Definition of roll film

Roll film is also known as plastic packaging rolls, rolls, printing rolls, etc., but the name is different, essentially the same form of plastic packaging bags.

Plastic packaging rolls are printed laminating rolls of packaging film; the printer does not carry out the bag process, the centre of the packaging roll has a paper tube, the paper tube size is fixed, and the

The width varies according to the width of the customized plastic packaging roll. It is mostly used for packaging potato chips, nuts, coffee, candy, etc.

Advantages of roll film

1、Efficient and energy-saving

The roll film automatic packaging machine adopts advanced electronic control technology, which is characterized by high efficiency and energy savings. Roll packaging requires the use of Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) machinery, which automatically senses the bag during operation and completes the packaging process quickly and accurately. Compared with traditional manual packaging, it greatly improves work efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

2、Packaging accuracy

The automatic film packaging machine is highly accurate in packaging. It can automatically adjust the size and shape of the bag to adapt to a variety of different shapes of the goods to be packaged. It also prevents leakage and wrong packaging, which can ensure the accuracy and integrity of packaging.

3、High degree of automation

Roll film automatic packaging machines can complete a series of functions such as automatic bag opening, loading, bag sealing and cutting through electronic control, which greatly improves production efficiency. It also has a picture display function, which is convenient and quick to adjust the working parameters, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency.

4、Compact structure

The roll film automatic packaging machine has a compact structure and simple operation. It can adapt to a variety of packaging requirements and package items of different sizes and shapes, reducing production costs and time costs.

5、Improve quality

Roll film automatic packaging machines can accurately pack agricultural products, reducing the loss rate and ensuring the quality and taste of the product. At the same time, it can also package products, reducing the cost of storage and transportation and improving the added value of the product.

Different scope of application

Automatic food packaging roll film is suitable for large-scale, high-efficiency automated production lines, which can quickly and accurately complete the food packaging process.

While bags are suitable for small-scale, low-cost packaging needs, they can meet the needs of some small businesses and families.

To summarize, there are differences between automatic food packaging roll film and pouches in terms of usage, sealing performance and scope of application.

Depending on your needs and production, you can choose the appropriate form of packaging to ensure food hygiene and safety.

 Stuffed food, puffed food, baked food, liquid filling, powder canning packaging roll film,

Definition of packaging bags

Food packaging bags have three-side seals, four-side seals, eight-side seals, medium seals and other types of bags are only left a mouth; the

The other sides have been sealed, directly fill the product, and then seal the edges can be.

The requirements for packaging equipment are low and are easy to use. Customized plastic food packaging bags are generally “a” calculation of prices.

They are used to protect food in the process of leaving the factory to the hands of consumers in the circulation process to prevent biological, chemical, and physical external factors of damage.

At the same time, it can also maintain the stable quality of the food itself. It facilitates the consumption of food, is the first to show the appearance of food, attracts the image of consumption, and has value other than the material cost.

Advantages of packaging bags

1, to protect the quality of goods

The use of bags can effectively prevent the commodity from contact with air, moisture dust, and other external environmental factors, reduce the loss of quality caused by the commodity, and extend its shelf life to protect the quality of goods.

2, easy to carry

Bags are generally lightweight and easy to carry, and other characteristics make them easy for consumers to carry, meeting the needs of a variety of scenes. For example, when shopping, with bags loaded with goods, you can conveniently ride on the arm, making it easy to bring home.

3, cost savings

Compared with other packaging materials, bags are relatively low-cost and can save production costs. In the field of logistics, using bags to bundle and encapsulate the goods is not only easy to manage, handle, and store but also effectively reduces logistics costs.

4, environmentally sustainable

Bags are generally made of environmentally friendly materials, such as paper, plastic, biodegradable materials, etc.; they can be recycled and reused to reduce environmental pollution. In addition, some of the biodegradable materials used in the production of bags can effectively reduce their harm to the environment, which is an environmentally sustainable initiative.

5, widely used

Packaging bags have a wide range of applications in life and business. Some courier companies, supermarkets, markets, and other commercial establishments use bags in large quantities to facilitate consumers’ carrying of goods and make the goods easier to manage. In family life, people can also use bags to contain vegetables, fruits, and other food.

In short, packaging bags have been widely used because they are moisture-proof, dust-proof, insect-proof, easy to carry, environmentally sustainable, and other advantages, and they have become indispensable items in modern life.

6, Customization and enhancement of packaging brand

As a packaging bag factory, we can print bags for customers to enhance their brand awareness. We can also provide customized services in various aspects, such as bag size, material, etc., to give customers more choices in packaging.

Choose bags or rolls of film.

Whether you choose bags or rolls depends on the products you want to package, such as coffee sachets, protein powders or pharmaceutical sachets, candies, baked goods, protein bars, and many other small single-serving snacks suitable for rolls.

If the number of packages is small and needs to be displayed on the shelves to facilitate customer selection, it is suitable for bag selection.

Of course, there is no absolute. Customers choose to consider the economy, time, and many other factors so that they can choose the right bag.

Choose the best roll film for you.

We are one of the leading roll film manufacturers in China and have produced a wide range of roll films for many European and American customers, including candy roll film, snack roll film, coffee roll film, and many other roll film products.

Our roll film has had a positive impact on enhancing our customers’ packaging brands, and custom printed roll film has always been one of our company’s best packaging products, which can better improve our customers’ packaging branding. Like bags, our roll film can be customized with logos, graphics, emblems, and customized layers. Our packaging rolls can be perfectly matched with FFS machines to improve the efficiency of our customers’ packaging.

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