliers: Establish a long-term relationship with reliable suppliers to ensure you can get high-quality PE flat pockets that meet your needs.

3.Consider cost-effectiveness: When choosing a packaging solution, consider cost-effectiveness. Compare the price and quality of different suppliers to choose the most suitable solution.

4.Focus on environmental issues: With the increase in environmental awareness, many consumers and businesses are paying increasing attention to the ecological protection of packaging. Choosing PE flat pockets made of environmentally friendly materials can help reduce the environmental impact.

5.Regular Inspection and Maintenance: After using PE flat bags for packaging, inspect and maintain them regularly to ensure they function correctly. This helps to extend the life of the bag and improve packaging results.

We offer customized PE flat bags in various sizes and thicknesses to provide customers with multiple PE flat bags, including recyclable and biodegradable.

In short, customized PE flat bags are an efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-effective packaging solution.

By understanding the basics of PE flat pockets, their benefits, and how to solve your packaging challenges, you can better utilize this packaging material for your needs.

At the same time, paying attention to the above recommendations will help you choose the packaging solution that best suits your needs and ensure that your products are adequately protected during transportation and storage.

10.Application of PE flat bag

PE flat pocket is a common packaging material with a wide range of applications and diverse functional characteristics, making it indispensable in modern industrial and commercial activities.
Whether it is food packaging, chemical products, clothing and textiles, medical supplies, electronic products, or other industries.
PE flat pockets have unique advantages, providing strong support for the protection of products during transportation and storage.

First, the food packaging industry

In the field of food packaging, PE flat pockets are incredibly widely used. Due to its good sealing and moisture resistance, the
PE flat pockets can effectively protect food from external environmental pollution and moisture erosion, thereby extending its shelf life.
In addition, PE flat pockets are lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for consumers to use and store food daily.
From supermarket snack packaging to family food storage, PE flat pocket plays an important role.

Second, the chemical products industry

In the chemical industry, PE flat pockets are also widely used.
Chemical products are mostly corrosive, flammable, and explosive, so the requirements for packaging materials are extremely high.
The PE flat pocket is ideal for chemical product packaging because it is highly corrosion, antistatic, and tear-resistant.
The use of PE flat pockets for chemical product packaging can ensure the safe transportation and storage of products and effectively reduce the safety accidents caused by substandard packaging materials.

Third, clothing and textile industry

PE flat pockets also play an essential role in the clothing and textile industry.
Whether used as inner packaging bags or product display bags, PE flat pockets, with their simple, generous appearance and excellent performance, have won the favor of garment and textile enterprises.
The use of PE flat pockets for clothing and textile product packaging can enhance the grade and image of the product and provide consumers with a more convenient and comfortable shopping experience.

Fourth, the medical supplies industry

In the medical supplies industry, PE flat pockets are also indispensable.
Due to their non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting properties, PE flat pockets are widely used in the packaging of medical devices, drugs, sanitary materials, and other medical supplies.
The use of PE flat pockets to package medical supplies ensures product safety and hygiene. It also allows healthcare workers and patients to provide more convenient and efficient medical services.

Fifth, the electronics industry

In the electronics industry, PE flat pockets are also more and more widely used.
Due to the extremely high requirements of electronic products, packaging materials need to have good antistatic, moisture, dust, and other properties.
PE flat pockets are the ideal choice to meet these requirements. PE flat pockets are used for packaging electronic products.
It can ensure the safe transportation and storage of products and effectively prevent the product in the transportation process by static electricity, moisture, dust, and other factors and damage.

Six, environmental protection and sustainable development

In addition to the wide range of applications in various industries, PE flat pockets also focus on environmental protection and sustainable development.
With the increasing global environmental awareness, more and more companies are paying attention to the environmental performance of packaging materials.
PE flat pockets are widely recognized for their environmental performance as a recyclable and biodegradable packaging material.
Using PE flat pockets for product packaging can not only reduce enterprises’ environmental costs but also contribute to environmental protection.

In summary, PE flat bag is vital in many industries as a packaging material.
Its wide range of applications and diverse functional characteristics make it indispensable to modern industrial and commercial activities.
In the future, with the continuous progress of science and technology and environmental awareness, the application prospect of PE flat pocket will be even broader.

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